Paper Mages

Paper Mages

A New Way to Play with Cards.

RTSSCG - Real-Time Strategy Systemic Card Game. The first game of its kind, with familiar elements.

A Deck Builder With Cards You Collect.

In Paper Mages every player starts with 30 cards, all the same. The more you play, the more cards you unlock, and those cards are added to your randomly built deck. A lucky player may even stumble upon rare cards.

Play as 10 unique races

Systemic Arena, Dynamic Gameplay

A Mage’s Duel Done Right.

Cards are taken from a flat playing board and thrown into a dynamic and systemic third-person arena. A Werewolf’s Moon card grants power at night, while the Medusa’s Gaze card will sway you from moonbeams at risk of paralyzation. Paired with special race traits, action cards that modify abilities, and skill in how the map is used, Paper Mages duels are unique every single time.


  • Gain control of the 4 main card types.

    Damage, Action, Preservation, Constant.

  • Play in a dynamic arena.

    The time of day, along with your location on the map, affects your race and the power of some of your cards.

  • Master 1 of 10 races, each with their own special attributes.

    The Faergon has no worry of running out of breath underwater. A double jump and a slow fall are easy for the Falconite.

  • Collect over 130 cards.

    Start with 30 cards and the more your paper mage gains victory, the more cards will find their way into your collection. Fill your deck with base, rare, and special cards. Some say there are other cards yet to be discovered, beyond the full 130.

  • Battle Online.

    Duel other apprentices, one at a time, across the map in the main game mode. Either deplete your opponent’s HP, or find the 5 special trinkets to become overpowered and end the match. Another duel mode will come along in the future as well.

  • Experiment with Cards

    Before casting a Fireball try the Borrow Flame Action Card. It’ll gain 1.5X damage for every flame in the room that you borrow. Cast a Moon-bound Action Card followed by Stone Shoes, leave your opponent floating in the air.

  • Unlock all of the collectibles.

    Whether it’s a wizard’s beard, new eyes, or a different wardrobe, you can collect items to customize your paper mage.

  • Play with Keyboard and Mouse, or a gamepad. Start with the keyboard, or eventually learn to duel with a gamepad.

Start with 30 Cards, Play to Collect the Other 100

Base cards, special cards, & rare cards make up the collection.

The Shattered Hero & the First Paper Mage - Origins of the Duels

Every 5 years the Mage duels are held, and the trained apprentices set out to become graduates on the battlefield. Such an archaic thing. So many died proving themselves, increasing in ranks, and what a waste. Yet, for the longest time, nothing was done… Until Eltrest Grefaren. They thought he had lost his mind when his apprentice died in the duels. His apprentice Variscitan, an orphaned beryllian boy. Such promise he had, but more so, heart. Both apprentices perished that day in the tower fall.

On the next 5th year, and the next mage duels, Eltrest emerged from his towers, almost aged 15 years over. He showed them a new magic. He sat a piece of paper on the table and a glowing piece of Heliodor stone in the center, and then he placed a ring next to it. With his hand over the paper, the mage whispered a few words and his eyes glowed amber gold. The light from his eyes went into the gem, and the other mages gasped as they watched. The paper folded itself around the gem, and up to two little legs, then the paper folded two arms, and a head. The ring on the table floated up and over the paper man’s wrist, and stayed there.

Eltrest had created a small version of himself, a paper champion, a paper mage.

These little mages are linked to their creators. They think as their mage thinks, they act as their mage would act. They feel no pain, and can be made again and again. There was no struggle in adopting this new way of battle. That day, the two mages set to duel, learned how to create their own little champions, and no lives were lost.

The shattered hero, Eltrest, changed life for all the mages in the world.

There were some wizards who were opposed, how could a caster perform his best without threat of death? But that is a tale for another time.

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Paper Mages on Steam




Build cities with in-depth economic systems, resource chains, taxation, streets, decoration, and an unbreakable fortification.

With up to 100 different structures, the opportunities seem endless.

RPG Roguelike

Take off on your journey with your customizable, personal character and refine him throughout your countless runs.

Classical RTS

Battles in the style of classic RTS games, with a wide variety of units.

Defend your base from the oncoming hordes of enemies.

Over 8 Factions

Various asymmetrical factions from all over the ancient world with a touch of fantasy.

Face numerous Generals and Characters from different civilizations with specific traits and specialties.

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Kratoria on Steam

Deck Casters

Deck Casters

Deck Casters is a game that defies genre rules. It’s like Hearthstone meets Warcraft. Strategically battle across varied maps with an army of magical creatures and electrifying spells. Deck Casters brings deckbuilding to life with fast-paced, RTS gameplay and tactical combat. You get to build uniquely powerful decks made of five elements. You can use your core deck in solo matchups or 2v2 team battles. The best part of Deck Casters is that you master various card combinations to create a deck of unstoppable force.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

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First off. I love the idea of an deck building real time strategy game. This game is far more interesting than games like Clash Royal. I want to give this a thumbs up but it’s just not welcoming to new players.


You get the whole game for one price

Models are cool looking

Cards look awesome

Variety of gameplay (2 maps 100 cards)

Champion card (always having access to a creature)


No tutorial

Not much is explained

Limited voice lines

Terrain is hard to read

I had to figure out how to play the game by myself. It’s pretty similar to other games that I have played so I got it but if there was someone out there with less gaming experience, they would stuggle quite a bit.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Deck Casters on Steam

Golem Gates

Golem Gates

An overall good game, with a few flaws


-pretty good balance. A few units do feel mandatory to have, but almost all cards at least have an interesting way to be used, and even the “mandatory” ones are such just because of them being the best thing to find in the early game, without being overpowered in any way.

-game is generous with glyphs (read: cards), and every mission you play feels rewarding

-Nice story, even if its sadly a rather short one, but it does keep you engaged in during the campaign as you try to find answers to what the hell is going on, answers that you DO get

Real player with 58.3 hrs in game

I was quite sceptical of the concept Golem Gates presented at first. Although I’ve competitively played and made money off of various different card games and really liked the general idea, adding elements from them to a RTS is a risky move, and I knew from the start that this game could crash and burn, starting from it’s core. My scepticism might have been called for, but what Golem Gates actually became is something working and wonderful. Since it’s a given that the devs will still polish a lot before 1.0 release, in this review I’m not going to touch small details that don’t really affect the core experience of the game.

Real player with 30.1 hrs in game

Golem Gates on Steam

人类VS怪物(Human vs Monster)

人类VS怪物(Human vs Monster)

The game is too difficult I couldn’t get past stage 1.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

人类VS怪物(Human vs Monster) on Steam



Choose your knight, earn him the most beautiful and powerful equipment, but above all, surround yourself with the best supporters to encourage you during your fights! In Orpiment you don’t play the knight but the members of the audience who all have their own skills.

You don’t control your knight during the fights but you can intervene at any time by using the special abilities of your audience members. Throw a roast chicken, drop your panthers on the field or steal your opponent’s shield to tip the balance in your favor!

In this rogue-like game where the heroes are the shadowy characters, bring your knight into the story by using the best audience member combo possible.

Recruit new audience members through victories

Get new equipment to replace those destroyed in battle.

Repair your shields and armor at the blacksmith’s, upgrade your supporters at the inns, and buy rare equipment from the merchants.

Progress through your adventure via a procedurally generated map, choose your path amongst the various pitfalls that make up the map, surround yourself with the best supporters and equip yourself with the most powerful equipment to face the Golden Demon and his 4 demonic knights.


  • 4 knights with different characteristics

  • Around 20 different audience members

  • Over 60 special abilities

  • Almost infinite team compositions

  • Over 80 different weapons!

  • Over 40 different shields!

  • More than 40 different battle armors!

Orpiment on Steam

Rise of Legions

Rise of Legions

I have been following this game for some time and I have to say it has come a long way.

It is a nice mix out of tower-defense, card game and god knows what… The depth of the game only becomes clear to you after some time, even tho there is a tutorial. Then again figuring out all the things is half the fun.

I really like the deck building aspect, which is one of the major parts of the game, and theory crafting that you can do to make your deck fit, both esthetically (i dig the style style and some of those mtg references) as well as with gameplay synergies.

Real player with 669.3 hrs in game

My overall impression? What a bad a$$ game!

I won’t go into great detail about the ‘how to’ behind the game play, you can find that in the videos and other reviews. I want to talk about this game from a bigger picture scale and why this is the type of game true strategy gamers should support instead of some of the ‘big name’ alternatives.

I’ve been searching for a game to ‘scratch the itch’ left behind from Starcraft 2 and COH2 for years… I’ve spent so much money buying some of the top flight, well reviewed strategy games that have come out over the last couple years but find myself getting bored and losing interest after a week or two tops. It’s been a struggle to find something that appealed to my desire for skill based, balanced, unique gameplay that required strategic thinking but also some element of ‘micro’ and direct interactive decision-making as well.

Real player with 359.1 hrs in game

Rise of Legions on Steam

Minion Masters

Minion Masters

Let me start by saying that this game is so rigged, manipulative and can be dangerous to people with gambling problems or really bad O. C. D. so, people with less self-control should not be playing this game in my honest opinion.

You can play solo in 1v1, with random people in 2v2 Team Battle, with a friend in a Premade Team Battle, in Guild Premade Battle or create custom matches. You can also purchase Adventures to play against AIs that try too hard to make you feel like the game has a story. You can always Challenge same bots to try out different decks and your new experiments before playing against real players. I must say that this game is not Pay-to-Win in any way as of now, which is great but I did spend a lot of money on it, mostly for cosmetics.

Real player with 1929.6 hrs in game

Early Access V 0.9.1

Before we start I got a game key for free during alpha but since Early access I bought the premium upgrade at the same price as all new players since early access launch because currently premium upgrade includes in all new purchases.

The game revolves in the Forced universe. Betadwarf has made two prior games, Forced and Forced Showdown. I have played extensivly Forced Showdown and had alot of fun with it. WIth that in mind I had very high hopes for betadwarfs third game, Minion Masters.

Real player with 1339.9 hrs in game

Minion Masters on Steam

Werewolves Online

Werewolves Online

Plays like the movie series but the community is not english?

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Werewolves Online on Steam



the game doesnt even work!

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

** Not sure what language this was made in, but do not buy if you plan to play in English**

No worthwhile tutorial, very very poor translation means card mechanics are a complete mystery with cards acting in bizarre fashion.. sometimes doing one thing, sometimes not doing anything at all. The performance is also pretty bad. I can’t really figure out any mechanics that work properly.

A shame because there is a lack of non-p2w card games out there.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

ARTHA on Steam