Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards is a multi-platform Free to Play CCG. It worked on Win 10, looked ok, played ok, sounded ok. Animation Throwdown is a card collecting game incorporating five Twentieth Century Fox Television animated comedies: American Dad!, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Futurama, and King of the Hill. Game is also on Kongregate, IOS and Android. Gameplay is similiar to other free to play CCGs, but has some different features. You have a deck with a limit of 35 cards, which give you enough chances to get the cards you want out. PVP arena is the only place where you can level up your deck hero and unlock other deck heroes, you get random chances of receiving xp for a random hero. The game is Pay to Win so don’t expect to win much verses a P2W player, if you don’t Pay or didn’t grind it like a job. Do link your steam account for this game to the Kongregate website, so you can also play from the website.

Real player with 548.8 hrs in game

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After the success of Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, Futurama, and King of the Hill it was hard not to make a universe where all of them can come together and fight to the death battle royale style.

This game features an abundance of new items such as: drugs, costumes, weapons etc. As well as some of the classic characters any gamer would recognize like: Stan Smith, Dale Gribble, and every gamer’s personal favorite Peter Griffin himself, the man the myth the legend. All coming together in a perfect blend to make some wacky zanny cards that are sure to make you LOL hahaha.

Real player with 175.6 hrs in game

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards on Steam

Library Of Ruina

Library Of Ruina

This game taught me that if something an enemy uses seems cheesy, simply use it as well and turn the dial to 11. Exploit or die. Use Gebura and Myo’s effect and leave all your worries behind, until Xiao ends you. Coming off of Lobotomy Corp made me predestined to love this game.

10/10, makes me feel like my IQ is room temperature, in Celsius

Real player with 176.7 hrs in game

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Library of Ruina is a bookstore the size of a city block–you’ll get lost in it for hours at a time, exploring a bottomless well of new and interesting stories to experience and share.

Review as follows:

I spent 160 hours with this game, but it’s lived rent-free in my head for so much longer. The world and story are evocative, unique, and at times disturbing. But the gameplay is just as unique, you’d be surprised how much changes when you strip the “roguelike” from “roguelike deckbuilder”. There’s depths to this game, and thanks to being singleplayer, it’s an ocean of archetypes and strategies that don’t centralize around a defined “meta” you might find in something like YuGiOh or Hearthstone. It’s all the joy of first discovering Magic the Gathering with friends, except in this case you don’t even need friends!

Real player with 160.0 hrs in game

Library Of Ruina on Steam



THE SPIRIT LIFT is a deck-building rogue-like horror adventure set in a haunted hotel.

_Dare to explore a haunted hotel?

Where countless ghosts and monsters dwell?

Danger lurks behind each door

As you ascend to the 13th floor

What secrets shall tonight unveil?

And who will live to tell the tale?_

It’s the 1990s. A magical elevator awakens in an abandoned hotel as several teenagers enter on a dare. They’re about to get the ride of their life, because this place is haunted on so many levels! Make it to the top and fight the boss to learn the hotel’s secrets. And if your team checks out early? Be kind, rewind, and better luck next time…

Gameplay Features:

  • Your starting team determines your strategy, so choose wisely. Each character has a special ability and a custom set of starting cards. They’ll also react differently as the story unfolds.

  • Find more equipment cards by exploring rooms. Use your deck to fight the creatures who prowl each floor.

  • Each run is a unique hotel experience. Different bosses influence battles and events across a randomly generated layout.

(Note that THE SPIRIT LIFT is still in development. Check out our social media links to follow our progress!)

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NERTS! Online

NERTS! Online

Really easy to pick up game for all players, a fun mix between solitaire and the card game “speed”!

All the lobby options you need are here, enabling different rules for the game, setting who can join the game, and you can also customise your card decks! You get a new pattern for each of the Zachtronics games that you own, and you also get a special holographic foil effect if you buy the sponsorship DLC (Optional DLC which helps to support the devs!

We play this with a group almost every weekend and it’s always a blast, definitely recommend downloading this game and playing some with your friends from anywhere around the world!

Real player with 42.3 hrs in game

A free game without any hooks? That’s always nice!

Zachtronics incorporates solitaire variants in some of their games (I know of Exapunks and Eliza), and they kept me playing for a couple of hours. Very interesting this multiplayer version, however you can only play friends for now.

You can play solo, but the variants inside their games are better.

This one has a few announcements when you lay your aces, and hey… free!!!

EDIT: I saw a friend playing and quickly hopped on! Pretty hectic! There is lots of information to monitor, combined with cunning reflexes to cut other players off!

Real player with 17.8 hrs in game

NERTS! Online on Steam

Top Trumps Turbo

Top Trumps Turbo

An interesting designed 1 vs 1 table top mini-games battle that feature 6 different mini games and alot things to collecct and accomplish.

Sounds Fun right? Well it’s not for many different reason.

I played Top Trumps™ in Real-life for a bit with my friend and It doesn’t have something that game have lots of..


This game is filled with bugs.

Memory leaking bugs, Graphics engine crush bugs, resizing bugs, sound bugs, loading errors, Card graphics loading into blank screen, Access the setting mid game cause game freeze for 10 minutes.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game


90% of the in-game textures do not display and, instead, show a blank pink. All of the cards in the game display as pink rectangles. I tried to fix it - I really did. I tried verifying the game cache, and that didn’t fix it, though it did find a file in error and redownloaded all 0 bytes of it. I tried changing the graphics quality, which did nothing except alter how laggy the opening video was. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and that did squat.

Due to this, I can definitely say it’s an issue with the game files players are given, and not something caused by the player’s computer or a Steam glitch. There’s no way for anyone but the developers to fix it, and they have yet to acknowledge it as an issue.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Top Trumps Turbo on Steam

Cabals: Card Blitz

Cabals: Card Blitz

Well, I have had many hours of fun trying to level up in this groovy title.

I just ran out of content upon reaching rank II.

There is strategy, and nail-biting, edge of your couch moments, and

there are times you take a break and play something else while you let

your high levels take time to level.

Looking forward to my first card over the monumental level 10 but

will wait for new content that is promised. With NO real end…

there isn’t a lot of drive to carry on at the moment.

BobMan’s Final verdit:

Real player with 464.4 hrs in game

I’m currently #4 on the worldwide PvP ladder in this game.

As you can see by my time spent in this game, I really tried to like it. It’s a fun browser game concept.

BUT you asked for $$$ after essentially everything you do. You can still have fun, but it’s God damn annoying.

Which would be something I could life with, if this game was more than a cash in.

There’s so much wrong:

  • At some point PvE simply ends. You LITERALLY can’t fight a single battle anymore.

  • You can only fight 5 PvP battles/ hours without paying $$$

Real player with 356.3 hrs in game

Cabals: Card Blitz on Steam

Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator

I’m a writer, and I fell in love with Alexis Kennedy’s imagery and lore. I was never into videogames, but the storytelling and atmosphere really spoke to me. I recommend it to dreamers and problem-solvers alike.

Real player with 1273.0 hrs in game

This game has to be the single most difficult game I’ve ever played, I wont lie.

Like it’s one thing if a game is hard as balls, but this game physically hurts to play.

It’s not even a matter of frustration or anything like that.

All I have to do is look at the game board, and then my head starts to pound.

No game I have ever played before has had me slam my head down on my desk after winning because winning means I don’t have to torture myself anymore …until my brain decides that starting a new run is a good idea, that is.

Real player with 90.7 hrs in game

Cultist Simulator on Steam

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold’em

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold’em

the game seems like a pretty decent poker game on the surface, but the ai makes weird decisions and at times very illogical ones, not to mention the ‘‘hook’’ of playing against pretty ladies is just a minor splash screen at the start of the match and then about a dozen voice lines from each girl, a minor head cropped token your only other reminder that you’re supposed to care about this opponent, the art while good is too little too late when you finally start getting the group photos together, at the current time i’m 12 wins out of 16 into stage four(you need 4 wins for stage 1, 8 for stage 2 and 12 for stage 3 to finish their respective group photos) and a this point just bothering to finish this game because im too lazy to go look up other better poker games.

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game

It’s a very barebone poker game. Really, that’s it. Think DOAX poker, with the eventual motionless picture of a hottie celebrating her victory when she wins. Very nice hotties, let it be said. Too bad nothing more risqué, though.

I bought the game on sales for $1,50. That’s a fair price for what I was delivered, and on that basis, I can recommend it. Do not pay more! Otherwise you’ll regret your decision.

It’s that kind of game where you turn down its music, put up your own tunes, and chill out emulating your own casino with pretty girls by your side while you sweep the board.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold'em on Steam



Go through the lives of a bunch of Japanese Boomers In a Boomer town full of Boomer Monsters that were summoned by Boomer cultists with a Boomer DOS aesthetic and Boomer chiptune music

This is a reminder that all your waifus in this game are boomers, and would be in their 60’s in current year. You’re welcome. (2 Reason Damage)

Real player with 134.6 hrs in game

The game’s pretty great and gets really fun with its art/style. The modding community’s pretty alright as well! I had almost gotten to most of the in-game achievements but recently had to restart due to replacing a hard drive, still going to play through it again! Love this game.


Real player with 38.0 hrs in game




Great game. Short, but definitely worth it. I love that there are multiple chapter points you can choose so you don’t have to play through the whole story again in order to get to the different endings. There are some minor translation errors, but nothing too bothersome. It’s very compelling. I would love to see more detail about the folklore involved. I felt like a lot of legends were referenced but not much was really explained, like it could all be chalked up to one cultish village and their weird traditions. If these references have a more historic root in Slavic tradition, as a slav by ancestry myself, I’d love to hear it. 7/10

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

good little game graphics are well nice real good detail in them well done loved them not a bad game for the price i still not finished it yet want to get the other endings but defo check it out hope top see more from these as this was a decent little game

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Unforgotten on Steam