Chess Evolved Online

Chess Evolved Online

The developer is clearly insane, and there are numerous horrific flaws that I assume will never be fixed ever. The good news is that it takes a while for the true gravity of those flaws to start affecting you, and until then you can enjoy this game a lot.

Here is a small sampling of some of the terrors of the past, although they may be gone*, they surely portend of more great sorrow in the future:

1. Turn one checkmate was once possible. Yes it is as bad as it sounds. Although it could be staved off by simply covering ever square within a 3 square radius of your king.

Real player with 752.7 hrs in game

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Chess Evolved Online is an extremely frustrating game to play, and not for the right reasons. While it has an incredibly compelling base for a game and that is fun for a long time, you eventually get to a level where, at the highest rankings (I am currently in the top 50 as of this review, rank ~4400), you are forced to play only the most boring stally armies or lose a lot of rating because of effective RNG where other armies hard-counter your pieces.

So while I am giving this game a positive review out of support for being much better than most games out there, it still feels dreadful to play due to developer incompetence.

Real player with 565.3 hrs in game

Chess Evolved Online on Steam

Chuckle Phrase Builder

Chuckle Phrase Builder

This game is amazing ! I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to spend a good time with friends.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

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Ok so this is my third time posting a review for this game. First i gave a bad review because there were simply too many bugs and errors that made it impossible to play, but then they fixed it so fast that i changed my review to a good one. But now they felt like game needed more updates and added lobbies, which seem cool. But i have been trying to enter a lobby or create one and wait people to enter and nothing is happening, no matter how long i wait its empty. Now here i am, changing my review to a bad one once again because even though this game is actually great there is no point of keeping it if you wont be able to play it.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

Chuckle Phrase Builder on Steam



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Stars received: 1.0/10 ___ Note: v.4 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

Game description key-points: mini flash game disguised as something premium

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

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Variable on Steam

Olden: Card Game

Olden: Card Game

Olden: Card Game is designed in such a way that every battle will give a different and unique experience. A mix of overpowered and weak cards in your hand and deck will constantly test you and your opponent ability to adapt and make the best out of the current situation. In order to give players a form of individuality and theory crafting outside the match, the game offers unique talent systems per every avatar that will help the player with various perks.

In this battle of entities there is no deck building and no card collecting, so all you need to do in order to enter the match is to choose your avatar and hit the play button.

For now, there is: Entity of Light, Death, Chaos and Life.

Your entity will give your troops a unique bonus during the whole length of the game.

Basic rules

To win the game, the player needs to harvest 300 value points. Your entity receives value points whenever you sacrifice your own cards.

Once your turn begins, you receive 2 tokens: an action token and a draw token. Your options are to:

  • Play a card and build your board presence


  • Engage in combat by attacking one of your opponents’ cards


  • sacrifice your own card, so you can harvest its current value.

Doing any one of these three things will consume your action token.

To consume your draw token, simply click on the main deck to draw a card, and that’s it.

For now, there are 3 card abilities, effect, passive and combat.

Effect is something that will happen only once, at the moment a card is played by the player. A card’s effect does not trigger in cases where you summon or resurrect it with other cards. Effects take place only if they are played directly from your hand.

A card’s passive ability will be present so long as the chosen card is on the board. Once the card with the passive ability is removed from the board, its passive ability will go away along with it.

Combat ability is something that will only trigger once that card engages in combat with an enemy card.

As mentioned, you can use your turn to perform an attack action and engage in combat. To perform an attack, simply place your card on the top of the opponent card. After one turn, your card value number will sink its value into the opposing card. If your card has enough value to destroy your opponent’s card, it will do so, and then it will return to your side of the board.

If your card does not have enough value to destroy an opponent’s card, it will do its damage after one turn, and then be destroyed.

You can engage in combat with cards that are already on the board, or with the cards from your hand.

One card can be attacked by multiple cards at the same time.

To win the game, a player needs to harvest 300 value points. Players can harvest value points by sacrificing their own cards that are not currently in combat. To perform a card sacrifice, select your card, and then click on its respective altar. Performing a card sacrifice will consume your action token.

Dandy Rat Studio takes a very strong stance against microtransactions, pay to win attitude and other predatory business practices. You are more than welcome to visit us on our official website and subscribe to our newsletter, so you can receive important announcements, special events and gifts such as: beta keys, high-res digital art, unique skins and many more things.

We thank you for having the time to check out our first game.

Olden: Card Game on Steam

Argy Bargy Legends

Argy Bargy Legends

игра просто ничего не дает делать. это такая пьяница в которой даже кнопки нажимать не надо..

зашел в колоду, дали 5 карт и на выбор только 2…. ну ок…

Заходим в сюжет…

тут есть как бы сюжетка, но за 15 минут и 20 попыток прохождения первой карты, ничего нового не появилось… Да и прохождением это назвать сложно, просто грузишься смотришь как твои карты проигрывают или выигрывают и попадаешь в меню…

В пвп мне вообще не дали войти, показывали рабочий стол и большая надпись вы не готовы.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Argy Bargy Legends on Steam



I always come back to this game when I have time on my hands, and I’m itching for a good dice/card game. Which this game has both! I love that no matter wwhich character you use, there is always a chance to win. dlc characters are less ‘pay to win’ and more of exploring different playstyles over multiple games. there are some very pretty dice that’re so satisfying to hear/use in game.

Real player with 171.7 hrs in game

I recommend the game but I have to put a negative review because the multiplayer doesn’t allow users to reconnect once we get disconnected for a few seconds. Therefore if we have connection issues for a few seconds. we loose our games, can’t move the character. Such a shame.

Real player with 164.1 hrs in game

Armello on Steam

FAWE: Enchanted Forest

FAWE: Enchanted Forest

FAWE: Enchanted Forest - board card game about mystical forest where magic has been saved.

Fight 3 or 4 Players in FFA or Teamplay mode on 1 Board with unlimited amount of Cards of 5 types - 4 Base Cards and 1 Super Card. Every Card has Attack and Defense and gives Buffs and Debuffs. In addition Super Card gives you ability to Upskill.

FAWE: Enchanted Forest on Steam

Horror Movie Bingo

Horror Movie Bingo

Are you the kind of person that loves catching horror movie tropes while watching a new horror flick? Well then grab some friends, put on a movie, and prepare to get a Horror Movie Bingo!

Horror Movie Bingo will generate a bingo card for each person watching - Instead of numbers, each space is its own horror movie trope, and your goal is to be the first player to notice enough of them to fill 5-in-a-row. All you need to do is provide the video! It’s simple to use, easy to get into, and it’s a great way to add a little something extra to the experience. And you can play using phones, tablets, or laptops! The game even works over a Zoom, so you can still enjoy it even if everyone can’t be in the same space.

Horror Movie Bingo on Steam

Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards]

Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards]

I just plain love it!

Hanafuda is a tough game to describe. When people ask me about it I usually just say “It’s a lot like Go Fish, but with a deck of Japanese flower cards”. This is only partially true, the game is a bit deeper than that, but at it’s core the game mixes chance and strategy into a really fun, really unique match game. The cards, the rules and the scoring can appear daunting at first, but once I got the hang of it (I have some experience with this game elsewhere) it is a really great and unique card game.

Real player with 51.8 hrs in game

I can’t recommend this game at full price. If you have friends to play with, it might be worth buying in a sale.

Koi-koi is a Japanese card-matching game using Hanafuda cards. It requires the players to match same-suit pairs of cards from twelve suits of four cards to produce sets (‘yaku’).

This implementation of koi-koi is very basic. The single-player AI is predictable, and not particularly hard to win against. The single-player mode doesn’t have a lot of replayability value, as it’s just the same game over and over. The single-player DLC requires the player to make certain yaku to progress. Some of these are very rare. While the pictures that you get as a reward are nice, it’s immensely frustrating to be unable to progress until you get an ideal hand.

Real player with 44.9 hrs in game

Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards] on Steam

Master of the Wizards

Master of the Wizards

Choose your Wizard!

Master of the Wizards is a party card game for 4 to 6 players in which you control a respectable wizard, you can choose one of our six characters to be your avatar.

Conquer strange lands!

Conquer Lands to gain influence throughout the realms and some extra power. Reach 20 points of influence to win the game.

Cast powerful spells!

Target other Wizards with your mighty Attack Spells. Be the last Wizard standing to win the game.

Buff yourself!

Increase your power with Buff Spells to get the upper hand.

Curse your rivals!

Cast Curse Spells upon rival Wizards to make their life miserable.

And Chain their spells right back at them!

Answer your enemies' attacks with Chain Spells to make them someone else’s problem… But beware of being a Chain target yourself!

Challenge your friends!

Battle for the title of…

Master of the Wizards on Steam