Rust Raiders

Rust Raiders

Become a robot pirate captain in this roguelike deckbuilding game and defeat the evil Captain LeCrank. Rust Raiders brings the fun of deckbuilding games and the thrill of Roguelikes in a world filled with robot pirates controlled by an evil warlord called Captain LeCrank. Forge cards to improve their power, augment your ship with gadgets and build your own Deck! Experience the unique card system crafted exclusively for Rust Raiders.

Main Mechanics

  • Build your Deck: Build your deck on the run by choosing from hundreds of cards in shops, battles, and treasure chests.

  • Forge Cards: Collect cards to forge them into stronger versions of themselves in the Deck Forge.

  • Dynamic Routes: Every time you set sail, your route will be different! You may choose your own path through forks, dangers, and treasures to reach the mighty LeCrank.

  • Augment your ship with Gadgets: Find powerful Gadgets to augment your ship and be ready for each battle. Gadgets are available throughout the world on treasure chests and as rewards from the most difficult battles. Get them if you think you’re up to it!

  • Unique Card System: Rust Raiders has a unique card system based on Captain/Crew/Ship card classes and Strategy/Attack/Mechanism card types. Create your strategies to defeat enemies and get the most out of each battle with card combos!

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Rust Raiders on Steam

AHOD: All Hands on Deck!

AHOD: All Hands on Deck!

AHOD: All Hands on Deck is a vehicle based multiplayer deckbuilder. It is a balanced blend of fast paced vehicle action and deck building strategy. Set in a dangerous pirate world arena, players must duke it out in PvP and PvE action for limited resources. Stockpile unique cards, play the market, and reveal a new way to play each time.

Vehicle Action β˜‘

Arena Multiplayer β˜‘

Deckbuilder β˜‘

Fame and fortune await.

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AHOD: All Hands on Deck! on Steam