This game bring me back the nostalgia of Box Head

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

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Fun game with a cleverly devised difficulty curve. Easy to get started, yet not trivial to complete. The deck building aspect and different characters allow to adjust for individual play style quite well and card combinations in-game can lead to quite some entertaining effects!

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

ACardShooter on Steam



Very interesting game.

Unless you are good at remembering everything I suggest you take notes as you may get lost in some levels.

It is quite intriguing exploring a woman’s sexuality like this and I do recommend picking this up and trying it out.

My only 2 gripes with the game are:

1. There is no in game sound settings as it is rather loud.

2. There doesn’t seem to be a way to see which cards you have viewed or not when it comes to the view all cards achievement.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

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Interesting concept. I liked progressing through the story and learning more about the games different plots. Thought-provoking and brings a new experience to your steam library. For the price, it was incredible!!

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

CLT on Steam

Dream Keeper

Dream Keeper

When you understand the rule of this game, you will become addicted to it

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

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Loved the game! The deck building was tons of fun, so many different play styles to try out. I actually put in about ten hours (was playing offline) which is a great value for the 3 dollar price tag. GG would play again!

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Dream Keeper on Steam

Hand Cannon Virtuoso

Hand Cannon Virtuoso

This is one of those hidden VR gems that deserves more attention and praise. This game offers a high skill ceiling, with fast, and easy to understand mechanics. It fully takes advantage of the medium and format of VR, and it feels like a full game and not just a tech demo, despite still being in early access.

The main game play is that of a shooter. However, instead of just running and gunning, you have rockets on your wrists, allowing you to jump, fly, glide, and even dash your way through the rooms. This fast, yet tight and responsive flying system, gives the game an immense speed to its main game play. However, this does mean it may not be the best first time VR experience as you move so quickly, but I have never personally experienced any dizziness or nausea from the game.

Real player with 38.4 hrs in game


I am very close to the developer and have been heavily involved in alpha/beta testing for this game, so I am VERY biased :)

That said - as evidenced by playtime I think this game is a lot of fun.

My favorite parts are:

  • Locomotion is pretty unique relative to other VR games I’ve played. It looks fast paced but actually does not really cause me any issues with motion sickness. I think having to wave your arms around to control your thrusters helps with motion sickness.

  • The game is more than a tech demo - I find it fun and highly replayable with a lot of cool content to keep me interested. There are tons of weapons, enemies, and tactics to learn

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

Hand Cannon Virtuoso on Steam

Warfare Online

Warfare Online

i Decided to Write a new review, the old one will be here for anyone who cares, but do note the original words i typed was like few weeks ago or more. so updates come out and balances arrive, the game as it is today is alright, some things are still unacceptable however thats how all games are, its gonna have that one thing you do not like, but the game can be enjoyable and the dev’s have been trying hard that ive seen to make it as balanced as possible.

Pro’s and cons as of now with fresh perspectives:

Real player with 147.6 hrs in game

It’s not a good game. But it is a fun game. And that’s what’s important right?

Most of the reviews seem to cover the gameplay pretty well, so I mainly want to talk about whether or not players who spent more money or have been playing longer have an advantage. Is the game pay 2 win? Yes, definetely. But I didn’t spend any money on the game and I have no problem wiping the floor with 90% of the players I come across, whether they are paying players or not. And there is nothing that affects game balance that cannot eventually be earned for free. Some would call this more of a “pay2skip” system where you can pay to accelerate your progression.

Real player with 80.1 hrs in game

Warfare Online on Steam

Taboos: Cracks

Taboos: Cracks

Get 12 easy Achievements 100%, 3 sexy trading cards for just $0.30 to $0.50 at sale depending on region. Party for Achievement Hunters. One of the easiest anime games needing 5 minutes max playtime. There are 12 Puzzles. 7 in normal game download and 5 more unlocked in free DLC and uncensored patch download. This I find silly just give us all 12 dressed models in normal game and allow nude uncensored look in DLC. Why have issue of 5 achievements stuck without DLC?

Basically each image loads 12 flipping cards containing 6 pairs of images of her clothes. So there are 2 cards with same image in 6 pairs. You get to see the open cards at game load then cards fold over to closed flip side. Its a memory test. You must click 2 cards with same image and it will vanish. click all 6 sets correctly in pairs of 2 and thats it game over. The DLC patch unlocks uncensored version of the girls in animation where every pair of clicked clothes on cards removes that from her body stripping her naked in XXX pose.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Gameplay = 3 minutes













Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Taboos: Cracks on Steam

West Sweety

West Sweety

After about 3 and some more hours of playing I have a lot of good emotions about West Sweety and I want to share them.

What I like in this game:

  • first and main plus - style with which everything is done, it’s really beautiful and nice looking ;

  • 7 girls in west style with different “professional skills”;

  • low system requirements - that’s good in our time of bad optimization (when you need professional workstation to play simple roguelike game);

  • low price in my region - it’s about 1,7$ for such a good game;

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

UPDATE-09/2021: Highly Recommended. I have been unfair to this title in previous review. It came out during the early days of the “Hentai Gold Rush” on Steam, when adult games went from nothing to 1000s of titles almost overnight. At the time it seemed unremarkable, but with time it has risen above the masses.

I misjudged the game as absurdly simple, and it is. One character’s game is literally just coin flips. But it is dirt simple gambling games in a saloon setting, at least that is a theme and the gameplay is functional. On Steam, if you nail those two marks in this genre you’re already a C+. What I missed was that it actually took work to make the games that smoothly simple. Whether card game, dice, coins, or other “bar challenge” game the mechanics follow a rock-paper-scissors or odds/evens model. There is no strategy other than playing the odds of a 50-50% or One-In-Three chance. Simple.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

West Sweety on Steam