Christmas Movie Bingo

Christmas Movie Bingo

It’s time to cozy up by the fireplace, grab some friends and family, put on a Christmas movie, and prepare to get a Christmas Movie Bingo!

Christmas Movie Bingo will generate a bingo card for each person watching - Instead of numbers, each space is its own Christmas movie trope, and your goal is to be the first player to notice enough of them to fill 5-in-a-row. All you need to do is provide the video! It’s simple to use, easy to get into, and it’s a great way to add a little something extra to the experience. And you can play using phones, tablets, or laptops! The game even works over a Zoom, so you can still enjoy it even if everyone can’t be in the same space.

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Christmas Movie Bingo on Steam



Frost: A solo deck-building PC game

(This was originally posted on my blog, GoPlayListen . It is largely aimed at tabletop gamers, but hopefully others will find the review useful too)

I’m pretty wary of computer games that mimic ideas from the board and card game world. It’s very rare they manage to capture the subtlety required to make a truly great tactical or strategic game, focusing more on visual bells and whistles and (usually) adding too many luck elements to hold the interest for long. Unless they’re a direct port from an existing tabletop game, they rarely seem designed for gamers.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

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Certainly not a game for everyone, but if you’re intrigued by the theme or the thought of pushing your luck in a hostile card-driven affair, then Frost is a pretty cool pick.

Aside from being chromatically challenged, Frost is notable for being a solitaire experience inspired by real world deck-building card games such as Dominion and its subsequent imitators including World of Tanks: Rush and Resident Evil.

The action, such as it is, takes place in the sort of post-apocalyptic setting that author Kurt Vonnegut made popular in his seminal novel Cat’s Cradle; a freezing world where tribes must now band together for their very survival. In the game’s ‘Classic’ mode you become a leader who must collect the resources needed to traverse the land in search of a mythical place called the “Refuge” whilst also trying your best to outrun the titular snow storm that threatens to consume all.

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

Frost on Steam

Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes

Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes

A great solitaire game with winter scenes. With each level you gain gems if you can match away the cards on top of them, then use the gems to create palaces and castles one step at a time.

The gameplay is similar to Faerie Solitaire or Three Towers Solitiare. You match cards by clicking on another card that is numbered one higher or lower than the card in the draw pile. Aces match with Kings and Twos, so it’s Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, etc. If you match more than 5 cards in one turn then you get a combo bonus. That increases the money you get. Money is used to buy permanent upgrades such as “more cards in the deck”, “eliminate one random card”, and enable you to gain Jokers and face cards that you keep on the side for when you need them. If you don’t get all the gems on a level or don’t get 3 stars, you can replay it as many times as you like. Sometimes you just get a bad random draw.

Real player with 100.5 hrs in game

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Perfect for the winter holiday season. The details are charming (build your own village and then castle!), the game play is moderately varied, and the Christmas / holiday music is surprisingly pleasant. Although I got really fed up with Auld Lang Syne at one point XD

TL;DR: A well-designed, enjoyable solitaire game. Recommended. 9/10 for the genre, but buy it on sale.


  • nice art and setting

  • smooth gameplay

  • variety of obstacles to completing each level

  • flexibility on when to buy power ups and what to buy

Real player with 58.4 hrs in game

Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes on Steam

Escape of Mari: The Polar Ladybug

Escape of Mari: The Polar Ladybug

Who knew that a tiny ladybug could cause so much headache? Help Mari navigate and make your brain twist for a solution in this frozen puzzler that will warm up your hearts. It’s difficult but fair.

It’s a very underappreciated game that got lost with a high initial price. It was worth that price as it is actually very very good but nobody ever gave it a chance.. I’ve had it for quite some time but unfortunately couldn’t review it (before the price drop).

Given the price reduction BUY IT A-S-A-P as you are missing out. Very nice stages, good design, smooth gameplay and a real puzzler that will take a lot of your time to finish. It can frustrate at times but you will get the handle of it and feel accomplished in the end of the level.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Escape of Mari: The Polar Ladybug on Steam