Falling As Lightning

Falling As Lightning


Space, deckbuilding and conquering systems sounds like a winner combination. Unfortunately, the current design hides a rather lackluster deckbuilding experience behind a minimal effort to actually teach the game.

Even before diving into the subpar gameplay, learning how to play it is a chore in itself. The tutorial is one-pager trying to explain key concepts which is difficult to grasp without context (it’s not helping that it uses different terminology for draw, discard etc). What’s worse, in game it’s not possible to access the tutorial unless you quit to the main menu and there are 0 tooltips for clarifying parts of the game.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

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I had a good time playing it. Parts of it are definitely not polished, and I wish you could save 10 card decks instead of having to redo it every time you want to use those cards. Spawn locations are a bit too varied, as you can spawn right on top of the enemy or a good distance away. Decent deckbuilding game, worth taking a look at although it takes a couple of games to get use to and the tutorial is alright but hard to grasp. That is all I have to say, good time

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

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Inanis is a story-rich fusion of bullet hell, boss battles, and deck-building! Will you be the pilgrim to successfully reach and slay the king?

Follow us at Kickstarter! Campaign launching October 5th: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inanis/inanis-0

**Over 15 Bosses.

3 traversable world maps, full of secrets

A cast of Unique characters to interact with and learn the games story from

Over 100 cards, 15 spirits, and endless combinations

A full deck building system, so you can prepare your arsenal for each fight

Replay-ability and scaling difficulty, with each boss available to play on a greater difficulty after it’s beaten**

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Inanis on Steam



About This Game:

Beat your foes and save your souls! Lead Callaghan and his friends to victory in a reel-spinning, deck building roguelike in an infinite virtual mall. Craft your reels, make some friends, and talk to dogs. Pave paradise and check out the swag loot drops… all to escape the HELLMALL!


  • Dynamic character switching combat:

  • Choose the right party character for the job. Whether it’s a vicious first strike, a powerful party buff or a quick HP injection, your friends have got you covered!

  • Tactical deck building with a twist:

  • Find items and equipment to modify each character’s reel with new attacks. Build your reels carefully and hit those triples!

  • People to meet and things to do:

  • Every run through the mall is unique, but the characters you encounter will remember you. Develop your relationships with the other doomed souls lurking in PleromOS for new party characters. Complete unique side quests to know your friends better!

  • Secrets to find and new mysteries to uncover:

  • Gain currency after every run to acquire new resources, questlines and character traits that can appear in your next run!

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