Laruaville 11 Match 3 Puzzle

Laruaville 11 Match 3 Puzzle

This is a great Match 3 game. The story is better than most Match 3 games.

It’s every bit as good as Laruaville 7 and Cursed House, all by the same company. The mechanics are very similar with a few new additions.

The whole point of each Match 3 level is to figure out what to do. There is a hint system if you need help, and it’s good. Remove all of the gold coins, and the level ends. Interspersed between Match 3 boards are mini-games like Rush Hour, Spot the Difference, Hidden Object, Mahjong, etc. You can choose Relaxed, Timed, or Limited Moves. I prefer limited moves as it’s more like a puzzle.

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

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A good game with just enough difficulty to make you think. If you’re familiar with their “Cursed House” series this is similar. I enjoy playing them all.

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

Laruaville 11 Match 3 Puzzle on Steam