Cards of Cthulhu

Cards of Cthulhu

Cards of Cthulhu is a casual little game, simple in design but with suprising depth. You pick cards for your deck from a choice of random two. Two cards at the beginning and more are added as you progress through the battles. Then you jump onto your motorcycle, grab your shotgun and ride across the wasteland to face off against Cthulhu himself - who stole your girlfriend, as villains in games have traditionally been fond to do.

Each opponent you meet on your way you fight by playing your cards (and autoattacking with your shotgun). Simple enough? The depth of the game is knowing when during a combat round to play each card, in battles with consequitive fights of more than one enemy which card to save for the next enemy, which card in a given situation perhaps not to use at all, which cards to deny your enemy from playing, and when to not play cards.

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

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This game packs a lot of style and fun in a simple package, It is relentlessly focussed on play dropping you right in the game and back to the start when the game ends, which is minor but a refreshing change from the typical game with lots of menus and cut scenes wasting your time. This one has confidence in what it is delivering and delivers it proudly.

Each game you collect a small deck of cards each of which can be used once against a monster or set of monsters. In this way each run feels fresh because you are building a new deck which will be played differently than other decks.

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Cards of Cthulhu on Steam

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan

I’ve only played a few runs so far, but this is already my favorite roguelike deckbuilder of all time. It’s the first one I’ve played where you actually, crucially, get to build your deck. Let me explain.

You know how in most of these games, your deck consists of literally every single card you pick up throughout each run, causing the driving force to become finding ways to remove cards from your deck, lest it become a bloated mess with zero synergy? And once you realize that, you’ll usually pass on cool or interesting cards unless they fit 100% seamlessly into your current strategy? Does it ever start to feel a little disappointing when it seems like your entire deck plan for a run is determined by the first few cards you get, because of those design choices? Enter Arcanium.

Real player with 163.1 hrs in game

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–This is a really good deckbuilding roguelike game.

–They are testing MAJOR rebalancing and mechanics changes. The early game feels prohibitively difficult now, even on easier difficulties. I’m not a fan of the recent stuff. Many, if not most, characters feel helpless early. It feels like players have fewer viable options than they used to. (PS: With major changes, some of this review might be out of date, sorry).

–The max deck size of 12 cards feels too restrictive. Your deck composition doesn’t change much over time. Of the 36 cards you’ll end the game with, 12-18 will be starter cards. Maybe reduce the size of the opening decks?

Real player with 104.4 hrs in game

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan on Steam

Battles of the Valiant Universe CCG

Battles of the Valiant Universe CCG

very basic, kinda (R/P/S) style of combat. where Strat, Tactics and Skill seem to be winning as the 3 determing factors in battles.

This interesting notion of ‘corodors’

(3 per round.

w/ 3 cards of marynbary variety being played to eventually fill the grid creating something not unlike a real time assortment of wild tabletop roleplay mixing it up; sans the dicechucking but in this frame of mind I’ve had the very familiar assertion a lot of playing this is going to be playing:

[x,x,x] vs. [x,x,x]

Real player with 22.8 hrs in game

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Battles of the Valiant Universe CCG seems like a cool digital card game. New updates definitely improved the game. I hope that the team continues to work on this game. It’s a fast moving game so you really have to bring your best game. The game tutorial is much improved and makes the game easier to understand. Also worth mentioning is that game is easy to learn, and after playing several games I had no problem understanding what was going on.

It needs some more work but for the game in the Early Access it has pretty good game mechanics and it’s really fun to play. Overall, I would definitely recommend.

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

Battles of the Valiant Universe CCG on Steam

Minion Masters

Minion Masters

Let me start by saying that this game is so rigged, manipulative and can be dangerous to people with gambling problems or really bad O. C. D. so, people with less self-control should not be playing this game in my honest opinion.

You can play solo in 1v1, with random people in 2v2 Team Battle, with a friend in a Premade Team Battle, in Guild Premade Battle or create custom matches. You can also purchase Adventures to play against AIs that try too hard to make you feel like the game has a story. You can always Challenge same bots to try out different decks and your new experiments before playing against real players. I must say that this game is not Pay-to-Win in any way as of now, which is great but I did spend a lot of money on it, mostly for cosmetics.

Real player with 1929.6 hrs in game

Early Access V 0.9.1

Before we start I got a game key for free during alpha but since Early access I bought the premium upgrade at the same price as all new players since early access launch because currently premium upgrade includes in all new purchases.

The game revolves in the Forced universe. Betadwarf has made two prior games, Forced and Forced Showdown. I have played extensivly Forced Showdown and had alot of fun with it. WIth that in mind I had very high hopes for betadwarfs third game, Minion Masters.

Real player with 1339.9 hrs in game

Minion Masters on Steam



After playing for a few months now and nearly 2000 hours, the game itself is very good, however they have CA which moderate the game and most do not understand their own official rules, which if you try to ask them about the rules, they get very crabby and decide to try to bully you aswell, so lets start with a few Pros and Cons!

Repeatedly asking/begging for any in-game currency/items - is not NO Begging.


  • Game has lots of mini-games to offer.

  • Can build Casinos and decorate them

  • Can earn the Cash shop currency just playing

Real player with 2739.9 hrs in game

CasinoRPG wears a mask that makes it look like it’s a good game until you dig a little deeper and you’ll find out it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The Moderators, as has been mentioned before in other reviews, have no guidelines and just do what they want. It’s offensive how they behave in global chat fairly frequently from showing bias toward players who are part of a clique to calling for an end to discussion simply because they don’t care for the subject regardless of how pleasant and polite the conversation is. They do respond orderly when called to a table where someone is being a racist prick or loudmouth jerk though. Don’t use borderline language by the way, these jokers think Casino games are fun for the whole family and little seven year old Amy should be able to saddle up to the poker table with eighty one year old Guss. Seriously, it’s crazy.

Real player with 1516.2 hrs in game

CasinoRPG on Steam