Rogue Cards

Rogue Cards

Rogue Cards is a roguelite deckbuilder set in a medieval fantasy world of endless choices and dry humor. You’ll encounter challenge after challenge in a deviously difficult, randomized series of encounters where your choices matter. The more you play, the further your deck and character develop, and the closer you get to ascending to godhood!

Challenging Tactical Gameplay

  • Monsters are stacked with multiple stages - each stage with different abilities you must defeat.

  • Thousands of cards - each playthrough is guaranteed to have a unique deck.

  • Multi-enemy encounters - choose wisely which stack and which monster to defeat first!

  • Multiple playthrough character development - a honest roguelite.

Strategy Matters

  • Unique graveyard mechanic - cards must be returned from graveyard between or during matches.

  • Planning your itemization from the start - can you afford to save or do you need to invest now?

  • Cards that give permanent boosts to your abilities - play and replay it and become a veritable god!

  • Choosing your path - Your character develops differently from defeating different bosses.

  • Build your hero - each playthrough awards you gems you can use to boost your abilities and win the next run!

A Real Roguelite Feel

  • Build your deck between runs - gain new cards, keep the best and start your next run with an upper hand!

  • An ever-changing storyline with multiple endings.

  • Captivating story that your playthrough generates.

  • Cool original art and style.

  • Music to blow your socks off.

Have you ever felt like a farmer’s son/daughter from a medieval time period? Is there a tingling in your belly that says you are the chosen one? In your innermost mind, do you feel invincible because you can always start over as another farmhand destined for greatness? If you answered yes to those, or some other questions that you have heard in the past, then look no further in your search for games!

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Rogue Cards on Steam

Card Hunter

Card Hunter

If you have ever enjoyed playing a table-top fantasy game then I would definitely suggest giving this game a try. It is very nostalgic to the early days of AD&D and full of adolescent sibling rivalry and nerd humor. The interplay between card use and the figures on the map is very well thought out. Like any game there can be some mini-maxing going on, but, if you want to play the game for fun, then there is a lot of fun variation that can go on. The game has single player, cooperative, and player versus player modes. And, yeah, regardless of how well you make a deck of cards for your character, board tactics, and the-luck-of-the-draw can make or break a scenario or match, but that’s part of what makes this game fun and challenging.

Real player with 355.9 hrs in game

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I enjoyed the game. Lots of choices.

It is free to play and you don’t have to spend $ to beat the game. The pvp on the higher levels would require to have better cards, but it’s farmable if you are willing to put the time in.

Real player with 349.0 hrs in game

Card Hunter on Steam

Decks & Dungeons

Decks & Dungeons

A unique combination of turn based strategy, deck building and monster collecting! Play an almost endless single player campaign, combined with a dungeon building asymmetrical PVP mode.

An unstoppable monster horde has breached the lands you call home, led by a downtrodden office manager who just wants to get the job done. However, an esoteric old man seems to think you are somehow capable of stopping the end of the world.

Protect the world from being consumed by an evil monster horde!

  • Turn Based combat where your cards are your weapons.

  • Capture and train monsters.

  • Over 150 monsters and bosses to find, with 300 variants to discover.

  • Build your own dungeons, and unleash them against the world in PVP.

  • Buffs and Modifiers keep the gameplay interesting, discover new combinations that adjust your play style.

  • Roguelite - explore procedurally generated dungeons, but keep your loot with you for the next run!

  • Customize your deck with more than 80 cards to discover!

  • An unexpected cast of characters, from an imaginary friend to a demon who hates his job.

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Decks & Dungeons on Steam

Warriors of the Nile 2

Warriors of the Nile 2

Warriors of the Nile are back!

Building up on the original version’s [Turn-based Strategy+Roguelite] framework, in Warriors of the Nile 2 you will once again experience iconic fast-paced, exhilarating combat. This time, you will lead warriors blessed by Egyptian gods and fight against the invading Roman army.

Choose your adventure route. Strategize and make preparations amidst ever-changing stage conditions, then move with precision as you fire away. Create a unique skill build by choosing from an array of skill tablets.

What’s different from the original version is, in the new Warriors of the Nile squad, each character possesses a trademark skillset. Not only have attack modes changed, but the new feature-packed individual system will bring an all-new dynamic into the game.

Choose a suitable skillset tablet for you, be it making a clean sweep at the battlefield, using multi-phased attacks and chain attacks to break through enemy lines, or using charge attack leaps to take out the back row……

Awaken the gods' blessings at key moments to unleash Miracle and turn the tides in your favor!

  • Explore ruins, visit merchants, and challenge the arena in adventure mode;

  • Light up carvings to gain more battle bonuses;

  • Build a capital and restore the glory of pharaohs past;

  • Level up your warriors to unlock new tablets and equipment.

Warriors of the Nile 2 on Steam

Cards of the Dead

Cards of the Dead

At first the game felt fine…and then it becomes clear that the only way you can progress is by brute-forcing it. There’s no strategy, there’s no cleverly using character abilities. It’s just sheer dumb luck and the deck is massively stacked against you. It didn’t become apparent until after the 2 hour mark, and the second story is absolutely infuriating in how badly it is designed in regards to gameplay. REQUIRING SERUM TO USE A GUN THAT YOU HAND OUT LIKE CANDY IS BAD WHEN YOU HAVE TO USE THAT TO SURVIVE.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

The rules are simple, survive.

That being said, the game is really difficult. But, there’s pretty frequent auto-saves to help you along. If you enjoy RPG’s and are willing to play a card-game variant, give it a go. I’ve enjoyed it so far.

After an additional 5 hours, I can say that the game is still difficult. It’s a lot of trial and error, which I can appreciate as you’re really learning how to play as you go. I’ve just beaten the game and am only missing the 100% completion achievements, so that’s probably another hour or so, but overall, the game’s decently short. Personally, I’d recommend the game as it’s priced, especially for all those that love Indie games, but on sale, it’s definitely worth it!

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Cards of the Dead on Steam



Beware that initial playthroughs may frustrate you. It is recommended you start out with the Warrior and the Shield icon, it’s just easie to surviver. Also you need to remain picky about cards. If you die, you have to start over. You can save after each battle and you can kill program if you’re losing.

Really love this game. Graphics, music, mechanics, it all comes together very well and it’s highly addictive.

Much less random than other rogue games like Darkest Dungeon and more strategic, giving more choice each turn. It also has more interesting cards to offer than most deck builders and a game board adds brilliant chess like strategy element where position matters a great deal.

Real player with 40.9 hrs in game


At the beginning of the game, you select and play as a hero. Long ago, there were legends of a place known as the Grand Forge. This was a city whose citizens were so adept at creating that they could bend the fabric of reality itself, using their skills to create whatever they wanted. The story begins three years after something called the Steel Curse has blighted civilization, causing black iron gates to crop up and manifest countless waves of monsters within the walls of major cities. The hero you select will gather an army (and minions and strange cards that do other things) and traverse the levels of the dungeons in an attempt to quell the monster attacks forever.

Real player with 31.6 hrs in game

DungeonTop on Steam

Sid Classic

Sid Classic

I’ve played sidstory for a long time back when sidstory was a mobile game. It was honestly my favorite game on the platform by far, and is basically a perfection of the gacha genre. There’s a huge amount of sidians in the game, and the game encourages collecting a lot of sidians because of the shifting bonus multipliers. You can get a lot as an F2P player, and I met several friends through my circle back in the mobile days.

Honestly, just seeing this game come back made 2020 for me, take that as you will if you’ve never played it before.

Real player with 4088.0 hrs in game

I’ve been a fan of Sid Story since it was first a mobile game in 2015. Recently it got shut down due to some disagreements with the mobile company, I think. Either way, it is back on PC only for now until they get the rights back to put it on mobile. So, basically, this is a typical gacha game but on your PC, formatted for mobile and a bit awkward on screen.

The gameplay isn’t the greatest, I remember when I introduced people to the game when it was on mobile that “it sucks, but it’s good.” Simple gameplay but oddly addictive. They give you enough new cards to get somewhat easily so you don’t feel like you’re getting too much or not getting enough. The art is amazing and when it was on mobile new cards were being made constantly. There is also competitive circle rankings and mileage events which all provide great benefits. The mobile game also had a PVP element that was in beta but is not currently in this version.

Real player with 2396.5 hrs in game

Sid Classic on Steam

Vesper: Ether Saga - Episode 1

Vesper: Ether Saga - Episode 1

  • Try the demo:

Vesper, the name of the heroine

A combat system combining role-playing, card games and strategy games.

  • Role playing game

Start with the heroine Vesper and win new allied units with unique abilities. Level up your characters, unlock new skills (active and passive abilities), and improve them …

Objectives to be fulfilled, gain experience … Results at the end of the fight!

  • Card Game

There are 3 types of cards

Unit Cards - Summon your allies into battle by exchanging Ether Crystals.

Action cards - the abilities specific to your heroes.

Arcane Cards - Collectible cards that will give you various bonuses!

  • Strategy game

Unleash your ULTIMA

Plan your own strategic moves to face your enemies, using the range of diverse combat units available. Keep moving to avoid certain enemy attacks. The layout of your units is important. For example, short-range physical attacks will have more effect on the front line. But beware, this rule can also be used by your enemies.

Comics/game: An original story based on a new series of comics

The entire comic will be readable in the game, not in the usual comic format but in a version suitable for reading on screen! These cut-scenes will punctuate the series of completed missions.

An episodic game

The game and the comic book tell the same story: Episode 1 in the game is the same story as Volume 1 of the comic book. As each future episode is released, you can resume your game from where you last saved to continue the adventure with the content that you have already won!

Explore the universe of Etheria

As the story progresses, you will unlock areas on the world map. Each location will offer a number of missions to complete in different difficulty modes.

Physical DPS, capable of melee attacks (sword and spear) and precise aiming range (dagger and wheelblade). Her abilities are all of the darkness element.

Full Tank, his abilities can grab the attention of enemies and defend your characters.

More versatile, both tank and physical DPS, Lubikai is a leader, able to call on his fellow sorajis for reinforcement.

& More to come…

This episode will have 8-10 playable characters. In addition to the heroes, you can also have basic units to help you in combat.

Face a multitude of enemies, exploit their weaknesses and adapt your tactics to beat them all!

Some of them may be called in as reinforcements in combat (under certain conditions) but will not be controllable.

A floating world that surrounds the crystal tree

“All is one”. Three words to create a universe.

If all is one, then you are not external to the universe; you are the universe.

From this belief was born the world of Etheria; the crystal world tree that breathes soul into matter.

In a body on loan for a limited time, life seeks itself and raises its consciousness by going beyond its limits.

When the moment of death comes, the world is not the same as it was before. Just like the soul that returns to Etheria is not the same. Infinite, eternal, in perpetual change. Without change, there would be no life.

Soul, conscience, spirit … Whatever name you give it, don’t get lost. Charged with its experiences, it transforms the universe.

The part of the world you’ll explore in episode 1

All souls return where they came from: ETHERIA, the crystal tree.

The siege of Valestiel

Vesper, nicknamed “Amazon of the Knights of Nyx”, is a courageous and determined young woman, able to wield ethereal magic. She provides services to Prince Crimson Nyx. They fight together for the kingdom of Sylvaestris, in a war that has lasted for several years against the Soraji nomads.

Vesper & Crimson

But the dark forces from Vesper attract the attention of Ekklesia. This almighty religious institution will call upon Redgrave, a ruthless inquisitor of the Aurora Crux …

Vesper: Ether Saga - Episode 1 on Steam

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan

I’ve only played a few runs so far, but this is already my favorite roguelike deckbuilder of all time. It’s the first one I’ve played where you actually, crucially, get to build your deck. Let me explain.

You know how in most of these games, your deck consists of literally every single card you pick up throughout each run, causing the driving force to become finding ways to remove cards from your deck, lest it become a bloated mess with zero synergy? And once you realize that, you’ll usually pass on cool or interesting cards unless they fit 100% seamlessly into your current strategy? Does it ever start to feel a little disappointing when it seems like your entire deck plan for a run is determined by the first few cards you get, because of those design choices? Enter Arcanium.

Real player with 163.1 hrs in game

–This is a really good deckbuilding roguelike game.

–They are testing MAJOR rebalancing and mechanics changes. The early game feels prohibitively difficult now, even on easier difficulties. I’m not a fan of the recent stuff. Many, if not most, characters feel helpless early. It feels like players have fewer viable options than they used to. (PS: With major changes, some of this review might be out of date, sorry).

–The max deck size of 12 cards feels too restrictive. Your deck composition doesn’t change much over time. Of the 36 cards you’ll end the game with, 12-18 will be starter cards. Maybe reduce the size of the opening decks?

Real player with 104.4 hrs in game

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan on Steam

Children of Zodiarcs

Children of Zodiarcs

Children of Zodiarcs - a review by Wind

1 • First Impressions

I came across this game while perusing through a Square Enix sale. Found it quite beautiful and decided to give it a try. The stuff of dice along with cards deck was a bit too much to my head, which is mainly why I buy games at the first place. I never go for common ground. And this one would keep its promise.

At my first run of the game, I recall feeling dragged inside its atmosphere. The opening song (and of course all other outstanding songs) by Vibe Avenue is superb. It really gets you pumped up. I stood still for some time just to listen to this artwork.

Real player with 54.3 hrs in game

I want to start with saying I enjoyed my time with this game but I still feel it has many flaws. Children of Zodiarcs has many things going for it and to me fulfilled most of its goals. I played the entire game including the side story and the complete arena, along with probably 12 skirmishes and it lasted me around 25 hours. I was sold on a strategic deckbuilding game with dice, so if you don’t care for deckbuilding or dice rolling, you may want to pass on this game.


The story is centered around a band of children thieves and murderers. Even though when you kill someone, the body disappear, the game make sure that you know that you are killing people and that most of your actions are unjustified, as much as your characters themselves feel that they are. The story is about a heist for this group to get rich and explores how the environment of the main cast has shaped them into basically villains. It worked for me but for the most part lacked depth due to the amount of characters and length of the game. I enjoyed most of the characters, I feel most had interesting stories but would have enjoyed a lot more if the characters and world just got a little more fleshed out.

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

Children of Zodiarcs on Steam