The Tree

The Tree

Good art and sound design, but the game is too buggy and the tutorial is bad. Sometimes I can’t place pieces anywhere and the game doesn’t let me do anything.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

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Bird’s Eye

Bird’s Eye

Build the best ecosystem in Bird’s Eye — a singleplayer engine-building card game.

A relaxing and family-friendly experience

Bird’s Eye is a relaxing game that features no direct combat, no violence and no strong language. It doesn’t require quick reaction or thinking, it invites you to take your time.

Influence your opponents indirectly

While the game has no direct ways to harm your opponent, you can play a card in their ecosystem, as well as yours. Thwart their plans, while risking giving them a edge.

A chance to learn

Bird’s Eye was built to be more than just a fun game, but an educational experience as well. The game mechanics are designed to closely resemble a self-regulating ecosystem, so the player can learn general ecological concepts in a fun and engaging way. The game has also features an encyclopedia where you can learn about the cards (as well as unlock new ones).

Modding support

Bird’s Eye was built from the ground up to be as modding-friendly as possible. It’s easy to create, share and use community-created cards and game modes with built-in tools and mod manager. Combine different card packs. Pick and choose different parts of the mods you install. Tailor the game experience just to you.

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Buddy and Lucky Solitaire

Buddy and Lucky Solitaire

I’d only recommend this if you really like Solitaire. I don’t know what it is about this game, but it is not as easy as I remember this game being like the old school Microsoft one was. Especially when you do the 3 card draw method. You have to make incredibly experienced decisions when it comes to placement of cards, and you will not win by simply placing cards where there is an available space. You likely will have to play several dozen deals in order to win. I only really appreciate this game because my skill level drastically improved while playing. I learned so many things, through experience and through watching YouTube videos which i’m actually quite proud of.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

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I really like the jigsaw series and finding Buddy and Lucky in a solitaire game was a pleasant surprise, the game was beautiful and full of details to enhance the experience, I really liked it. :)

Some adjustments are welcome with mouse sensitivity and separate control from ambient sound. ;)

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

Buddy and Lucky Solitaire on Steam



First, I love this game. I love the cardboard version, and I love playing the digital one.

Second, the visuals are just lovely, though I don’t really understand some of the design choices (why would anyone choose to view just their Forest?), and I’d like to be able to watch the other players or AIs take their turns.

That doesn’t mean this version isn’t without it’s problems, which isn’t surprising so shortly after launch. I’m not sure what the rationale was for giving so many viewing options, but I only use the “full board” view (rather than viewing each of the environments), which requires a click to view powers of birds that have been played. The interface is very click-heavy to avoid making mistakes and to fix misclicks, which I appreciate, but if you have more than a couple birds in your hand (say 5+ total cards), selecting and playing birds from your hand is SUPER clunky and finicky. Since the game is a bit pricey, none in my gaming group have bought it yet, so I’ve only played the AI, which is pretty easy (no Hard AI has been implemented yet), but still very fun. In my last game I won 115-71-61-51, so it was a rout against the regular AI, but that was my biggest win to date.

Real player with 3321.3 hrs in game

I am a big fan of Wingspan. I’ve been playing the physical board game for a couple of years and the digital version for about a year. I currently have 158.4 hours into the digital version of it as of this writing.

There are plenty of videos out there showcasing what Wingspan is. I recommend you check them out. I will spare everyone the details here and focus more on my own pros/cons.

The big pros of the digital version for me:

-It eliminates all of the set up and tear down of the physical version. My wife only wants to play digitally now for this reason alone.

Real player with 214.1 hrs in game

Wingspan on Steam

Spirit Island

Spirit Island

(My biases up front, I am a backer on Indigogo, a beta tester, and a fanboy of the developer. I’ve also played a little bit on physical)

The game is an excellent recreation of the physical game. The creator of the physical game was involved in the development of this port and it follows the rules very well.

It should be noted that this game is very dense. There is a ton to keep track of and many rules to keep in mind. The physical game has this problem too. Experienced players will not have too many problems but people new to the game will have to spend some time figuring it out. As of now, the full rule set is available but a full tutorial is slated for the full release. And yes, the rule book is something one would do well to read carefully.

Real player with 220.7 hrs in game

Understand first and foremost, this game is complex, and will melt your brain. A traditional play of this game is done with 2-4 players working together, talking back and forth to help people push back the invaders and win the game.

This doesn’t have online multiplayer [aside from remote hotseat via Steam’s remote play]. So you’re probably going to be playing 2-4 characters yourself.

Suddenly, your options are immensely increased. Playing just 2 characters is much more difficult than just 1 – and 4 player games will melt your brain with the amount of decisions that you’ll be asked to make individually. It’s not an uncommon move to have one character play a card to allow your second character to have enhanced range to move something into range of your third character being able to defeat it along with two other enemies they were going to destroy already.

Real player with 153.4 hrs in game

Spirit Island on Steam

Arcano: The Trickery

Arcano: The Trickery

Great game!

Only 3,99 and no game shop.

After winning a game you get crystals and free cards.

You can sell cards you don’t need for crystals and buy new ones with the crystals you earned.

I recommend this game and hope it will become more active in future.

Real player with 15.0 hrs in game

I’m a fan of card games and i can say this one is promising. At the start I thought it had a boring fight system but then i changed my mind. Of course it has pro and cons but i can say i liked it eventually. Im gonna list the things i like and the ones i think they can me ugraded/fixed.

I Liked:

-Havent found any bugs yet in 3 hours

-Freedom of making your own deck

-Clean Interface while in a game


Things I’d like to see in the future:

-When you do something and then you go back, it always sends you back to the title screen instead of the Menu. I know it’s a little detail but i found it annoying,

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Arcano: The Trickery on Steam

The Fox in the Forest

The Fox in the Forest

I own physical card game. I didn’t understand some rules until this game came out. Now I know how to play. I really love it !

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game


Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

The Fox in the Forest on Steam

FAWE: Enchanted Forest

FAWE: Enchanted Forest

FAWE: Enchanted Forest - board card game about mystical forest where magic has been saved.

Fight 3 or 4 Players in FFA or Teamplay mode on 1 Board with unlimited amount of Cards of 5 types - 4 Base Cards and 1 Super Card. Every Card has Attack and Defense and gives Buffs and Debuffs. In addition Super Card gives you ability to Upskill.

FAWE: Enchanted Forest on Steam

Card Tower Defence

Card Tower Defence

I recommend it to these people.

Anyone who knows the joy of being made with one card in a card game. (or vice versa)

Those who know the fun of clearing tower defense.

A person who is full of confidence in clear tower defense.

Poker + Blackjack + Tower Defense = Card Tower Defense

◆ You can enjoy the fun of card games and the fun of tower defense.

◆ Card

  • One tower is one trump card.

  • There are 52 types of basic towers.

  • Towers can be combined using the rules of poker.

  • Towers can be sold using the rules of Blackjack.

◆ Tower Defense

  • There are 20 types of stages.

  • There are 20 types of missions.

  • There are 31 kinds of ability.

  • There is a magic that can be used every 3 waves.

  • There are 60 types of towers and 8 types of monsters.

◆ It has been renewed by reflecting the feedback of the existing Card Tower Defense.

  • Removed path making system.

  • In response to the feedback that the play time is short, the play time has been increased by 20 times.

  • Significantly reduced the level of tower purchase.

  • Changed the ability of the combination tower.

  • Monsters with slightly different STATUS have been changed to have special abilities.

◆ As a developer who has played Tower Defense a lot, I highly recommend it.

Card Tower Defence on Steam

Golf Peaks

Golf Peaks

(edited to mention world 10 with 12 new levels.)

an excellent puzzle game where you’re given a bunch of cards representing various movement options (number of squares, swing type), and not surprisingly in a golf-themed game, your goal is to lead the ball to the hole. beautiful visuals, music that doesn’t get on your nerves after 5 minutes (except in world 7), separate volume settings, unlimited undo, and post-release support with additional levels, mechanics and music.

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

Good casual puzzle game

This is definitely one of the easier puzzle games I’ve played, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t well-designed. The mechanics, while not groundbreaking (it is a golf-themed game), are interesting enough and fairly well-executed. I really liked the ‘shot card system’. You start with a fixed hand of cards for each level, each card representing a type of shot (length of shot, chip/ straight shot, etc.). The shots can be hit in any of the four main directions, and each card can only be used once. This means there is a limited number of moves you can use per level, which makes the game simpler and more accessible for inexperienced puzzlers. There are also 120+ levels in the game, which adds some meat to the game, otherwise the game would feel too short as the puzzles are relatively easy to solve.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

Golf Peaks on Steam