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Wastenauts is a cooperative collectible card-crawler about making do with what the robot apocalypse has given you. Grab your friends, jump down to the surface, and fight back enough machines to make rent this month.

A Dungeon Crawler Dressed as a Card Game

Take on the role of misfit mercenaries and explore decks packed with ‘bots, gear, and a ton of scrap. Your unlocked cards are the tools you’ll use to make your way to the boss. Unlock and upgrade power ability cards, blueprint cards to craft in a pinch, and augment cards to boost your stats.

A World Worth Salvaging

Humanity has fled to cityships just above the planet’s surface, but we still need fuel, food, and valueless family heirlooms. That’s where you come in. One good shove off the side of the ship and you’ve already started your mission. Don’t worry, I’m sure another ship will come by to pick you up. Eventually.

A Fully Cooperative Experience

Team up in groups of 1-4 in fully online co-op, and choose your loadout smartly to ensure maximum combo potential. Matchmaking and custom games are both available!

Alpha Features

  • A cast of unique characters each with their own abilities, gear, and emotional baggage

  • 100+ cards to unlock, including that one rare card that’s pretty build defining

  • Adventure Mode - we bring the deck, you bring the monsters. The harder you make the game, the more rewards. If you win, of course.

  • A leveling system complicated enough for the most die-hard min-maxers

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Wastenauts on Steam

Gremlins, Inc. – Card Game

Gremlins, Inc. – Card Game

This original digital card game offers intense sessions for 2 to 6 players. At the core of gameplay lie two key mechanics: “hand management” and “take that”.


The game is set in the world of corrupt capitalist gremlins of the future, the setting that’s already familiar to the tabletop community from the digital board game Gremlins, Inc. .

This card game is a standalone game with its own original set of rules and mechanics, and does not require ownership or previous experience with the previously released digital board game.


The sessions are played for score and for rounds. The player with the highest score at the end of the session wins. Build temporary and permanent projects, play instant action cards and camouflage your plans from the opponents while preparing your attacks.


The sessions typically last between 20 and 60 minutes. The game supports single-player and multiplayer modes, including peer to peer sessions as well as games played on the official servers, and allows to play with different decks.


Before we set to make it into a digital game, this project existed as a real-life card game enjoyed around the world in 6 languages.


We release this card game under the Early Access program as we’ll be expanding and modifying it based on the community feedback. The roadmap includes such features as team mode, ranked sessions and the support of Steam Workshop.

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Gremlins, Inc. – Card Game on Steam

Robo Gauntlet

Robo Gauntlet

Fun and promising game. Even though the game is unfinished I had a blast with my friends. Crazy stuff happens when your programming goes wrong and even though I pretty much knew I was going to lose I just had to try and catch up till the very end.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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Robo Gauntlet on Steam

Ironclad Tactics

Ironclad Tactics

I’ve been playing Ironclad Tactics off and on for over a year. Only now, after earning every card, I realize that I forgot to write a review. It’s sort of a Plants VS Zombies game except that it’s Zombies VS Zombies, and the zombies are steampunk mechs.

The pace is realtime, but it moves slow enough to allow some thinking time for your next moves. Most of the challenge comes from building specialized decks to solve the puzzle that each level presents. Your AI opponent will have the upper hand with some new attack or defense and you’ll have to come up with a counter. Most of the time this results in a tense battle of planning, wits, and fortune. When you tweak a deck combo into working just right it feels great! Each new card opens up lots of tactical options and completing challenges for cards feels rewarding.

Real player with 46.5 hrs in game

I got this game in a bundle and I was so happy that I decided to give it a try - I would easily purchase it individually.

If you enjoy deck-building card game, laning-style gameplay, and the steampunk theme, then you will love this game.

The aesthetics are great - the detail put into the cartoon-style graphics are very nice. The cutscenes are delivered in a comic-book style format, and the art is well done. The music is sounds are also good and add to the atmosphere of the industrial-age setting.

Real player with 22.4 hrs in game

Ironclad Tactics on Steam

Rust Raiders

Rust Raiders

Become a robot pirate captain in this roguelike deckbuilding game and defeat the evil Captain LeCrank. Rust Raiders brings the fun of deckbuilding games and the thrill of Roguelikes in a world filled with robot pirates controlled by an evil warlord called Captain LeCrank. Forge cards to improve their power, augment your ship with gadgets and build your own Deck! Experience the unique card system crafted exclusively for Rust Raiders.

Main Mechanics

  • Build your Deck: Build your deck on the run by choosing from hundreds of cards in shops, battles, and treasure chests.

  • Forge Cards: Collect cards to forge them into stronger versions of themselves in the Deck Forge.

  • Dynamic Routes: Every time you set sail, your route will be different! You may choose your own path through forks, dangers, and treasures to reach the mighty LeCrank.

  • Augment your ship with Gadgets: Find powerful Gadgets to augment your ship and be ready for each battle. Gadgets are available throughout the world on treasure chests and as rewards from the most difficult battles. Get them if you think you’re up to it!

  • Unique Card System: Rust Raiders has a unique card system based on Captain/Crew/Ship card classes and Strategy/Attack/Mechanism card types. Create your strategies to defeat enemies and get the most out of each battle with card combos!

Rust Raiders on Steam

Solaris Rift

Solaris Rift


Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

A fun little project of a game you can beat in an hour if you try. The devs did a really good job with making the strategy feel complex and worth thinking through with only a handful of main concepts. I definitely recommend checking Solaris Rift out and getting all the achievements!

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Solaris Rift on Steam

Dark Cards

Dark Cards

The other games by these devs are underappreciated gems, particularly Dark Mist, but also the better known Blood Card, both of which are fantastic. In this case, however, the devs have missed the mark, badly.

It’s worth noting up front that Dark Cards at this point is essentially abandonware… which is a good thing, in my opinion. Get the message that your game isn’t working, ask Steam to withdraw the game from sale, write this game off to experience and move on with your lives. Continuous microimprovements really aren’t going to be enough to make this game any better without breaking the entire thing down and starting again from scratch.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

I would not recommend the game in its current state.

The game’s idea is fun and all but at this point it feels like an unfinished product. This game requires a lot of polish to become a good game. the animations aren’t that smooth and feel a bit laggy, which can be seen in the few examples in the store page. I also encountered two bugs which broke the game and stopped it from responding to alt-F4 in my 30 mins of play time. Nevertheless I still believe in its potential so I will leave my review positive for now.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Dark Cards on Steam

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

Makings of a Hero

SteamWorld is a franchise of vaguely connected games, each starring a friendly cast of robots. The latest entry – Hand of Gilgamech introduces a stark departure from the usual futuristic setting, venturing instead into the land of fantasy. Meet Armilly, an adventurer aspiring to at last become a member of the local heroes’ guild. Good heavens! The village has been invaded by an evil army and all of the heroes have been kidnapped. Such a tragedy, if only there was someone desperately longing for a worthy quest to finally prove themselves. It’s high time to gather your trusty companions and make this one count.

Real player with 41.6 hrs in game

On my first playthrough I went with the Legend difficulty and I was not disappointed… Mostly. Also, quick note, I got the game half off so my thoughts are based around what I got for that price.

Starting with things I liked/loved:

  • The Art is beautiful.

  • The Characters are simple but lovable.

  • The Music I find to be very pleasant to listen to.

  • I love the opening and ending sequences, I wish there were more of these.

  • The Ending Song, while short, made me smile. I love it.

  • The card game mechanic is pretty solid. Deck-Building is fast and easy, chaining cards together for combos or allowing for an additional helpful card to be played is really fun, and while I didn’t use a lot of other cards, I can definitely see some ideas on how to use them for other play styles so I like that there is multiple options on how to play.

Real player with 38.5 hrs in game

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech on Steam



The easiest way to describe Prismata is to call it a RTS-themed (think Starcraft) chess. Chess comparison comes from the fact it has 0 RNG of any kind and no hidden info so the game is deterministic i.e. one of the players has a guaranteed win based on the starting positions. But just like Chess, Prismata is incredibly complex where solving it is impossible.

Players start with 6 or 7 Drones that harvest gold (2nd player starts with 1 extra drone to compensate), gold buys you technology structures that produce blue/red/green resources (not official names, but that’s the accepted naming convention in the community). Subsequently gold and tech resources buy attackers/defenders and your goal is to kill opponent’s units while protecting your fragile drones and attackers. Sounds simple at its core.

Real player with 981.4 hrs in game

EDIT: I almost don’t believe it. Within two days the devs released an update that addressed several of these issues. That’s just awesome. You hardly see that happen for any game these days.

Thumbs up for quality of life updates, and a great strategy game. There’s still room for improvement with drone defaulting to block and such, oh well. Game is good though.


I really want to love Prismata. At a glance, this could be the first truly free to play strategy “card” game without any of the pay to win nonsense, and a potentially fantastic game at that. But for a game that tries so hard to be different than all the others in its genre, why are there so many familiar disappointments?

Real player with 203.9 hrs in game

Prismata on Steam

Insane Robots

Insane Robots

I am half way through this game and I am loving it! So many different robots and maps, so I must think of different ways to defeat them every time. I had so many close shaves but tries something new and beat the enemy robot. It’s fun to play with friends too, though not so many players in the online.

I wanted to post a quick review now, but will add more when it is all finished.

Real player with 96.7 hrs in game

It deliver a 15 hour campaign as promised in the description of the game, and although it having a few cons overall its enjoyable.

Lets start at the pro’s

  • Fun multiplayer

  • Extra difficult levels, providing replayabilty value

  • Easy to get into

  • Appealing card battling

  • Updates promised

And the cons

  • Small multiplayer community (at the time of writeing this review)

  • May feel grindy at times

Real player with 17.5 hrs in game

Insane Robots on Steam