Street Level: Windows Edition

Street Level: Windows Edition

Great game. I beat it in about 1 hour, but it was a solid experience. It is sort of like that old TI-83 game Drug War, but with a cyberpunk theme. The whole game is just choosing “yes” or “no” to jobs, or fights, or to buy upgrades, etc. There is actually depth here, though, even with just 2 choices and the game can get intense. For the price and about an hour of time, seems worth it. One note, there is no save games and there seems to be a bug where the game loses control if you alt-tab. So you have to beat it in one sitting.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

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Not a bad little game. I recommend it. It’s a nice little time killer at a cheap price. The art work is simple, but It works for what the game is (And seeing as how I love neon and cyberpunk, I like it). It’s a little tricky trying understand how some of the cards are going to behave, but I can see the appeal from a immersion aspect. It does feel like it’s building a rudimentary world in a way. There is a fair bit of reading on the cards, but once you get into the groove you begin to recognize them by appearance and can play it fast. I recommend it, and taking it for what it is, I give it a sold 7.5/10.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Street Level: Windows Edition on Steam

InfiniteCorp: Cyberpunk Story

InfiniteCorp: Cyberpunk Story

It’s your first day on the job working for the Mercat Commerce Inc. Which happens to be the largest trade and service corporation in the world. You find your office, sit down at work terminal, login and there’s an email waiting for you from your boss welcoming you. He explains that you’re the manager, one of many the Human Resources team has hired recently. It seems they keep hiring the cheapest rookies and because of this they do not last very long, hopefully you’ll prove to them you’re worth far more. Your job is to make business decisions using your terminal, swipe left for No and right for Yes.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

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Note: More of a puzzle than a card game.


Scroll down for full Gameplay

A simple game in which you are presented by a continuous flow of events to which you respond in one of two ways: which either decreases or increases one or more of the 6 key stats (5 “factions” plus the “board” stat). The goal is balancing each stat as if one drops low enough, the game ends. Those that played Reigns should be familiar with the system and might enjoy a simpler cyberpunk version of it.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

InfiniteCorp: Cyberpunk Story on Steam

Space Grunts 2

Space Grunts 2

The idea is cool and works well. Once you get used to the deck, feels like " ok I can do this " ….then you die.

Start over do better, die, repeat. You realize that it’s not recommended to loot anything, but just things you think will do better. Sometimes you’ll hope the exit is just around the corner, then you die.

If you can get over the first 3-4 runs just to get familiar with the cards then you’ll like this game.

Hope there will be more content, I see a lot of potential here. For the actual price (early access) you get the right amount of stuff.

Real player with 198.2 hrs in game

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Imagine playing Space Grunts but using cards to simulate the combat and this is what you get.

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

Space Grunts 2 on Steam

Warhammer Combat Cards

Warhammer Combat Cards

Love the game but….

1 PC is just getting introduced to this game. Mobile has been going for awhile. SO PC people are WAY behind the eight ball.

2 Its all about time. Every 3-8 hours you need to log into the game to open loot boxes ( cards gold ) , get your quests,open timed prize boxes ( more cards ) and do some battles. And if there is an event do the event battles every 8 hours.

3 Grinding levels to be able to have more points to make your decks stronger and /or more cards in your deck.

Real player with 580.1 hrs in game


  • game full of wonderful mobile game features! (timed loot boxes after a win, clunky UI, noticeable P2W (as in you get more cards, you can level those cards so they’re stronger))

  • deck size/total points locked behind very high rank (you’ll need to play for ~6 months)

  • combat is fun enough to overshadow all of the above

  • suffer through the first day or two - reach Rank 10 to unlock ranked - enjoy one of the best card battlers, IMO

Found the game from Warhammer promotion, decided to give it a try.

Real player with 182.8 hrs in game

Warhammer Combat Cards on Steam

Space Food Truck

Space Food Truck

Mainly writing this because I disagree with what the majority of the negative reviews are saying, as someone who cranked out 40 hours of gameplay (split quite evenly between online and offline play) and who completed games on the hardest difficulty level. While I have ideas on what should contribute to a negative review, which will come later in the review, but let’s start by tackling the points I disagree with in the negative reviews.

I believe RNG gets the majority of the blame because a random event occurs at the beginning of every turn, and at every new planet, so it’s pretty much in your face all the time.

Real player with 102.9 hrs in game

This game has the potential to be very fun. Myself and a few friends brought it and really enjoyed the game initially. But we quickly realised that this game is too hard, and not even hard in way that challenges you properly. We have been playing on mild difficulty, since the upper difficulty was seemingly impossilbe.

The game is hard beyond the player’s control, since much of the game mechanics are the result RNG. 90% of the RNG is bad! You receive negative effects that can see you wiped out very quickly. For example, we upgraded our shields to the max very early on, but in response, we started taking much more damage from RNG events.

Real player with 44.7 hrs in game

Space Food Truck on Steam

Star Realms

Star Realms

I used to really enjoy the online version of this game. Saddly that is no longer true. While I would HIGHLY reccomend this game for the Campaign Mode, the Online Mode is another matter ENTIRELY!!!! Once you reach level 5, you must win a number of sucsessfull wins to advance onwords, but each loss counts you backwords on that total. THIS, is not a problem. THE PROBLEM, is that many players have found a way to “HACK” either the timeclock, or the game itself! I have found myself ready to acquire a good card, only to have my game freeze. Then reload. Not only do I lose precious time during this reloaded “Glitch”. But often it will undo my card purchases or even worse, my bases will be destroyed or my health slashed in half. All of which being impossible with the card’s the opponet had availible to play. Now, I KNOW I’m not the best player. I admit that freely. But after almost 500 games, I STILL CAN’T GET EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH TO LEVEL 7! This means With the losses counting against me, I have only managed to go up 1 LEVEL in almost 500 games!!!

Real player with 561.4 hrs in game

I’ve enjoyed Star Realms for many year. It is an entertaining deckbuilder game, which is easy to learn. A huge number of cards have been added to this game over the years, and the core sets (5€) are definitely worth the value, while a lot of the smaller dlc (2-4€) is a bit pricey. Although skill does play a part in winning, I would definitely say that a large part of winning comes down to the luck of the draw. And the expansions increase the luck factor quite a bit. I would still say that it is quite enjoyable, and I take it as a challenge, when my opponent start out quite a bit better off than me. Sadly I will not be giving this game my recommendation, based on the recent addition to this game, in the form of Star Realms Arena, which is a particular nasty way of introducing gambling into a kid friendly game.

Real player with 516.5 hrs in game

Star Realms on Steam

For The Warp

For The Warp

As others have pointed out, this game has a lot of great features and has some compelling gameplay. However, there are three things that kill it for me because they lead too far down the path of heavy RNG.

  1. The shuffler makes no sense. The fact that you don’t discard cards and that every time you draw a hand that you are pulling from your entire deck is against the foundation of what a deck builder game is supposed to be. It has all of the other facets of how to build and manipulate your deck but the player should be drawing from a shuffled stack and continue to do such until the discard pile needs to be shuffled back in. I might have been less opposed to this if you could freely discard cards from your deck without needing to pay for it or have NPC’s want to buy them during events. But as it stands, it is far to easy to get a 18-20 card deck and that is far too much RNG when doing pool draws.

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

As others have stated, FTL meets slay the spire.

HUGE potential here. I think a few things need reworked.

1. Balance: jmzero’s review goes in depth.

2. No discard pile: this i feel is an odd design choice, since there’s no discard pile, all cards used immediately go back to the deck, so attaining any new card is a constant lower percentile of getting any card in your deck on every turn. So you may never see your new card in play…ever. Since the deck is shuffled every turn. This is poor design, you cant structure synergy here, as you are constantly threatened to draw the same cards over and over. This just feeds into the balance problem, of “just grab the most OP cards and scrap the rest”

Real player with 9.3 hrs in game

For The Warp on Steam

Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense

Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense

First of all this game is a pretty unique mix, it has some flaws yes, but its strengths definitely outweighs them.

The card game, while unusual for such a game is actually really good. Compared to the standart rpg fights in similar games where you have 3 or 4 different spells or attacks and you just have to see which type of elemental damage does the most harm and spam that and throw in a heal or stun from time to time, the card battles feel more challenging. On the highest difficulty level you actually have to think about which cards suit in which situation. Also it kinda suits the theme. While in fantasy settings I prefer the party of heroes wandering around fighting its battles itself, here it feels more like you are the base commander managing troops and resources of your colony and thinking strategically.

Real player with 33.0 hrs in game

One of the worst Winter Wolves' games out of the ones I have played. It has very few redeeming qualities and while I usually like WW games despite their flaws, I had a hard time enjoying this one.


Unfortunately, the characters were very weak in this game. WW can create some interesting characters and I know this, but in this case, I think they missed the opportunity to do so. The good news is that there are many characters you can choose to romance (with the free DLC). The bad news is that the characters felt shallow and unrealistic. I know you don’t play these games for their realism, but one would expect them to at least have some common sense. Instead it seemed like they were doing the most irrational things. For example at some point

! the rebel guy implied that he has assassinated people. Why would he admit that in front of people who are military officers? It makes no sense.

Real player with 18.4 hrs in game

Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense on Steam

Solar Settlers

Solar Settlers

I got into the beta test for this game after enjoying so many other BGG games in the past. Playing Solar Settlers gives you that trademark BGG feel that there’s always more to discover. The mechanics are simple at first glance. Move your space explorers around an unknown galaxy, collect cards and increasing your population and production, build up enough habitats, and settle enough people before the game ends in the sixth round. Succeed, and your rank goes up. Fail, and all your colonists perish in the abyss of space. More importantly, your rank goes down.

Real player with 158.9 hrs in game

Compared to the previous games of BGG this is in my opinion the greatest of all. Axes and Acres has always been my no.1 but I think it finally has to step aside for this one. We’ll see what will get the most hours of play time. Only time will tell.

The game is surprisingly simple to grasp but has enormous depth. The tutorial is short and you immediately know how to play the game. This is very different to the previous games where the tutorials were quite hard to grasp (although this has been improved in updates).

Real player with 97.8 hrs in game

Solar Settlers on Steam

Solaris Rift

Solaris Rift


Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

A fun little project of a game you can beat in an hour if you try. The devs did a really good job with making the strategy feel complex and worth thinking through with only a handful of main concepts. I definitely recommend checking Solaris Rift out and getting all the achievements!

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Solaris Rift on Steam