Played through it twice, the game is the best of it’s kind, rogue like and incredible deck building elements, this game has that “little extra” that games like this need to be successful.

Real player with 56.7 hrs in game

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great gameplay, amazing story, just wish you could play against the wizard and necromancer too

Real player with 55.7 hrs in game

Inscryption on Steam

Brain Please Don’t

Brain Please Don’t

Brain, NO!

This game is… well, it’s hardly a game by definition. It’s so minimal that there’s not much I can talk about this game. The game is so short, you can simply refund this game after 4 playthroughs. The length of this game feels like my game projects that I make for college assignments, heh.

! Note to self: I should make them better.

There’s no main menu, no saves, no pause screen, no options, no nothing. Credits cannot be skipped, but that’s it, the game simply does nothing after the credits. It doesn’t even close itself! All that’s there in the game is simply the “game” itself.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

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My Experience

Brain Please Don’t is excellent. Although developer Critique Gaming clearly states that they are not mental health professionals, they still touch on many important themes related to mental health and wellness.

You begin with a deck that is composed of cards determined by both the difficulties your teen is facing and the coping skills he/she uses to manage their emotions. Certain cards raise stats, certain cards lower them, and some do both.

The game then takes you through a set of scenarios, each of which can be responded to in multiple ways. However, certain responses are only available to you if you possess certain stats (for instance, a high degree of openness or confidence). You have a hand of three cards, and a new card is drawn after each play. However, due to how many cards are strictly negative, playing a ton of cards during each scenario may not be advisable.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Brain Please Don't on Steam

Republic of Jungle

Republic of Jungle

In Republic of Jungle, 5- 10 players role-play as the advisors of President Puma. His Loyalists try to form commissions to deal with scandals, but a few Leakers among them are trying to sneak into commissions and leak the scandals to Fiona Fox.

**Who do you trust to put on your commission?

How do you convince others you are not a Leaker?**

Running party games can be hard.

Rulebooks, long setups, and your friends' attention deficit doesn’t help.

With Republic of Jungle, you can get games started quickly and let the game handle all the moderation. We make it easy to join, get going, and learn as you play. The guided experience makes the game accessible to players of all skill levels. The novel mechanics add a new depth of skills to master. The continuous action creates a more immersive, intuitive and dynamic social deduction experience.

We make information easy to digest and distribute, so you can focus on making interesting gameplay decisions. This helps new players to learn faster, and helps experienced players to act faster. So, a wide range of people with different skill levels can enjoy the game.

Entertain your friends at your house, play remotely with your online pals, or host a DIY game show for your stream audience. No matter where your community loves to hang out, you can take our game there to have fun. You don’t have to be a player to have fun. The audience portal will let you be a part of the game and enjoy a different flavor of its fun as a viewer.

The best way to learn Republic of Jungle is to gather your friends and jump right in. We have designed the game with simplicity and accessibility in mind, so you can easily learn the game as you play. Don’t start your game night with long setups and reading rulebooks. Jump right in, make small mistakes, and have fun learning. Most players get the rules after finishing one or two games. For more information visit

  • Win by delivering 3 tasks confidentially, and protect the identity of the Agent (if any) from Leakers

  • Vote wisely to keep the Leakers out of the task forces

  • Use deductive reasoning based on task results and voting patterns

  • Read other players for any suspicious or inconsistent behavior

  • Use special power drops to discover or share information

  • Guide other Loyalists without giving away sensitive information

  • Win by leaking 3 tasks, or discover the identity of the Agent (if any)

  • Leak confidential information and frame Loyalists for it

  • Convince other Loyalists that you are on their side

  • Pay attention to conversations to detect the Agent (if any)

  • Coordinate with other Leakers to give minimum information to Loyalists

  • Beware of special powers and take advantage of Loyalists mistakes

Do you love social deduction games like Mafia, Werewolf, The Resistance and Secret Hitler? We do too! But we noticed some shortcomings in the genre. They are sometimes hard to set up and inconvenient to play. Some games need too much room or a big table, some require a moderator with godlike precision, some require to close your eyes for minutes, and quite often the game is ruined because someone forgot to do their part correctly or a newbie player asked the wrong question and revealed their secret. We have built Republic of Jungle to address to these issues and distill the fun of social deduction games into a more enjoyable and convenient experience. Inspired by Jackbox Games, we have built a platform where players can use their smartphones (or any device with a browser) to play the game. This way, the game does all the moderation for you, guides the players throughout the game and adds a fun narrative on top. More importantly, we have unique mechanics specific to this platform because they are almost impossible to implement in a traditional tabletop setting.

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Republic of Jungle on Steam