Geometric Sniper - Card Game

Geometric Sniper - Card Game

Have you ever seen a roguelike sniper card game? Not! We didn’t know any of them either, so we turned our favorite sniper game into one! Get ready to find cards and hunt your targets armed with the deck you’ve built! Overcome the challenges and make the right choices to save the day!

A unique and challenging roguelike sniper card game!

  • Prepare:

    • Challenging missions in adventure mode;

    • Random maps where it’s up to you to choose the path and benefit from it or bear the consequences of a wrong choice;

    • Build your Deck wisely to meet mission challenges;

    • Be careful with civilians, they will be present in some moments of the game. You must protect them while killing your enemies;

    • Negotiate the release of hostages or be precise in your shot! You can risk and eliminate your target before it kills the hostage;

    • With each mission new enemies and situations for you to face, new cards and equipment to help you on your journey you can find, hunt your targets, complete your mission and return to base, the next mission awaits you.

    • Other game modes and more…

    Good hunting!

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Geometric Sniper - Card Game on Steam