Spooky Mahjong

Spooky Mahjong

Spooky Mahjong - A quirky Halloween-themed Mahjong, graphically well done plus a good soundtrack.

For those who have never played Mahjong, it will figure it out very quickly.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

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This is very good game. I can play without stop. There are unusual graphics and very interesting relax gameplay. I recomend it to all people. I hope that game will have continue. Good luck.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

Spooky Mahjong on Steam

Legendary Mahjong 2

Legendary Mahjong 2

I loved, loved, LOVED the first Legendary Mahjong, so it was a no brainer for me to jump on this one as soon as it released, and I’m not disappointed. While it’s a little less difficult than it’s predecessor, there’s nothing quite like being able to relax and work through some mahjong puzzles without timers, stress, or anything else getting in the way. That’s not even mentioning the new Match-3 styled game mode that they added. I wasn’t a huge fan of it at first, but after playing through all of the boards, I now need more. MORE! Do you hear me devs? I’ll pay cash money for another game with JUST the Match-3 boards! I’ll take some more slide puzzles too while you’re at it.

Real player with 49.3 hrs in game

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Legendary Mahjong 2 on Steam



Wordeous almighty!

He is the God of words and requires sacrifice! Play more to satisfy him!

Now we are talking guys, this is the very best interactive game to play with chat. Although the developers need more time to cross the ’t’s and dot the ‘i’s future the game emerges with a loud noise, I hear the crash of thunder.

Amuse your loyals and the Wordeous will bless you.


Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

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Wordeous on Steam

Card Crawl

Card Crawl

Card Crawl is a really good casual, card based video game. It’s easy to learn and enjoyable to play. There are two things that make Card Crawl great: First, playing a full game doesn’t take long. A full game averages maybe five minutes. Second, this is a game that is a lot more tame when it comes to the difficulty. This is not another frustrating/rage inducing game. Success in Card Crawl depends on what cards you are dealt, and how you choose to play them. There is some strategy involved and you do have to think about how you want to play your cards. There are also a lot of special ability cards that you can unlock as you continue to play and get better. The game’s randomness with regards to what cards you are dealt, and which special ability cards are also randomly chosen for you, provide tremendous replay value for Card Crawl. There are also extra gamemodes and characters that can be unlocked as well. This is a game that can be enjoyed in both short play sessions and long play sessions. There’s also a mobile version available for Android (on Google Play), and for iOS (on the App Store). Card Crawl is definitely one of the very best card based video games that there is. For a game that costs so little, you get so much in return. Card Crawl is great if you like casual games and/or card games. I highly recommend it!

Real player with 120.9 hrs in game

Very fun, well crafted, simple game hampered by its unnecessarily grindy quest/unlock system.

You play against a random deck drawn from a fixed set of cards 49, and you get to choose 5 “ability” cards to mix in for a total of 54. The ability cards are fun, but you’re heavily reliant upon the luck of when they show up.

You unlock more ability cards with credits you earn as you play. Credits earn decently fast and you can read card descriptions before you pick which one you want to unlock, so earning them is not bad at all.

Real player with 105.8 hrs in game

Card Crawl on Steam

Sid Classic

Sid Classic

I’ve played sidstory for a long time back when sidstory was a mobile game. It was honestly my favorite game on the platform by far, and is basically a perfection of the gacha genre. There’s a huge amount of sidians in the game, and the game encourages collecting a lot of sidians because of the shifting bonus multipliers. You can get a lot as an F2P player, and I met several friends through my circle back in the mobile days.

Honestly, just seeing this game come back made 2020 for me, take that as you will if you’ve never played it before.

Real player with 4088.0 hrs in game

I’ve been a fan of Sid Story since it was first a mobile game in 2015. Recently it got shut down due to some disagreements with the mobile company, I think. Either way, it is back on PC only for now until they get the rights back to put it on mobile. So, basically, this is a typical gacha game but on your PC, formatted for mobile and a bit awkward on screen.

The gameplay isn’t the greatest, I remember when I introduced people to the game when it was on mobile that “it sucks, but it’s good.” Simple gameplay but oddly addictive. They give you enough new cards to get somewhat easily so you don’t feel like you’re getting too much or not getting enough. The art is amazing and when it was on mobile new cards were being made constantly. There is also competitive circle rankings and mileage events which all provide great benefits. The mobile game also had a PVP element that was in beta but is not currently in this version.

Real player with 2396.5 hrs in game

Sid Classic on Steam

Dee-6: Dice Defenders

Dee-6: Dice Defenders

What a fun game that was! I mean I hope people don’t mis-underestimate me but I actually enjoyed it almost better than FTL! FTL IS STILL A BETTER GAME THOUGH!

Its also similar to roll for the galaxy! You roll dice for your crew and for threats. If a certain number comes up, you might be attacked, maybe something wont work you can also roll for crew duties IE: commanders for re rolling all dice or picking one die to be a task or charge shields, attack or use the stasis beam!

This is a great game! Worth the money worth the time!!!

Real player with 21.9 hrs in game

Hey I thought I would support a fellow indie developer and pick up this game. Its a lot of fun, I enjoy the strategy and I am looking forward to its updates. My only comment would be to make it easier to unlock some of the other ship types, i’m excited to try some new ships, but it seems i have to unlock 10 levels first? In any case, a great game, solid effort, keep up the good work from your friends and NeuroJump!

Real player with 19.2 hrs in game

Dee-6: Dice Defenders on Steam

Dead Simple 21

Dead Simple 21

I didn’t go in expecting much but this is a real gem. Variation on 21 with special cards, play modes, timer, interactive elements. Awesome solitaire or for challenging your mates. Highly addictive.

If you love your card games or need a fun way to kill idle time (on planes, trains, in bed, etc.), check out Dead Simple 21. It’s addictive. I’m challenging anyone that walks past to have a go at beating my high score. And I learned a new card game!

For more niche curation, follow me at: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/27440015-CSH-Picone/

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Dead Simple 21 is a blackjack inspired game where you draw cards from a deck and place them into one of four columns trying to hit 21. This game is a fun casual game to play. It features a fantastic art style and theme. This was fun to play, and I recommend giving it a try.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Dead Simple 21 on Steam

Lorenzo il Magnifico

Lorenzo il Magnifico

I will freely admit that Lorenzo is a favorite board game. In Pre-Covid times I would beg my game group to bring it to the table. While this implementation of the game digitally had a rocky start, it’s now settled in as an elegant rendition of a very complicated game. In particular, the AI is finally modestly competitive…but very modestly… I play this game most often after a loss on Yukata or BGA…because it soothes my ego to have a reliable victory.

But the real reason for my “yes” recommendation is that I live in hope of finding a live human being to play this with. For months, I’ve hit the lobby at various times of day in the vain hope of finding a game I can join. So ] far just crickets. I just know I can’t be the only person who bought this game. I figure if I write a review, maybe someone will tell me where you’re all hiding.

Real player with 217.2 hrs in game

A nice digital adaptation of a great boardgame. If you’re not familiar with the actual boardgame you will have to follow the complete tutorial and then still have some trial and errors (the tutorial lacks a bit in dept concerning strategie, unless you want to read a lot of text in the glossary), but looking for great ways to score and learning to improve your game is actually something that makes this game a hidden jewel.

In a game of Lorenzo il Magnifico you will try to earn points by gaining buildings, assets, … (the parts shown in the big building on the right) and by gaining papal approvement (this is not obligated, but failing the pope gives you some kind of penalty).

Real player with 32.5 hrs in game

Lorenzo il Magnifico on Steam

Realm of Alters

Realm of Alters

devs should stop prompting player to rate the game over and over every 3 match! i’m not convince yet to giving out any good or bad review yet but this prompt keep appearing which annoy me and made the game less fun.

i’m going to re-review this game later. for now yeah bad review for needless pop up and needless clicking.

edit :

now that i’ve been playing for 20 hours i’m confident to giving out review. though i don’t think i’m close to completely master the depth of this game so i avoid talking about balance or meta stuff. those things changes every month anyway.

Real player with 37.0 hrs in game

Mixed on this game because I want to see where it goes and if they introduce something original (counter spells, fast spells, double attack ability or is it just going to be back and forth the whole time) After playing Legends of Runeterra, which has only been out this year, but perfected and introduced a ton of new mechanics to the CCG world, this game doesn’t even compare. Still a little confused why this game exists it’s basically Shadowverse early stage without voice acting and a ton of other mechanics. Some confusing things such as you can’t check cards stats of what they do by clicking on the card in hand, I forgot half the time what the card actually does and I’m playing it blindy. Haven’t figured out how to emote yet, you can’t even see each others players name during a match, the card collection search is a mess (Legends of Runeterra you can search by keyword for abilities to help build your deck faster),

Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

Realm of Alters on Steam

Candy land

Candy land

Candy Land is a “template flip”, that is to say, it’s a “game” that has been produced by copying a game template from GameMaker Studio, changing a few things, then dumping the barely functional “product” on Steam as a cheap, nasty cash grab. In this case it was a GameMaker Studio template for doing a simple “memory” card matching game. Phoenixx Games have a nasty track history of ripping off GameMaker Studio templates as cheap cash grabs on Steam, just like this one.

GameMaker Studio is a very poor quality game construction kit, and results in terrible games like this one.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Candy land on Steam