The Curse Of Mantras

The Curse Of Mantras

The Curse Of Mantras is a dating sim with optional card battler gameplay.

You play as either Lily or Ace, and you wake up in a strange supernatural world known as the Afterlife. A strange man, Mantras, greets you and introduces you to the world’s rules and your companions.

Your companions are other dead people that represent an avatar of one of the four elements: water, fire, air, earth, and one of the two arcana: life and death.

Lily and Ace are the avatars of death. The most powerful avatar, the only one who has the power to activate a strange device, a music box, which can make them remember their past lives, and most importantly, why and how the died.

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The Curse Of Mantras on Steam

The Monster Within

The Monster Within

The Monster Within is a deckbuilding game that oozes atmosphere. The art and music are excellent and do a great job of putting you in the setting.

Admittedly, there are a lot of deckbuilders. So, what does this game bring to the deckbuilder genre other than a fantastic theme? First, the cards you can choose to buy are dictated by your health. The lower your health, the more powerful cards you can buy - but, of course, the closer you are to losing. This mechanism feels really good, especially because the rounds go a little longer than most deckbuilders. Which brings up something else different about The Monster Within - The longer rounds allow you to really build your deck around a theme and capitalize on that theme. The third thing that sets this game apart is that the developer is extremely responsive - seriously. Join the discord and have your bugs taken care of pronto.

Real player with 17.3 hrs in game

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At present i wouldn’t recommend. The progression in the game is based on doing things to unlock stuff (thankfully if you click on the locked stuff, it will tell you what you need to do to unlock it, in theory) sadly in reality, i have beaten the game with the scientist multiple times, it didn’t unlock what it’s supposed to, i beat the game on the blood 1 difficulty again multiple times , again no unlock, so i can’t unlock any more characters, cards or ailments until this is fixed.

What i have played so far has been kind of fun though, so if and or when this gets fixed chances are pretty good i would change my review to recommend.

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

The Monster Within on Steam

Hunt: The Unknown Quarry

Hunt: The Unknown Quarry

I’m thoroughly enjoying this game. It’s a great alternative to Cluedo, but slightly more challenging and in-depth, in my opinion. It may take a few games to get to grips with the mechanics, cards and options available, but it won’t be long before you find yourself either being targeted/preyed upon or interrogating/attacking other players. It’s a dog-eat-dog type of survival game, where everyone’s out for themselves including the monster. The theme and daunting background music enhance the game, making you feel slightly uneasy (like prey), not knowing for sure who, what or where the monster is, unless they reveal themselves. Also, playing as the monster is an additional challenge, which requires an alternative strategic approach. You’ll soon find you can’t just go around munching on fellow opponents in broad daylight, but have to maintain a far more stealthy disposition. I felt the game was fairly balanced well, particularly if playing the monster against AI opponents (for mediocre players). However, I haven’t had the chance to properly play any friends online yet, so can’t say if this will be the case against live players, who I think will be a little more savvy. In any case, I believe this could only enhance the game further, making self-preservation more challenging. I’ve seen other comments related to lack of online activity (no one to play with) and about playing for free. For me personally, it’s no big deal, never felt the real need to be able to play strangers online. I took a gamble, bought the game and tested inviting a friend to play (for free), which worked fine, no issues. I was sceptical at first after reading some comments, but am extremely pleased to say how glad I am that I made this purchase. I can’t recommend ‘Hunt…’ highly enough, for those who love Cluedo, Mystery of the Abbey (tabletop games), but then maybe I’m just extremely optimistic and easily pleased.

Real player with 30.6 hrs in game

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Okay I love this game. Like a lot it mixes a lot of elements I like. It has a huge learning curve as many said which I think could be cut down like if you had a sheet or a tab to check what monsters did what that would be cool. Other than that the people complaining about assholes in chats and that didn’t group play I bet, its would be much easier playing with just friends than random people

Over all I don’t make a lot of reviews but i love this game so fucking much I’m leaving a review.

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game

Hunt: The Unknown Quarry on Steam

Laruaville 7 - Match 3 Adventure

Laruaville 7 - Match 3 Adventure

This game is actually quite a bit of fun. You do lots of different things. Mostly Match 3, but other things, too. Hidden object, solitaire, bonus games (beat the computer, cursed coin), and spot the difference. There are settings to play it casual, limited moves, timer and limited moves. The music can be disabled, and it is separate from the sounds.

It starts out, bam, no tutorial or hand holding. There are objects and hazards there that hopefully you’ve seen before. I would not recommend this for a first time player. Seasoned veteran, definitely. There is kinda of a story, but you know how that goes. It’s mostly those floaty people talking to each other and arguing over stuff.

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

Don’t let the dated looks of this game keep you from getting it (on sale, of course.) The plastic toy CG animation and Playskool color palette disguises a pretty fun and involved Match 3+ game (the in-game guide for the Match 3 gameplay is 14 pages long.) There’s nothing revolutionary here, but what it has is done well. Besides the Match 3, every so often you get basic solitaire levels, find the difference between two pictures, and hidden objects scenes. Not the most exciting features, but a nice break nevertheless. AND, as you play, bonus Match 3 levels open in a separate section.

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

Laruaville 7 - Match 3 Adventure on Steam



THE SPIRIT LIFT is a deck-building rogue-like horror adventure set in a haunted hotel.

_Dare to explore a haunted hotel?

Where countless ghosts and monsters dwell?

Danger lurks behind each door

As you ascend to the 13th floor

What secrets shall tonight unveil?

And who will live to tell the tale?_

It’s the 1990s. A magical elevator awakens in an abandoned hotel as several teenagers enter on a dare. They’re about to get the ride of their life, because this place is haunted on so many levels! Make it to the top and fight the boss to learn the hotel’s secrets. And if your team checks out early? Be kind, rewind, and better luck next time…

Gameplay Features:

  • Your starting team determines your strategy, so choose wisely. Each character has a special ability and a custom set of starting cards. They’ll also react differently as the story unfolds.

  • Find more equipment cards by exploring rooms. Use your deck to fight the creatures who prowl each floor.

  • Each run is a unique hotel experience. Different bosses influence battles and events across a randomly generated layout.

(Note that THE SPIRIT LIFT is still in development. Check out our social media links to follow our progress!)




My honestly review on Sumire

You have one day, one life.

Sumire is a adventure game with colorful anime were you control a young girl who meet a mysterious flower who want to fulfill her most desired wish. To achieve the wish come true, she have to fulfill all task of other soul before night falls.

As I have play this game, I have a wonderful day to see some relaxing and colorful day of this game. I love the colorful art and music when you travel into the Japanese village or a rice field, as it feel relax and sometime is nice than adventure in the big city because sometime you (might) always travel on important cities and landmarks, but never see the countryside.

Real player with 15.1 hrs in game


Sumire tells the story of a little girl with a lot on her plate.

You will follow her journey, make lots of small and big decisions

and you will witness how these decisions impact the people around her and herself.

You can help those around her or focus on her goal alone.

Will you seek revenge or go the path of forgiving?

Will you be a helpful, kind-hearted spirit or isolate yourself and be self centered?

Will you be able to face the darkness inside you?


The controls are very simple and intuitive.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

Sumire on Steam

Erannorth Reborn

Erannorth Reborn

I’ll start with the base game itself and tackle modding later on in the review despite it being my favorite part of the game. While modding is a major focus of the game it’s not what you expect to be paying for right off the bat.

First up, gameplay. There is an open world game mode that I haven’t played much of (yet) and thus won’t be talking about. The core game mode is the rogue-like card-based rpg formula we’re all familiar with by now. There are a great deal of difficulties and game modes such as draft in the base game letting you have your own variety. These game modes will set you on a journey across Folkswave, the area of focus within the setting, where you will hopefully but almost certainly not find success. On this journey you’re certain to make friends, find loot, kill monsters, explore the unexplored, and generally have a great time.

Real player with 381.5 hrs in game

TLDR: Thumbs up for a very complex card battle game with rpg-like character customization and alot of depth. Though there is alot to learn from card text and tags, this game is an addictive hidden gem: 9/10.

This review is long because I was frustrated trying to learn about the game when I started. So I wanted to talk about what approach worked best for me.

At first the game felt linear, but there were so many abilities to discover that I didn’t mind it. Monsters are fairly diverse too as you move across stages. Plus there are events that give you choices. Eventually though it started to feel just a little repetitive, but that was only because I didn’t understand all the different game modes. Each mode has 3 tiers of difficulty so it’s easy to get locked into wanting to see how far you can survive through the tiers.

Real player with 188.1 hrs in game

Erannorth Reborn on Steam

The Zone: Stalker Stories

The Zone: Stalker Stories

This is the Zone – a post-apocalyptic world of strangeness and confusion, treasure and danger, exploration and tactical card battles.

Advance through twisted monsters and deadly anomalies. Unearth artifacts of mysterious power. Develop your psionic abilities and crush foes with the force of your mind.

Create your perfect deck by equipping artifacts and researching new powers. Carefully manage your expedition to maximise your loot and how far from home you can go. Take side quests with unique rewards. Make friends… Make enemies.

Inspired by games such as Slay the Spire, S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Darkest Dungeon, the Zone blends a new take on deckbuilding with a full narrative RPG – a rich story crafted by industry veterans (Mount&Blade, The Next World).

  • Gorgeous hand-drawn art

  • Gripping story, colourful characters

  • A beautiful, dangerous world to explore

  • Deep inventory management - Assemble your deck and abilities by carefully choosing your equipment

  • Research powerful upgrades for combat and exploration

  • Complete side jobs to gain unique rewards

  • Many different items and abilities to mix and match your perfect playstyle

The Zone: Stalker Stories on Steam