Love n Dream: Virtual Happiness

Love n Dream: Virtual Happiness

I went from the first game of the Developers, to this one. Always hopeful that the Developers will improve and make better content. Luckily, it happened that way! I think this game is a great improvement to the first one. It has more content, more animation scenes and more to do. I flipped through the pictures (up above) and I think the game was already updated, so things don’t really look like that. For example: the main character doesn’t have brown hair, but has red hair.

The game is still ongoing in updates… since there are areas in the game that say “Coming Soon” and I think there will be more items? But I can’t be sure.

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

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2020-Dec: I wanted to see how the game enacted the tile mechanic, but ultimately this game has several key problems and broken promises. I’m particularly bitter that there is “coming soon” content even though the game isn’t labeled as “Early Access”.


  • I like the tile movement mechanic and it is well-balanced for LVL1-LVL3.

  • The powers the girls bestow offer a nice diversity.


  • Chief of the cons is the fact that I got to level five on two women and neither of them got naked at all. In fact, I saw zero nudity and zero sexual content.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Love n Dream: Virtual Happiness on Steam

Bishoujo Battle Hanafuda Koi-Koi

Bishoujo Battle Hanafuda Koi-Koi

Easy to pick-up, hard to master.

The game does a great job showing you the ropes and helping you understand how to pair each card set. It’ll take a while for you to know the sets by heart (I still need to rely on the helper and on the set list) but the more you play, the more it becomes second nature.

The game has pretty nice presentation, and the anime girls are just a nice visual treat for you to collect as you play through the campaign. It’s really nice to notice that, without trying too hard, you start strategising over which cards to pick, whether you should push a koi-koi, or not.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

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I was a big fan of the other koi-koi game by Zoo Corporation, this one is basically a copy of it, except that you face anime girls and collect anime girl cards.

The other game is more traditional and has DLC maps. Make your choice

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Bishoujo Battle Hanafuda Koi-Koi on Steam

Epic Cards Battle(TCG)

Epic Cards Battle(TCG)

Tldr version:

You don’t need money to win in this game. It is possible to finish in the top 20 each season without spending money but it takes some time and experience. The more you play, the better you will be because your cards will be getting stronger. The game doesn’t require “skill” but “strategy”. You will choose your cards based on how they compliment yours and how to counter your opponent’s but you won’t be “active” in the battle taking more of a spectator role. The single player it’s short. The multiplayer it’s where everyone is. It’s fun, it’s free, you should check it out.

Real player with 2156.0 hrs in game

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This game is actually fun and not pay to win if you read and have patience. Most Americans are lazy, don’t read and want things to be easy. At first I was losing because I was just spamming random cards with the most stars. After losing a PVP match to someone who used all 1 star cards, I knew there had to be some strategy invovled. Which there is, actually TONS of strategy but a decent amount of reading invovled since there are so many options to counter other players cards.

It’s really not pay to win if you know what you are doing. Like I said, you have to read the cards to see what they counter. I learned enhancing Ice Elementals to level 30 is amazing in PVP. Which is a 1 star card but owns and can control an entire game.

Real player with 82.7 hrs in game

Epic Cards Battle(TCG) on Steam

Happy Guy

Happy Guy

I had been sad before I bought this game but now im happy
















Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

Too Long Didn’t Read Version

| Recommend | ✔Yes, at list price, on sale, or part of a bundle |

| Visual Novel Type | Railroad |

| Acts | Oral✔, Vaginal✔, Bondage✔, Domination✔, Spanking✔, Breast✔, Solo Female✔, Rape* / Non-Consensual✔ |

| Censorship? | No, with Free Steam patch |

| Hours of Gameplay |

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

Happy Guy on Steam

Misty Girls

Misty Girls

This is a “flop elimination + sexy cg” type of casual puzzle game. While exercising memory, it will give players a visual impact and increase the sense of pleasure! There are 8 cards in each level. Players must remember the position of each card and turn out the same two cards to eliminate them. After all the cards are eliminated, the level will be unlocked to obtain a beautiful cg.

Press “Win + R”, then enter “steam://install/1769620”

Misty Girls on Steam

Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense

Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense

First of all this game is a pretty unique mix, it has some flaws yes, but its strengths definitely outweighs them.

The card game, while unusual for such a game is actually really good. Compared to the standart rpg fights in similar games where you have 3 or 4 different spells or attacks and you just have to see which type of elemental damage does the most harm and spam that and throw in a heal or stun from time to time, the card battles feel more challenging. On the highest difficulty level you actually have to think about which cards suit in which situation. Also it kinda suits the theme. While in fantasy settings I prefer the party of heroes wandering around fighting its battles itself, here it feels more like you are the base commander managing troops and resources of your colony and thinking strategically.

Real player with 33.0 hrs in game

One of the worst Winter Wolves' games out of the ones I have played. It has very few redeeming qualities and while I usually like WW games despite their flaws, I had a hard time enjoying this one.


Unfortunately, the characters were very weak in this game. WW can create some interesting characters and I know this, but in this case, I think they missed the opportunity to do so. The good news is that there are many characters you can choose to romance (with the free DLC). The bad news is that the characters felt shallow and unrealistic. I know you don’t play these games for their realism, but one would expect them to at least have some common sense. Instead it seemed like they were doing the most irrational things. For example at some point

! the rebel guy implied that he has assassinated people. Why would he admit that in front of people who are military officers? It makes no sense.

Real player with 18.4 hrs in game

Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense on Steam

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold’em

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold’em

the game seems like a pretty decent poker game on the surface, but the ai makes weird decisions and at times very illogical ones, not to mention the ‘‘hook’’ of playing against pretty ladies is just a minor splash screen at the start of the match and then about a dozen voice lines from each girl, a minor head cropped token your only other reminder that you’re supposed to care about this opponent, the art while good is too little too late when you finally start getting the group photos together, at the current time i’m 12 wins out of 16 into stage four(you need 4 wins for stage 1, 8 for stage 2 and 12 for stage 3 to finish their respective group photos) and a this point just bothering to finish this game because im too lazy to go look up other better poker games.

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game

It’s a very barebone poker game. Really, that’s it. Think DOAX poker, with the eventual motionless picture of a hottie celebrating her victory when she wins. Very nice hotties, let it be said. Too bad nothing more risqué, though.

I bought the game on sales for $1,50. That’s a fair price for what I was delivered, and on that basis, I can recommend it. Do not pay more! Otherwise you’ll regret your decision.

It’s that kind of game where you turn down its music, put up your own tunes, and chill out emulating your own casino with pretty girls by your side while you sweep the board.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold'em on Steam

斗地主少女/ Landlord Girls

斗地主少女/ Landlord Girls

The card playing part is fun, though occasionally crashes. However the game is kind of half-finished. Story is awkward, CGs (R18 patch needed) are not quite related to the story. Seemingly it was developed halfway before running out of budget. Hope the developers will improve it in the future.

Real player with 34.7 hrs in game

I have been forced to play this game.

This has got to be the worst game I’ve ever had the displeasure of beating.

Real player with 26.6 hrs in game

斗地主少女/ Landlord Girls on Steam



Edit (November 29th):

I strongly recommend not buying this game, cause there was a server reset that made you loose all cards / allprogress.

Edit (June 22th 2018):

This is a typical 5 lane ccg. Though I really like the play mechanics, I can’t recommend buying the game in it’s current state at full price. It has just too many flaws even for early access. There is a lot to be done, yet and the development pace is really slow. E.g. it took the developers more than 2 month to fix a major bug that made you loose games by an ai-freeze. If you are a ccg enthusiast and can get it on sale for less than 5 bucks it is prolly worth a shot though.

Real player with 142.2 hrs in game

I was going to write a review on this game last night out of frustration but decided to sleep on it and give it a go again today. Not much has changed. The game has some great potential but the balancing is completely out of whack, as many have stated.

Once you start the game for the first time they force you to select a race. There is minimal information given as to what each race entails. Furthermore, once you selct that race, you are stuck with that race… FOREVER. Since seeing what other races have to offer, I wish I had selected differently.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game


Eternal Destiny

Eternal Destiny

Fun game, not perfect, but worth checking out.

Gameplay: : 3.5/5

The game is rather simple for a trading card game, but there are many strategies that are viable for non-competitive modes. Unfortunately, the gameplay is not perfectly balanced, leaving some strategies much easier to use than others; however, despite some strategies being better, it is still fun making various decks to fight with.

Unlike many recent card games, this game does not have an automatic battle mode where you simply play the cards and the game decides on the moves. Instead, you are in charge of many different aspects from whether a card attacks or uses a skill to even what you attack. In a defense state, you have little control if a card is attacked directly, but if the player is attacked, you may choose to defend with a specific card or not at all.

Real player with 1064.9 hrs in game

Not really much of a review writer, but since I do enjoy this game and it has so little reviews, I feel a bit bad for it.

Honestly, it’s a pretty simple strategy as far as some other card games go, BUT, the developers are still working on adding some more of the harder content still. Out of the 600+ cards the game has, I want to say as of May 2nd, you are currently able to collect maybe 300, 350. Which, honestly is fine right now, since it might be a little too overwhelming to have all that content. Think of a classic freemium game, now remove any timers and cooldowns, and no real money transcations.

Real player with 113.3 hrs in game

Eternal Destiny on Steam