Easy puzzle: Landscape

Easy puzzle: Landscape

Cool game, beautiful landscapes, good soundtrack!

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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One of the numerous meh games avalaible on Steam : not bad but not great.

Steam, please give us a third option to review games !

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Easy puzzle: Landscape on Steam



Inanis is a story-rich fusion of bullet hell, boss battles, and deck-building! Will you be the pilgrim to successfully reach and slay the king?

Follow us at Kickstarter! Campaign launching October 5th: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inanis/inanis-0

**Over 15 Bosses.

3 traversable world maps, full of secrets

A cast of Unique characters to interact with and learn the games story from

Over 100 cards, 15 spirits, and endless combinations

A full deck building system, so you can prepare your arsenal for each fight

Replay-ability and scaling difficulty, with each boss available to play on a greater difficulty after it’s beaten**

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Inanis on Steam




Discover an ancient dungeon and battle eldritch horrors in this Lovecraftian deck-builder. Play as either the Warrior, the Witch, or the Rogue and enjoy strategic turn-based combat as you carve your way through mind-bending labyrinths. With each new adventure you will face a unique and randomized assortment of mystifying events, phantasmal environments, and perplexing creatures. There are more than 100 unique cards featured in Sinistrous and each class introduces new mechanics and distinct play styles for high replayability. Seek out the Darkness, question your sanity, and uncover the secrets of Carcosa.


  • Play as three cultists with their own unique skill sets while fighting your way through an unpredictable Lovecraftian world.

  • Make critical decisions in an attempt to preserve your sanity, or satiate your lust for lunacy and unlock your cultist’s untapped potential.

  • Customize your deck with over 100 ‘Cards’ and game-changing ‘Runes’ as you strategize against enemies of shapes and sizes unbeknownst to man.

  • Experience events that make you question reality as you explore and unveil the secrets of Carcosa.

  • Enjoy a dark, gritty art style featuring fully animated heroes, enemies, and more.

  • Experience a hauntingly atmospheric soundtrack that fuses orchestra and electronica.

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Sinistrous on Steam

BlackJack Math

BlackJack Math

A game with a very different idea, at first glance it looks like a simple “educational” game, but there is a notable scale in the difficulty, making you think more with each puzzle that the game presents you so you can complete it and proceed to the next level.

The sounds of the game make the experience even more relaxing, and for such an affordable price, I see no reason not to buy it.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

This game is so good, The difficulty is increasing in a good way, Has 50 level to do you resolve and have fun.

Inicialy is difficult to understand the cards without number, but after that is easily to resolve the puzzle

The Blackjack remember the tabletopgames, with challange and laughs.

The better feature is the “Magic Eye”, Using that is like get a BIG tip but helps when you get stuck in some levels.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

BlackJack Math on Steam

Empire Patron

Empire Patron

On a distant planet an interstellar spacecraft fell and crashed to pieces, on this spaceship was a cargo with a dangerous power source.

The spacecraft was home to a highly intelligent nation called Indefinite who could only live underwater, they flew to collect resources from that planet, but something has gone wrong and they crushed on the planet.

The planet was populated with Humans next to the sea, Creatures in the mountains, Mystic inside the forests and Undead below the ground. All of them saw the spacecraft crash and started searches to find artifacts.

In order not to start an all-out war because of the artifacts, they chose warriors that will bring those artifacts-those warriors are called Empire Patrons.

You are playing one of 5 nations that you can choose from: Humans, Creatures, Mystics, Undead, and Indefinite.

The goal of the game is to find artifacts to gain power and control over the rest of the nations.

Once you defeat a creature or a monster in the RPG battle arenas the creature - or monster - is automatically added to your inventory in a card form and from there you can add cards to the deck to play in arenas against players around the world.

The collectible card game has five nations, at the beginning of the game you get to choose which of the five nations you’d like to play as. In total, there are 100 different cards for every nation and five unique battle arenas. There are two playing options, the first being a card game against the computer and the second being a card game Player vs Player.

Examples of arenas:

  • The first map is a climate changing map that affects the players and the map transformation.

  • The second map is a map that contains three towers from each side, and the goal is to destroy the enemy towers using warriors that are spawn in the moment cards are put down the spots assigned for warrior summoning.

The card game also has an RPG playing element for mining cards and resources in storyline battle arenas where you can hunt opponents and collect them as cards to your inventory.

These battle arenas are small open world locations where the storyline happens.

  • 5 nations.

  • 5 Emperors and their patrons.

  • 500 different cards in total (100 different cards for each nation).

  • 5 unique arenas in the card game.

  • 2 hours of background music in the CCG and hour of background music in the RPG.

  • Multi-language support.

  • Player vs Player multiplayer in the card game.

  • Player vs AI in the card game.

  • A card game mixed with other genres (for example card game mixed with MOBA).

  • Dozens of hours of card game multiplayer.

  • Dozens of special card effects and abilities.

  • RPG storyline battle arenas.

Empire Patron on Steam

Escape of Mari: The Polar Ladybug

Escape of Mari: The Polar Ladybug

Who knew that a tiny ladybug could cause so much headache? Help Mari navigate and make your brain twist for a solution in this frozen puzzler that will warm up your hearts. It’s difficult but fair.

It’s a very underappreciated game that got lost with a high initial price. It was worth that price as it is actually very very good but nobody ever gave it a chance.. I’ve had it for quite some time but unfortunately couldn’t review it (before the price drop).

Given the price reduction BUY IT A-S-A-P as you are missing out. Very nice stages, good design, smooth gameplay and a real puzzler that will take a lot of your time to finish. It can frustrate at times but you will get the handle of it and feel accomplished in the end of the level.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Escape of Mari: The Polar Ladybug on Steam