Watch Me Stream My Mental Breakdown

Watch Me Stream My Mental Breakdown

A deckbuilder game with a novel theme and a twist in mechanics because it has a visual novel built around it, with its own set of problems and goals. It’s designed to be replayed, with the goal of earning permanent starting cards after winning the overall game, so it gets a little different every time. The plot is simple, but that’s fine because the point of this game is the cards.

I thought the little details in the story were charming. “Panda” really captures the essence of a streamer, and it makes dealing with disappointed parents feel more lighthearted when they’re pandas. It’s a game that’s not trying to be serious so you can focus on the cards and I appreciate that.

Real player with 43.6 hrs in game

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I want to enjoy this game, I really do, and I understand a lot of the references and tropes in it are geared towards jaded streamers who agree with the fact that there really isn’t a guide to go about streaming successfully. That being said however, I want something of a guide, a meter, something more than viewers to tell me I’m successfully streaming. I’ve tinkered with the length of streams, I’ve tried to be conservative, tried to be nice and run the nontoxic suite, I’ve tried to be combative and run the ego trip end the stream as quick as possible, I’ve tried to go full immunity and keep my chat from hitting me, I’ve let chat beat up on me to rest up next week, doesn’t seem to matter, I don’t see any difference in my stream results. Maybe it picks up when you get your viewership set, either way I don’t know if I have time to keep playing to try to find it, I don’t even know if this is something I will revisit down the line. If you play the demo for this know that you’re just going to get more of the same, it never seems to pick up, never gets fully explained mechanically. Dunno if there’s more to do with this, if the devs are going to keep making changes, but I’m not happy with it at this point.

Real player with 23.8 hrs in game

Watch Me Stream My Mental Breakdown on Steam

Demon Cycle

Demon Cycle

This is one of the few gems that comes out each year. I came in to it with no expectations and ended up spending my next 6+ hours killing demons. I enjoyed every minute. Get this game.

Full review on my YT channel under “IndieSenshi”

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

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It’s true, I like anime……………………. tho my story didn’t start like any other I was plopped into existence not knowing my purpose? what was I made for? who was my inventor and what did they design me for? questions but no one to answer them. a deafening murmur which only felt like static keeping my question company. the silence was only but a cold and bitter reminder that one day, ill become a flying anime pillow who sores throughout the starts delivering steaming cold cocoa. …………………….its true this game is pretty cool you should buy it :)

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Demon Cycle on Steam



Not a bad game for 2-3 evenings, but pretty bugged in some missions (some cards don’t work correctly).

Real player with 22.9 hrs in game

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I’m board game enthusiast. The game really has a “board game feel” to it. Never played the physical version, But it looks similar from videos I watched. In fact never heard of the game before it popped up in my suggestions. Love the deck building and resource management aspect. Not much reviews so far for the game.

Only still in the “tutorial” section (8 first missions). Like it very much so far…

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

Feudalia on Steam

The king’s guard

The king’s guard

Assemble your guard and defend the king’s lands! In this turn based card game you have the ability to control the battlefield by spawning units from your guard and supporting them with powerful magical abilities. As you win battles your guard will expand and become stronger. Along with the guard, your commanders will become more experienced and provide a powerful global bonus. This will allow you to take on even more complex challenges.

During the battle you can control every unit by giving them a specific task, or just let the game play on its own. Positioning and timing is everything! A quickly placed unit to protect an archer, or a tactically used spell can quickly turn the tide of battle.

Build a powerful guard for every commander

The game has three commanders, each with their own benefits. Each commander has its own guard and abilities, which is represented by a deck of cards. Some battles might be easier to complete with the powerful spells of the wizard, while others may be easier to complete with the knight. It is entirely up to you how you build your commanders. While the knight can easier level up front line units and make them stronger, you can also train him to become a more potent spellcaster.

Choose your battles

As you complete encounters you will be rewarded with experience and cards. Every encounter offers unique rewards, so it might be profitable to complete an encounter that awards a rare spell with the wizard. The experience of battle levels up your commander, granting the ability to evolve your cards and give strong global improvements to the entire deck.

Choosing the correct commander for a specific battle can greatly improve how fast you can beat them all.

Challenge or relaxed mode

If you prefer a challenge, the game can be completed in challenge mode. In this mode, it is similar to a roguelike game. You start the game with one commander and can complete all of the encounters a limited amount of times. As a result your choices become a lot more important because you have less opportunity to make your guard stronger.

In case you prefer a more laid back experience you can play the relaxed mode. In this mode you are free to play all encounters as many times as you want. You are also free to build on the guards of every commander in the game as you see fit. In case a level is too challenging, you can complete some other encounters to create a stronger guard force before you try again.

Turn based, most of the time

The game is turn based, but it has a real time element. At the start of your turn the game is paused, giving you an entire new hand of cards to play. While the game is paused, you can reinforce parts of the battlefield and think out a strategy. Then the battle resumes and you can interact with the battlefield for the rest of the turn. Some powerful cards can only be played during this part of the battle. You may want to keep your best abilities back to allow you to quickly react to a dangerous situation. In case things are moving too fast, if you are playing relaxed mode, you can slow down time to give you more time to react.

At the end of a round, the cards that remain in your hand are discarded, so make sure you get the most out of every round!

The king's guard on Steam

The Tree

The Tree

Good art and sound design, but the game is too buggy and the tutorial is bad. Sometimes I can’t place pieces anywhere and the game doesn’t let me do anything.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

The Tree on Steam

Card Tower Defence

Card Tower Defence

I recommend it to these people.

Anyone who knows the joy of being made with one card in a card game. (or vice versa)

Those who know the fun of clearing tower defense.

A person who is full of confidence in clear tower defense.

Poker + Blackjack + Tower Defense = Card Tower Defense

◆ You can enjoy the fun of card games and the fun of tower defense.

◆ Card

  • One tower is one trump card.

  • There are 52 types of basic towers.

  • Towers can be combined using the rules of poker.

  • Towers can be sold using the rules of Blackjack.

◆ Tower Defense

  • There are 20 types of stages.

  • There are 20 types of missions.

  • There are 31 kinds of ability.

  • There is a magic that can be used every 3 waves.

  • There are 60 types of towers and 8 types of monsters.

◆ It has been renewed by reflecting the feedback of the existing Card Tower Defense.

  • Removed path making system.

  • In response to the feedback that the play time is short, the play time has been increased by 20 times.

  • Significantly reduced the level of tower purchase.

  • Changed the ability of the combination tower.

  • Monsters with slightly different STATUS have been changed to have special abilities.

◆ As a developer who has played Tower Defense a lot, I highly recommend it.

Card Tower Defence on Steam

Legacy Bites

Legacy Bites

Play cards to save the population of humans and the rest of the animal kingdom!

Key Features:

Random Game with optional deck building

Campaign Mode containing 24 missions


The world is divided into human and animal populations. Your goal is to keep each population within specific boundaries.

A game is played over various rounds. Each round a threat card is played by AI which changes the population of humans and animals in the world. The player receives 1-4 cards for that round to negate the effects of the threat card. Although the threat card only affects populations when the round ends, player cards may affect populations that round and up to the next two rounds. Plan and play cards carefully. After the last round ends all remaining population modifiers are played out. Keep an eye out for that! To make matters even more interesting, the boundaries for each population may change during the game! And there is a round timer! You’ll need quick hands and a quick mind to succeed!

Legacy Bites on Steam

Tales of Finariel : Card based RPG

Tales of Finariel : Card based RPG

Forge your destiny through this card based RPG! Will you become a grand mage specialized in elemental powers or will you prefer the finesse of a very sharp blade? This choice is up to you. Come and explore the lands of Finariel, which are still full or mystical and unexplored areas.

Game features

  • A medieval-fantasy RPG fully hand drawn.

  • A card based system to chose your actions and attacks.

  • Customize your fighting experience through the deck building system. Chose your cards and replay your battles with differents strategies.

  • Upgrade and enhance your weapons and other items in various way, allowing huge customization.

  • Do not follow blinding a class archetype. You can decide what your character should be like. Chose what skills you should be learning, will it be in the same area or completely different. You always dreamed of playing a mage wielding a big sword? Now you can.

  • Enhance your weapon mastery, not by gaigning levels but by using it.

  • Make your own choices and affect your destiny in this world.

Tales of Finariel : Card based RPG on Steam

Through the Ages

Through the Ages

Through the Ages : 2nd edition is a fantastic port of a physical board game to the digital space. A hit board game created by Vladimír Chvátil (Vlaada Chvátil) in 2006. The rules have changed slightly from the original version mainly with tactics cards being shared.

Gamelay-wise, a turn-based action point game. Each turn, you start with a political phase where you play an aggression card, event card or war card. Then, you have your action phase, where you get to use your civil actions (white) to build civil units, draw cards and place leaders. With military actions (red), you get to build military units and play tactic cards.

Real player with 710.8 hrs in game

I’ve been holding off making a review for this game. Reason being, the developers had some server issues until recently. Something to do with the providers of the multiplatform system they used pulling out from supporting it. This happened at the same time they were upgrading compatibility from IPv5 from IPv6. With them being a small development team, this pulled all their resources to get stability back. For some months there was some frustrating server moments.

Now I won’t profess to understand exactly what was going on behind the scenes, BUT… they fixed it!! Through the Ages is now fully stable!!

Real player with 489.1 hrs in game

Through the Ages on Steam



First, I love this game. I love the cardboard version, and I love playing the digital one.

Second, the visuals are just lovely, though I don’t really understand some of the design choices (why would anyone choose to view just their Forest?), and I’d like to be able to watch the other players or AIs take their turns.

That doesn’t mean this version isn’t without it’s problems, which isn’t surprising so shortly after launch. I’m not sure what the rationale was for giving so many viewing options, but I only use the “full board” view (rather than viewing each of the environments), which requires a click to view powers of birds that have been played. The interface is very click-heavy to avoid making mistakes and to fix misclicks, which I appreciate, but if you have more than a couple birds in your hand (say 5+ total cards), selecting and playing birds from your hand is SUPER clunky and finicky. Since the game is a bit pricey, none in my gaming group have bought it yet, so I’ve only played the AI, which is pretty easy (no Hard AI has been implemented yet), but still very fun. In my last game I won 115-71-61-51, so it was a rout against the regular AI, but that was my biggest win to date.

Real player with 3321.3 hrs in game

I am a big fan of Wingspan. I’ve been playing the physical board game for a couple of years and the digital version for about a year. I currently have 158.4 hours into the digital version of it as of this writing.

There are plenty of videos out there showcasing what Wingspan is. I recommend you check them out. I will spare everyone the details here and focus more on my own pros/cons.

The big pros of the digital version for me:

-It eliminates all of the set up and tear down of the physical version. My wife only wants to play digitally now for this reason alone.

Real player with 214.1 hrs in game

Wingspan on Steam