Rogue Cards

Rogue Cards

Rogue Cards is a roguelite deckbuilder set in a medieval fantasy world of endless choices and dry humor. You’ll encounter challenge after challenge in a deviously difficult, randomized series of encounters where your choices matter. The more you play, the further your deck and character develop, and the closer you get to ascending to godhood!

Challenging Tactical Gameplay

  • Monsters are stacked with multiple stages - each stage with different abilities you must defeat.

  • Thousands of cards - each playthrough is guaranteed to have a unique deck.

  • Multi-enemy encounters - choose wisely which stack and which monster to defeat first!

  • Multiple playthrough character development - a honest roguelite.

Strategy Matters

  • Unique graveyard mechanic - cards must be returned from graveyard between or during matches.

  • Planning your itemization from the start - can you afford to save or do you need to invest now?

  • Cards that give permanent boosts to your abilities - play and replay it and become a veritable god!

  • Choosing your path - Your character develops differently from defeating different bosses.

  • Build your hero - each playthrough awards you gems you can use to boost your abilities and win the next run!

A Real Roguelite Feel

  • Build your deck between runs - gain new cards, keep the best and start your next run with an upper hand!

  • An ever-changing storyline with multiple endings.

  • Captivating story that your playthrough generates.

  • Cool original art and style.

  • Music to blow your socks off.

Have you ever felt like a farmer’s son/daughter from a medieval time period? Is there a tingling in your belly that says you are the chosen one? In your innermost mind, do you feel invincible because you can always start over as another farmhand destined for greatness? If you answered yes to those, or some other questions that you have heard in the past, then look no further in your search for games!

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Rogue Cards on Steam

Crash The Core

Crash The Core

A wonderful little rogue lite and deck building game. The UI is fairly basic but the mechanics are great which is bigger deal to me than shiny UI. I like the monster art and it in just the few days I’ve been playing the publisher has updated it, and fixed some things/issues. I believe it is a tiny or even one person maker of the game. So given the great mechanics and publisher seems to be wanting to make improvements, IMO it is by far worth the price! I always want to support small/indie developers, and this game so far been great fun!

Real player with 19.6 hrs in game

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It’s nothing revolutionary, but it definitely has its heart in the right place. I had a good time playing, and especially enjoyed it considering the price. If you’re a fan of roguelike deckbuilders, this’ll familiar but fun. The Summon and Item system makes for some interesting synergies. Just be wary of some annoying bugs and balance issues, which may or may not get patched out by the time writing this. Again, nothing phenomenal but pretty alright considering it’s their first game.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Crash The Core on Steam

Dungeon Arsenal

Dungeon Arsenal

Mesmo nunca tendo tanto interesse em jogos de cartas nesse estilo, consegui tirar umas boas horas de divertimento. Recomendo!

Real player with 13.3 hrs in game

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Extremely good and addictive game. This is a rogue-like and card-based game. You have to manage between killing enemies, flipping cards to get better items or running away to survive. In this game, you should set the best strategy to clean a room managing your mana points. If you like card games and rogue-like, you should play this game. Score: 8/10.

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Dungeon Arsenal on Steam

One Deck Dungeon

One Deck Dungeon

One Deck Dungeon is a lot of fun! You play an adventurer who decends into a dungeon made up of randomly drawn cards that you must overcome (or run away from). Fighting and disabling traps is resolved via dice rolls which are mitigated by your Skills. The number of dice is determined by your equipment. It’s a very clever and pretty game.

However, 13 hours in, I just stomped all the Fearless (hardest) mode dungeons with my Healing Spec Paladin. I mean, it wasn’t even close, even when she got completely unlucky. (for proof, feel free to check the screenshots on my profile) Perhaps Healadins are just overpowered once you know what’s going on.

Real player with 69.0 hrs in game

One deck dungeon is a very faithful interpretation of the board game, and this translates into a very fun, albeit slightly repetitive experience.

At its heart, one deck dungeon is a simple dice game where you roll dice of 4 different colours in an attempt to overcome enemy encounters by using the dice to fill in the boxes on the enemy card. Dice can only be used to fill boxes of the same colour as the die and if the number on the die is higher than the value on the box. Any unfilled boxes then apply penalties in the form of damage or wasted time at the end of the round. At the end of each encounter you can then choose an additional die for future encounters, a skill which can be used to manipulate your dice in various ways, or experience towards your character level. This process then repeats until you eventually reach the boss or perish in the attempt.

Real player with 62.6 hrs in game

One Deck Dungeon on Steam

Sketch Crawler

Sketch Crawler

Sketch Crawler is a super-creative deck-building roguelike single player RPG game about the King of Cartoons who lost his kingdom in a wicked magic picture.

The Magic of Drawing

With just one click, you can redraw any object in the game: creatures, spells, walls, furniture, and decorations. Your drawings will be saved and used for further generations of the Sketch Crawler world.

The Мagic of Сolor

In the world of Sketch Crawler, colors have their own mysterious power. By adding a color to a creature, you can add new abilities and powers to it. By adding a color to a magic spell you can greatly enhance it.

Endless Fun

The procedural generation of dungeons and enemies gives you endless gameplay.


You will die many times and start over and over again, trying to save the King of Cartoons. And that’s okay. The cool thing is that once you make it through the dungeon, you’ll keep all the cards you have collected along the way and your next campaigns will be better prepared.


There is no need to kill to win here. You can let your enemy escape, the amount of loot and experience you get will not change.

Experimental Game

We are experimenting with letting players create whatever they want and make it matter in the game. We want to tempt players to draw.

A Place for a Scene

You will also be able to record voiceovers for all your characters and even for your enemies!


  • Everything you draw appears in a procedurally generated world.

  • Conquer dungeons with turn-based card combat.

  • Build your ultimate deck from cards you find.

  • Redraw found cards to give them new properties.

  • Draw creatures and see them fighting for you.

Sketch Crawler on Steam

Card Survival: Tropical Island

Card Survival: Tropical Island

After playing this game for 200 Hours I can give it a big Thumbs up as long as it is anywhere near your alley.

If you wan’t to skip reading you can check out the gameplay instead ( links at the bottom ):

Short PROS :

a) Developers are regular with the updates, open to suggestions and fast with bug fixes.

b) Game is simple to play but has a very deep complex system simulation under the hood which gives it a lot of potential for all kinds of players.

c) Plenty of Perks to tailor and roleplay your runs or make them as easy or hard as you will.

Real player with 254.1 hrs in game

This is weird, this is confusing, this is hard… oh I get it.

This is a challenging, extremely enjoyable game - as someone who is perpetually dehydrated in the actual world (I forget to drink water), it has endlessly amused me that twice I’ve died in the game - I’ve died about 15 times, but twice specifically - from forgetting to drink water while I’m busy crafting.

Please, stop playing this game, have a drink of water - then return to playing.

Interesting system, moving cards (or items) on top of each other to create various actions. I really like the perk system, and the options to unlock various perks to make the journey a little easier - though not entirely simple - and a bit different each time.

Real player with 81.9 hrs in game

Card Survival: Tropical Island on Steam

Grid Slayer

Grid Slayer

Replayability allert!

Please let the look not mislead you. This game should be played by every player who likes card battles.

This game hits all the right buttons to be fun to play.

You are dropped on a gridfield and you get to choose where. Weather and environment are part of the things you need to keep in mind.

You start with a small number of assets (cards) and it is up to you how to use and manipulate (mods)those.

If you win, you gain cards and mods. If you lose, you sometimes get money to buy certain upgrades.

Real player with 16.5 hrs in game

I just started this game and I already love it. If you are into strategy games that are easy to pick up but take a while to master, then this is the game for you. I like the characters and the different challenges that are put on the field, Only thing I would like to see is a fun animation when you kill one of the bad guys, I will edit my review as I get more into this game. Thanks for your time and happy gaming : )

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

Grid Slayer on Steam

Breach Wanderers

Breach Wanderers

Breach Wanderers does an excellent job of putting a fresh spin on the Roguelike Deckbuilding genre without needing to completely re-invent the wheel.

There are two main changes that make the game work:

First, unlike in other games you have control over both your starting deck and your card pool. Your starting deck will be 12 total cards and you can include up to two copies of any common rarity card you have unlocked. This means you always have a functional deck from the start of the run and can immediately focus on a specific strategy.

Real player with 492.7 hrs in game

This is a very promising game, but at the moment it’s a bit lacking with the content. I recommend if you just like these type of games and looking for something new to play. Not enough card selection and too many cards are kind of useless. It feels like I’m mostly using the same small amount of cards and playing a couple of very specific ways. I’m not that wild about how you pick the cards that you might get as rewards. You basically pick the pool of cards your rewards will come from and when you beat an enemy you get to pick from a couple of them.

Real player with 90.4 hrs in game

Breach Wanderers on Steam

Underworld Memories

Underworld Memories

In Underworld Memories you control a mysterious character with no memory in an underworld dungeon. Each room is unique and full of surprises. Build your deck, defeat your enemies, get stronger and go to the next room.

With no memory of your past, your only option is to stay alive in search of answers. Advance through the dungeon and begin to understand the real reason you are there. Fragments of your past will be released, be prepared!


  • Deck Building - Dozens of cards for you to build your deck wisely.

  • Procedural map - Each map is unique and procedurally generated. So enjoy each round.

  • Turn-based combat - Build your strategy and make precise moves.

  • Portals - Use portals wisely to teleport to rooms you have already explored.

  • Rogue-lite - Less harsh and punishing mechanics.

Underworld Memories on Steam

Mage Mountain

Mage Mountain

A little unbalanced, but it’s early access and fun to play. And it’s got STATS

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

We all know that synergy is the best and most satisfying part of any deckbuilder. Well, this game is ALL SYNERGY!

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Mage Mountain on Steam