The Warlin of Heroes

The Warlin of Heroes

it’s a simple but attractive and innovative/different game, worth to give a try

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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A single short loop of battle music repeated ad nauseum.

Lackluster gameplay with very little player influence on the outcome.

No sound effects to go with the attacks.

The English translation is kind of a mess.

Avoid until they make a bunch of fixes.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

The Warlin of Heroes on Steam



Choose your knight, earn him the most beautiful and powerful equipment, but above all, surround yourself with the best supporters to encourage you during your fights! In Orpiment you don’t play the knight but the members of the audience who all have their own skills.

You don’t control your knight during the fights but you can intervene at any time by using the special abilities of your audience members. Throw a roast chicken, drop your panthers on the field or steal your opponent’s shield to tip the balance in your favor!

In this rogue-like game where the heroes are the shadowy characters, bring your knight into the story by using the best audience member combo possible.

Recruit new audience members through victories

Get new equipment to replace those destroyed in battle.

Repair your shields and armor at the blacksmith’s, upgrade your supporters at the inns, and buy rare equipment from the merchants.

Progress through your adventure via a procedurally generated map, choose your path amongst the various pitfalls that make up the map, surround yourself with the best supporters and equip yourself with the most powerful equipment to face the Golden Demon and his 4 demonic knights.


  • 4 knights with different characteristics

  • Around 20 different audience members

  • Over 60 special abilities

  • Almost infinite team compositions

  • Over 80 different weapons!

  • Over 40 different shields!

  • More than 40 different battle armors!

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Orpiment on Steam

Seblen: Battle!

Seblen: Battle!

Single player was fun. Didnt get to play vs anyone else yet on MP. Maybe after its been out longer. Art is great. Worth the buy.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

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The game is decently fun but there is no content what so ever. I wish there was a way to edit my deck and a story mode or something. As things stand it’s not worth the money as the only option available is to fight the AI.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Seblen: Battle! on Steam

The king’s guard

The king’s guard

Assemble your guard and defend the king’s lands! In this turn based card game you have the ability to control the battlefield by spawning units from your guard and supporting them with powerful magical abilities. As you win battles your guard will expand and become stronger. Along with the guard, your commanders will become more experienced and provide a powerful global bonus. This will allow you to take on even more complex challenges.

During the battle you can control every unit by giving them a specific task, or just let the game play on its own. Positioning and timing is everything! A quickly placed unit to protect an archer, or a tactically used spell can quickly turn the tide of battle.

Build a powerful guard for every commander

The game has three commanders, each with their own benefits. Each commander has its own guard and abilities, which is represented by a deck of cards. Some battles might be easier to complete with the powerful spells of the wizard, while others may be easier to complete with the knight. It is entirely up to you how you build your commanders. While the knight can easier level up front line units and make them stronger, you can also train him to become a more potent spellcaster.

Choose your battles

As you complete encounters you will be rewarded with experience and cards. Every encounter offers unique rewards, so it might be profitable to complete an encounter that awards a rare spell with the wizard. The experience of battle levels up your commander, granting the ability to evolve your cards and give strong global improvements to the entire deck.

Choosing the correct commander for a specific battle can greatly improve how fast you can beat them all.

Challenge or relaxed mode

If you prefer a challenge, the game can be completed in challenge mode. In this mode, it is similar to a roguelike game. You start the game with one commander and can complete all of the encounters a limited amount of times. As a result your choices become a lot more important because you have less opportunity to make your guard stronger.

In case you prefer a more laid back experience you can play the relaxed mode. In this mode you are free to play all encounters as many times as you want. You are also free to build on the guards of every commander in the game as you see fit. In case a level is too challenging, you can complete some other encounters to create a stronger guard force before you try again.

Turn based, most of the time

The game is turn based, but it has a real time element. At the start of your turn the game is paused, giving you an entire new hand of cards to play. While the game is paused, you can reinforce parts of the battlefield and think out a strategy. Then the battle resumes and you can interact with the battlefield for the rest of the turn. Some powerful cards can only be played during this part of the battle. You may want to keep your best abilities back to allow you to quickly react to a dangerous situation. In case things are moving too fast, if you are playing relaxed mode, you can slow down time to give you more time to react.

At the end of a round, the cards that remain in your hand are discarded, so make sure you get the most out of every round!

The king's guard on Steam

Vesper: Ether Saga - Episode 1

Vesper: Ether Saga - Episode 1

  • Try the demo:

Vesper, the name of the heroine

A combat system combining role-playing, card games and strategy games.

  • Role playing game

Start with the heroine Vesper and win new allied units with unique abilities. Level up your characters, unlock new skills (active and passive abilities), and improve them …

Objectives to be fulfilled, gain experience … Results at the end of the fight!

  • Card Game

There are 3 types of cards

Unit Cards - Summon your allies into battle by exchanging Ether Crystals.

Action cards - the abilities specific to your heroes.

Arcane Cards - Collectible cards that will give you various bonuses!

  • Strategy game

Unleash your ULTIMA

Plan your own strategic moves to face your enemies, using the range of diverse combat units available. Keep moving to avoid certain enemy attacks. The layout of your units is important. For example, short-range physical attacks will have more effect on the front line. But beware, this rule can also be used by your enemies.

Comics/game: An original story based on a new series of comics

The entire comic will be readable in the game, not in the usual comic format but in a version suitable for reading on screen! These cut-scenes will punctuate the series of completed missions.

An episodic game

The game and the comic book tell the same story: Episode 1 in the game is the same story as Volume 1 of the comic book. As each future episode is released, you can resume your game from where you last saved to continue the adventure with the content that you have already won!

Explore the universe of Etheria

As the story progresses, you will unlock areas on the world map. Each location will offer a number of missions to complete in different difficulty modes.

Physical DPS, capable of melee attacks (sword and spear) and precise aiming range (dagger and wheelblade). Her abilities are all of the darkness element.

Full Tank, his abilities can grab the attention of enemies and defend your characters.

More versatile, both tank and physical DPS, Lubikai is a leader, able to call on his fellow sorajis for reinforcement.

& More to come…

This episode will have 8-10 playable characters. In addition to the heroes, you can also have basic units to help you in combat.

Face a multitude of enemies, exploit their weaknesses and adapt your tactics to beat them all!

Some of them may be called in as reinforcements in combat (under certain conditions) but will not be controllable.

A floating world that surrounds the crystal tree

“All is one”. Three words to create a universe.

If all is one, then you are not external to the universe; you are the universe.

From this belief was born the world of Etheria; the crystal world tree that breathes soul into matter.

In a body on loan for a limited time, life seeks itself and raises its consciousness by going beyond its limits.

When the moment of death comes, the world is not the same as it was before. Just like the soul that returns to Etheria is not the same. Infinite, eternal, in perpetual change. Without change, there would be no life.

Soul, conscience, spirit … Whatever name you give it, don’t get lost. Charged with its experiences, it transforms the universe.

The part of the world you’ll explore in episode 1

All souls return where they came from: ETHERIA, the crystal tree.

The siege of Valestiel

Vesper, nicknamed “Amazon of the Knights of Nyx”, is a courageous and determined young woman, able to wield ethereal magic. She provides services to Prince Crimson Nyx. They fight together for the kingdom of Sylvaestris, in a war that has lasted for several years against the Soraji nomads.

Vesper & Crimson

But the dark forces from Vesper attract the attention of Ekklesia. This almighty religious institution will call upon Redgrave, a ruthless inquisitor of the Aurora Crux …

Vesper: Ether Saga - Episode 1 on Steam