White Girl

White Girl

Card game strategy + unique - multiplayer = Fight 3 other girls to race and get colors R,G,B to 255 each or knockout. Each card has different passive/active effects. Mostly against AI or friends.

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Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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Brave’s Rage

Brave’s Rage

“Brave’s Rage” is a challenging real-time strategy card game. You can build your own unique deck and team, flexibly use bullet time and perfect defense mechanism, defeat the enemy elegantly and efficiently, and explore the truth behind the princess kidnapping!


Once upon a day , an evil dragon came to Aim kingdom and took the princess away. King managed to rescue the princess by assembling groups of braves, but many of them never came back. With this opportunity , Forces were going to start something again , even Devils and Old ones were involved.


  • Classic DBG game with new flavor

You can build your card deck during the game ,and you can also have up to 3 braves of different classes, which is ,double building with card and braves, double the fun!

  • Real-time strategy

You can act whenever you want , and good timing can bring great advantages, such as perfect defending (just like soul-like games).

  • lock-free skill function

You can avoid damage by moving when use cards, and also can hit multiple targets while enemy moves together. This will give you new experience that is totally different from classic card games.

  • Brave’s growth

Up to 10 different classes of braves , each class has its unique talent tree, and while braves upgrade, they will get a new skill from skill pool. This will challenge your statics, good luck!

  • Events and Enemies

You will encounter various of events and different kind of enemies during the adventure, and each new round of game is new experience. Choose your braves and cards wisely.

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Black Cat

Black Cat

Join the other gamblers in the Black Cat Casino!

Black Cat takes place in a mysterious casino where players play against each other in a tug-of-war styled game of “Black Jack 21”. Players take turns hitting or staying to achieve the closest number to 21, using skills to help them out that are unique to the character that they are playing. The game perfectly encompasses the ease of Black Jack 21, while adding in the ability to win by skill/game knowledge. The character designs are anime styled, featuring attractive female cast as the playable characters.

Come join a fast paced setting that we have dubbed a “Casino Arena”. Test your skills and character knowledge against other players online in this fun, quick, and addicting game!

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Black Cat on Steam

Cards of the Dead - Prologue

Cards of the Dead - Prologue

+1 🆓

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Simple Roguelike with inventory management as main focus. Similar to Dungelot. Great to pick up and play. Very easy (I’m casual player).

I could possibly unlock two additional characters (with different environments?). Problem is, I don’t find a way to save my progress.

Still, very nice prologue.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Cards of the Dead - Prologue on Steam



Choose your knight, earn him the most beautiful and powerful equipment, but above all, surround yourself with the best supporters to encourage you during your fights! In Orpiment you don’t play the knight but the members of the audience who all have their own skills.

You don’t control your knight during the fights but you can intervene at any time by using the special abilities of your audience members. Throw a roast chicken, drop your panthers on the field or steal your opponent’s shield to tip the balance in your favor!

In this rogue-like game where the heroes are the shadowy characters, bring your knight into the story by using the best audience member combo possible.

Recruit new audience members through victories

Get new equipment to replace those destroyed in battle.

Repair your shields and armor at the blacksmith’s, upgrade your supporters at the inns, and buy rare equipment from the merchants.

Progress through your adventure via a procedurally generated map, choose your path amongst the various pitfalls that make up the map, surround yourself with the best supporters and equip yourself with the most powerful equipment to face the Golden Demon and his 4 demonic knights.


  • 4 knights with different characteristics

  • Around 20 different audience members

  • Over 60 special abilities

  • Almost infinite team compositions

  • Over 80 different weapons!

  • Over 40 different shields!

  • More than 40 different battle armors!

Orpiment on Steam

Token Game

Token Game

Have your wits about you and use your cunning to make it to the end.

Can you make it to the end without giving up? There is a story to be had here. Are you ready for it? Go on then! Be the smartest person next to that table. Show the world that you are the best because you are.

You need to solve puzzles of various difficulties. You need to remove all of the 100 value tokens after which you can remove the 500 value token. Some levels have multiple solutions. You can try to play the game as fast as you cant or in as few moves as possible. You can also do bought if you are good enough. Watch out to collectables too.

Token Game on Steam

Lords of Cards

Lords of Cards

In Lords of Cards, build a deck of 90 cards and defy your opponents in real-time.


Building your deck is probably the most important step. Think upfront to create the best combinaisons of cards. Choose your troops, your constructions and your spells, to get the upper hand over your opponent.


The goal is simple: the first player who brings the opponent’s fortress to ground wins the game. Winning the battle usually means building the strongest economy, to recruit more troups that will harrass your opponent.


Will you try and strike as soon as possible? Will you recruit a lot of weak units to swarm your opponent? Will you be patient, defensive and slowly build to send powerful units?Many combinaisons of cards are possible and let you play by your own strategy.


With your victories and experience in the game, you will gain gems that let you unlock new cards. You can also unlock new skins or animations for your avatar. The game doesn’t contain any payment feature, you will have to unlock the content by playing.

Lords of Cards on Steam

Necronator: Dead Wrong

Necronator: Dead Wrong

With almost 15 hours under my belt, here’s my thoughts.

The game is setup in an RTS meets deck-builder. This gives the game a different feel than your straight up deck builders (like Slay the Spire or Banners of Ruin). Since the battle is semi-automated, you just have to manage your resources. But don’t call it easy, because there is a great challenge sometimes in keeping up with the various levels; especially with the “survive for xxx seconds” maps.

You get commanders with different playstyles. One is a straight-up combat deck and the other is a toy-box style deck with few normal units. You can also unlock alternate decks for the commanders for even more variation at the start. The upgrade paths for the cards can be a bit random, so the rogue-like element is there and can either flummox you or really help you.

Real player with 88.6 hrs in game

Mostly fun game, has some fairly obnoxious/punishing game mechanics.

For starters, there are a decent number of relics (items that effect everything, usually based on some criteria) that give you some strong boosts if you have fielded less than 6 units. Then half the game is spent playing against enemies who get to make a card in your hand useless every few seconds if you have less than 10 (will be lowing to 6 according to the roadmap) units on the field. Do you want to try and field a small but strong elite army if the relics line up right? Good luck when you have to wait for mana to regen and by that point there is a solid chance that your card gets ‘silenced’. Silenced isnt just some minor condition that can be fixed, its a card in your hand that now CANT DO ANYTHING. The only way to get rid of it is to redraw your hand, which can cost from free (if you wait long enough and are playing the toy maker) to 40 mana (of which you only get 100 from the base hero).

Real player with 27.2 hrs in game

Necronator: Dead Wrong on Steam

CasinoLife Poker - #1 Free Texas Holdem 3D

CasinoLife Poker - #1 Free Texas Holdem 3D

This game allows people to cheat , multiple accounts by certain players. I have seen a player have 2 if not 3 avatars at the table at once , and they keep getting away with it . People passing chips and getting paid on face book for it for instance, people selling 500 billion for like 100 dollars , but in game purchase you get 11 billion for 100 , people using in game hacks etc….. on and on . Do not waste your time or money on this scum bag Doo Doo game.

Real player with 83.1 hrs in game

It’s an online poker game. If you like poker, then give it a shot.

Customizeable avatars, weekly events, career rankings, poker tour challenges, and a couple other features that other poker games don’t have.

Purchasing chips is optional, you can make due if you play safe, and you can get free chip gifts from friends, hourly from the main menu, and by completing different challenges.

Real player with 39.2 hrs in game

CasinoLife Poker - #1 Free Texas Holdem 3D on Steam

Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage

Please note at the time of writing (October 2020) that Kingdom Karnage (KK) is in open Beta. This means not all features are yet finished, there are occasional performance issues and the player base is still growing. This can mean there is currently sometimes a bit of an annoying wait for things like PvP. The game (even in Beta) is cross platform, available in steam, via a browser and an android app (IOS promised in the future).

The game play is simple to learn but hard to master. The player builds a deck of up to 30 cards from varying rarities (Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common) which he takes into battle. Each Legendary and Epic card type is limited to one per deck ensuring your opponent cannot just stack their deck full of Legendary cards. Other card ranks can have up to 3 of each type per deck. Any 2 card duplicates can be permanently sacrificed to level up their namesake (2 x level 1 human champion = 1 x level 2 champion for example).

Real player with 254.3 hrs in game

Damn, it’s been 56 hours already… ? Feels like I’ve just started playing… This game gets you hooked, the grind is slow(ish) but not too slow, just about right to get you that feel of accomplishment of getting a better card than the one you already have in your deck (you can earn two random cards every day for playing 5 PVP matches, win or lose, you get 2 gems after each of them, so it’s a win-win situation) .

All of the cards that you win in dungeons or buy via gems that you get by PVP-ing, or as rewards for your ranking in the PVP can actually be sold on the marketplace for ENJ (crypto currency), which is one of the largest game crypto projects out there.

Real player with 79.3 hrs in game

Kingdom Karnage on Steam