Played through it twice, the game is the best of it’s kind, rogue like and incredible deck building elements, this game has that “little extra” that games like this need to be successful.

Real player with 56.7 hrs in game

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great gameplay, amazing story, just wish you could play against the wizard and necromancer too

Real player with 55.7 hrs in game

Inscryption on Steam

Book of the Old

Book of the Old

The Old, will Return

A puppet somehow has its own will, accidentally summoned a mystical soul from the Otherworld.

Now they are trapped in a mysterious manor.

What is behind all this, and what is awaiting these two souls?

The answer lays in the Book of the Old.

A Roguelike shooting game

Dodge enemies' bullets and shoot them! Every time you start a journey, it will be all new!

Adventure deeper, and new maps, enemies, stories will appear.

Decide you own adventure plan – do you prefer easy maps, or dangerous ones with high benefits?

Equipment? No, they are cards!

Collecting coins after cleaning rooms. Use coins to get powerful cards, or keep the coins for interest – if you are not killed by powerful enemies.

The altar will provide 5 cards each time for you to pick, and you can refresh them all if there is no your target card – of course you should pay for that.

3 same cards will became higher ranked card, witch can assist you fighting more powerful enemies.

Each card has two forms of ability and two bonds. With 80 cards and 32 bonds, it’s up to your wisdom and imagination how powerful you can be.

What’s that monster?

80 monsters and 23 bosses, every of them has its unique skill and action.

Some of them can even cooperate.

Be careful, every single kind of these monsters is fatal!

This is a roguelike game with infinite possibilities.

What is your road, you decide.

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Book of the Old on Steam

Cards of the Dead

Cards of the Dead

At first the game felt fine…and then it becomes clear that the only way you can progress is by brute-forcing it. There’s no strategy, there’s no cleverly using character abilities. It’s just sheer dumb luck and the deck is massively stacked against you. It didn’t become apparent until after the 2 hour mark, and the second story is absolutely infuriating in how badly it is designed in regards to gameplay. REQUIRING SERUM TO USE A GUN THAT YOU HAND OUT LIKE CANDY IS BAD WHEN YOU HAVE TO USE THAT TO SURVIVE.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

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The rules are simple, survive.

That being said, the game is really difficult. But, there’s pretty frequent auto-saves to help you along. If you enjoy RPG’s and are willing to play a card-game variant, give it a go. I’ve enjoyed it so far.

After an additional 5 hours, I can say that the game is still difficult. It’s a lot of trial and error, which I can appreciate as you’re really learning how to play as you go. I’ve just beaten the game and am only missing the 100% completion achievements, so that’s probably another hour or so, but overall, the game’s decently short. Personally, I’d recommend the game as it’s priced, especially for all those that love Indie games, but on sale, it’s definitely worth it!

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Cards of the Dead on Steam

Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge

Choose a character and do battle in this quick, yet surprisingly deep two player BUMPING CARD GAME.

It’s easy to learn, and seems simple enough: just bump your opponent off the end of the bridge, into the maw of the Dragon. But beware: the Dragon can switch sides!


  • 15 characters to choose from, each with their own unique playstyles and special abilities

  • 9 different items, with a random selection each game, that change the power dynamics in each battle

  • The optional Bridge-Hack expansion cards open up a whole new level of strategy

  • Matches are short but play out in wildly different ways each time you play

  • Create a lobby and invite a friend to play in fun two player head to head battles

  • Play against an AI with a single player Elo system (coming soon!)

  • Takes place in the Gem Wizards Universe! Choose Andromeda Robin, the Potato Forest Witch who can use green gems to BUMP, or Robot Boy, the Alcove Prefex robot who can use BUMP cards on himself!

  • Part of a series of BUMPING games from award-winning game designer and author Keith Burgun!

  • More game modes coming soon!

Read the full rules HERE:

Dragon Bridge is created by Keith Burgun Games and takes place in the Gem Wizards Universe. More info coming soon!

Dragon Bridge on Steam



About This Game:

Beat your foes and save your souls! Lead Callaghan and his friends to victory in a reel-spinning, deck building roguelike in an infinite virtual mall. Craft your reels, make some friends, and talk to dogs. Pave paradise and check out the swag loot drops… all to escape the HELLMALL!


  • Dynamic character switching combat:

  • Choose the right party character for the job. Whether it’s a vicious first strike, a powerful party buff or a quick HP injection, your friends have got you covered!

  • Tactical deck building with a twist:

  • Find items and equipment to modify each character’s reel with new attacks. Build your reels carefully and hit those triples!

  • People to meet and things to do:

  • Every run through the mall is unique, but the characters you encounter will remember you. Develop your relationships with the other doomed souls lurking in PleromOS for new party characters. Complete unique side quests to know your friends better!

  • Secrets to find and new mysteries to uncover:

  • Gain currency after every run to acquire new resources, questlines and character traits that can appear in your next run!


Iris and the Giant

Iris and the Giant

This review is mostly based on 8 hours playing the demo, and one 2-hour run post-release. Will update sometime.

TL;DR: A good game but not quite ready for release, and the lack of explanations might frustrate you and make it seem harder than it is.

Does the fact that every card you play is destroyed from your deck worry you? It worried me, but it actually works because you get frequent chances to replenish your deck, and you’re not playing with several unique cards but rather a fairly tight set of base effects and improved versions of them. It doesn’t really matter that your sword is gone after you attack, because you probably have 4 more in your deck, you can get another 6 from the next chest you find, and you might have a magical power that gives you 2 swords for free at the start of every room.

Real player with 15.0 hrs in game

Overall, I’d recommend Iris and the Giant for its surprisingly deep positional combat and charming art style. If you’re primarily looking for a great story or you don’t want to fail a few times while gaining upgrades, maybe Iris and the Giant isn’t for you.

I really enjoyed the combat system (I’ll elaborate below). I enjoyed the simple art style and good music. That said, the story didn’t work for me. It felt like it was relying heavily on common bullying/depression tropes. I personally didn’t find the story to be a motivating factor nor did it enhance the game play for me.

Real player with 13.7 hrs in game

Iris and the Giant on Steam

Mage Mountain

Mage Mountain

A little unbalanced, but it’s early access and fun to play. And it’s got STATS

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

We all know that synergy is the best and most satisfying part of any deckbuilder. Well, this game is ALL SYNERGY!

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Mage Mountain on Steam



Very interesting game.

Unless you are good at remembering everything I suggest you take notes as you may get lost in some levels.

It is quite intriguing exploring a woman’s sexuality like this and I do recommend picking this up and trying it out.

My only 2 gripes with the game are:

1. There is no in game sound settings as it is rather loud.

2. There doesn’t seem to be a way to see which cards you have viewed or not when it comes to the view all cards achievement.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Interesting concept. I liked progressing through the story and learning more about the games different plots. Thought-provoking and brings a new experience to your steam library. For the price, it was incredible!!

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

CLT on Steam



Great game, has a lot of replay value and the soundtrack and visuals are charming as well. This game deserves more attention. It’s easy to play but hard to master and has many different ways to play. If you like strategy, RPG, rouge-like or card battler games than this is something you should at the very least try.

Real player with 25.4 hrs in game

Ufflegrim is a unique take on turn based tactics, and i approve greatly.

You play as more of a summoner, each creature you summon will fight and die for you. You can also play creatures on other creatures to make buffs. Drop effects and Place effects drive this game, and make many unique, and interesting synergies you can build decks around. Though you can attack things yourself, and attacking things is a way to pull creatures from your deck to summon, it’s not your main source of damage, and doing so too often on a floor is likely to get you killed.

Real player with 14.0 hrs in game

Ufflegrim on Steam

Gamble Tower

Gamble Tower

  • Three clans to choose from, choose a combination of a primary and secondary clan to achieve different builds!

  • 20 different enemies that vary and change between floors!

  • Two main boss battles with unique mechanics.

  • Over 50 different orbs that you can modify and upgrade in different and unique ways.

  • Capture and use enemies (and the enemies’s tools and weapons) as a way to improve your deck

  • Random events, shopkeepers and interactions between each combat!

  • The tower and its content are procedurally generated between each run, no run is the same as before!

  • Gender swapping

  • And the content list is still increasing!

A deckbuilding roguelite game where you hire a hero to crawl his or her way up to the top of a distorted tower in search of treasures, while you bet and gamble against other gamblers to profit on your hero’s misadventures.

Here you have Orbs (which actually look more like gemstones) that have a plethra of uses and effects but act exactly like cards, you have things such as Summons, Equipments, Attacks, Special Orbs and more!

A variety of different kinds and types of enemies and other gambling challenges await for your unlucky hero inside not very friendly rooms, where you might find a reward at the cheap cost of your hero’s life.

You must find precious orbs and synergize them with the other gemstones available in your orb to assure your success on this expedition! Find them on chests, enemy loot and other quite… interesting places.

Each run is different in this randomly generated tower, where you might find a lot of weird NPCs and gambling gadgets, therefore, keep entering surely not suspicious doors to your heart’s content.

Gamble Tower on Steam