The game is more about luck eg. my opponent had 3 cards and me just one , after he kill my card my next drop was a ship card with many soldier cards so i dominated him since i had level and gems and i was able to fill up the table with cards and win:) another game i managed to buff a card from 3 to 10 and the enemy has a spell wich can capture my card and use it on his side , another game i use the spell: i captured the highest card the enemy had and after i got another spell to redraw cards from boneyard so i captured another high card again :) … it is just bs and luck in the first case didn’t win since i wasted to much on that card the enemy got a ultimate card and my next drops were shit in the second scenario i win even against the enemy who ca copy the skill of any card yet another bs card :)) , bs cards that can kill you on their first attack , additional moves that can stack :) Every faction has similar overpowered cards so it’s balanced. Artifacts are again about luck and are way to over powered , basicly you can win just by stacking artifacts and do automatic damage to the enemy , in my opinion only two artifacts at a time should be activeand if you want more you can but you got to burn mana and gems and for auto damage artifacts once you destroy the artifact the enemy should recive a procent of the damage dealt by the artifact so it’s fair and balanced .The durability gain when your constrcts die is way to overpowered , in my opinion the damage should be dealt to all the artifacts not just one , after mid game if you have more then 3 artifacts the game is just stacking contructs and wait for a better cards . The Matryoshka artifact is bs with low mana and gem cost and durability 10 lolz it removes the skill from the game , the same as many artifacts. Played against a dude with 75 cards deck and he beat me only because he was lucky and got artifacts who can attack my minions and reduce their hp/attack so with no artifact remove cards it’s a 100% lose since he spammed constructs and also my artifact didn’t drop all game so this is again about luck and unbalanced.

Real player with 504.4 hrs in game

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as far as imaginary cardgames go, Mythgard hits all the right notes:

  • cards are acquired in more different ways than I have ever seen in any CCG: 3 cards/day for playing; 1+ cards for completing each of the~20ish story episodes so far; ~30 packs are available through promo codes; you can uncraft and craft cards into Essence currency, including Wild cards which can be crafted into any card of a certain set, colour, and rarity; Silver currency is awarded for playing matches and completing rerollable missions, I find I can quite easily earn 2 packs a day this way; Maat currency is awarded for GGing opponents in matches; and this technically doesn’t GIVE YOU cards, but there are several play modes where you can “borrow” cards and deck lists to check out what you might enjoy playing. Unlike other CCGs, it seems like Mythgard really wants you to play it!

Real player with 476.8 hrs in game

Mythgard on Steam

The Curse Of Mantras

The Curse Of Mantras

The Curse Of Mantras is a dating sim with optional card battler gameplay.

You play as either Lily or Ace, and you wake up in a strange supernatural world known as the Afterlife. A strange man, Mantras, greets you and introduces you to the world’s rules and your companions.

Your companions are other dead people that represent an avatar of one of the four elements: water, fire, air, earth, and one of the two arcana: life and death.

Lily and Ace are the avatars of death. The most powerful avatar, the only one who has the power to activate a strange device, a music box, which can make them remember their past lives, and most importantly, why and how the died.

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The Curse Of Mantras on Steam

World of Myths

World of Myths

World of Myths CCG - Get it now!

[TL;DR: Deep and diverse strategy, critical decisions each turn, no reliance on RNG, perfect for thoughtful gamers. Heartily recommended.]

The main decision criteria most people have when picking a Collectible Card Game largely boils down to two: a) the amount of fun one has playing the game, and b) how strategically intensive it is. Certainly there are other aspects to any game, such as shiny visual effects, a smooth user experience, a high level of support from the developers, an active player community and so on, but ultimately the game mechanics are what keep one invested in a game long after initial excitement provided by flashing lights has faded. What it does becomes more important than how it does it, and a large part of the fun comes from exploring how deep the rabbit hole goes. So what does World of Myths do that deserves your attention?

Real player with 463.1 hrs in game

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Review Updated

This game deserves attention, it tackles mythos you don’t really see often (planned later)

has interesting combat concepts and looks like it could be good.

but the combat is just clunky

the ai is terrible

the tutorial is terrible.

Ads have been changed to not feel as in your face after you unlock a God, you now have to play a few games with said god for the ad to appear.

The big update mentioned in this review has happened an it brought on a list of new changes to this games monitezation model

Real player with 224.6 hrs in game

World of Myths on Steam

Realm of Alters

Realm of Alters

devs should stop prompting player to rate the game over and over every 3 match! i’m not convince yet to giving out any good or bad review yet but this prompt keep appearing which annoy me and made the game less fun.

i’m going to re-review this game later. for now yeah bad review for needless pop up and needless clicking.

edit :

now that i’ve been playing for 20 hours i’m confident to giving out review. though i don’t think i’m close to completely master the depth of this game so i avoid talking about balance or meta stuff. those things changes every month anyway.

Real player with 37.0 hrs in game

Mixed on this game because I want to see where it goes and if they introduce something original (counter spells, fast spells, double attack ability or is it just going to be back and forth the whole time) After playing Legends of Runeterra, which has only been out this year, but perfected and introduced a ton of new mechanics to the CCG world, this game doesn’t even compare. Still a little confused why this game exists it’s basically Shadowverse early stage without voice acting and a ton of other mechanics. Some confusing things such as you can’t check cards stats of what they do by clicking on the card in hand, I forgot half the time what the card actually does and I’m playing it blindy. Haven’t figured out how to emote yet, you can’t even see each others players name during a match, the card collection search is a mess (Legends of Runeterra you can search by keyword for abilities to help build your deck faster),

Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

Realm of Alters on Steam

Storybook Brawl

Storybook Brawl

Taken from the store page itself “Deep strategy meets enchanting fun in Storybook Brawl!”

–At no point did that sentence fail to deliver during the testing.–

For someone that is not new to this genre the mechanics were very simple and easy to manage. No issues with hand size becoming unreliable to click on (You can have 4 things). The very few ways I found to add more than the cap of 4 were always put into the shop for a 0 cost to enable the player to make decisions instead of lose things they worked for.

Real player with 337.4 hrs in game

I went back and forth on this, but in the end, this no, you should not get this game. And that’s saying something, as it is free and remarkably free from pay-to-win or any other micro-transactions. The big problem is here is that your skill or understanding of the game really doesn’t matter - it’s all RNG. The game shifts heavily towards the end game with much more powerful creatures available, and if you can get them you win - if you don’t you lose. The best combos are ridiculous and insane and there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, you can do if your opponent gets the cards. Then there is the problem with creatures and treasures that are just plain broken and are strictly better than anything else out there. Finally, this game suffers a lot from “win more” syndrome: if you win a brawl you come out in a much better position than you had going in, so once you are down a couple of brawls it can be impossible to come back from. Then there is the problem of people who are determined to try and force their favorite build every time, meaning you can be deprived of key characters for your build - and there are really only three or four viable strategies to begin with - by bad players who take you out with them and there is nothing you can do about it.

Real player with 276.8 hrs in game

Storybook Brawl on Steam

Storms of Shambhala

Storms of Shambhala

This is an excellent game, probably the best deck-builder I have ever played. It feels like a hybrid of Ascension and Thunderstone, without feeling totally derivative. Unfortunately, the game is rather unstable in its current state. The garrison area is a central part of the late game, but using the right-click menu to garrison a hero causes a crash a majority of the time, though you can drag a hero to the garrison area without a problem. There are a few other stablity issues where the AI will crash the game, but those are less frequent (maybe 10-15% of the time). The UI is also a bit clunky.

Real player with 84.5 hrs in game

Outstanding title, and the best card game i have played so far…

Real player with 34.0 hrs in game

Storms of Shambhala on Steam

Cardnarok: Raid with Gods

Cardnarok: Raid with Gods

Been looking around for some indie games and found this little gem. I love the theme and ideas behind this game especially with the choices of heroes from mythologies of all backgrounds.

The combat definitely requires strategical thinking, planning and careful calculation in order to level up fast and build decks that work with your team. At current state it’s quite playable and no bug that bricks the game experience.

The developers have been patching updates aggressively and that is a good sign.

Real player with 189.3 hrs in game

Interesting take on the genre

The core loop is:

  • a string of StS-like maps

  • connected by a monopoly/Game of the Goose-inspired overworld

  • coupled with Rogue-lite Metaprogression

The combat is pretty standard with the caveat of 3 characters (with somewhat varying abilities) in “tag-team”

The Deckbuilding part follow the newer trend and allow the player a high degree of control over the resulting deck

Overall the game could use more polish and some extra content, but it’s a solid buy if you’re a bored deckbuilder.

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

Cardnarok: Raid with Gods on Steam

Wolflord - Werewolf Online

Wolflord - Werewolf Online

Wolflord has taken up my time as the only social deduction based game that I play to this day.

I started out in this genre making content on other SD games for a long time, and although I put a lot of hours into those games and wanted to enjoy them, various things would continuously turn me away. I can say that Wolflord has never been that way for me.

The game itself has a slightly different format to your more popular SD games, where “copy paste last will’s” is what the game revolves around. However, this game focuses more on actual deduction rather than simply reading out a players' will and determining whether that information is correct based on shared knowledge. Every phase of the game feels important, and compliments the day/night cycle as a whole very well. Roles are very well thought out, and while some are favoured over others, I can say that I never truly feel like I ever get cast as a “useless” or “boring” role with this game.

Real player with 346.0 hrs in game

Keep in mind this game is still in beta at the time I am writing this, so it is still early and the community is niche, but their Discord is active and a good way to gather games if you’re looking for more games without having to add so many bots. I’m sure as time goes on after getting out of beta, Town of Salem and Throne of Lies players may migrate over here. The game itself is very interesting, you can set your own role list based on the class cards/rules cards so the possibilities are endless, AND it even indicates how balanced between factions the setup is, which you don’t exactly see in Town of Salem custom lobbies. But yes, I do see potential in this game and intend to add it to my social deduction streaming repertoire and look forward to helping build the community. Very much recommended.

Real player with 326.4 hrs in game

Wolflord - Werewolf Online on Steam

The Vaults

The Vaults

Embark on a journey into the new fantasy world of The Vaults! Learn the abilities of powerful scrolls to cast magic spells on your enemies or allies. Fight in battles and upgrade your keepers. Get crystals, dig caves, open rare chests, find weapons and much more. Complete Story Mode to save the world of Alexandria from hostile forces!


This adventure begins with light surrounded by pitch darkness. This light is getting bigger and bigger. A large portal opens next to you, a mysterious being emerges from it. He gives you three creatures and a set of powerful scrolls for you to save a world, the world of Alexandria.

Alexandria is an ancient world that was once a utopia. This earth is considered the center of the universe, it is through it that cosmic bridges pass, breathing life into all inhabited worlds. Beings spread out over the universe have learned to use these bridges to travel to Alexandria, to mine ancient resources and scrolls from it, stored in hidden vaults scattered throughout the land.

In addition to Alexandria, there are two other worlds: Gradon and Alevia.

Gradon is a world, the main inhabitants of which are humans and dwarves. They share the world with huge mammoths, insects, snakes and other animals.

Alevia is a world of elves, more than half of the world is covered with mysterious forests called Lorandia . These forests are very dangerous, and rarely has anyone returned from there unharmed. The Kingdom of Hyghbourn is the second part of Alevia. It is controlled by the tyrant Hatus. The Hyghbourn monarchy is known for its brutality and belligerence.


  • Over 40 different powerful scrolls.

  • Upgrade the player to level 80. Learn new abilities.

  • Over 100 equipable items. Each item has over 40 different characteristics.

  • Fight against artificial intelligence or real players.

  • Play a gripping storyline and save Alexandria from destruction!


  • Choose Wisely. Each turn, your keeper can either attack or collect ethereal, but not both. Choose your attacks wisely.

  • Guard. A creature with Guard will help protect your keepers so that the opponent is forced to attack that creature instead. This allows you some time to boost your keeper’s stats.

  • Vocations. Find vocation scrolls to train your keepers to a certain vocation. Each have their own specializations.

  • 4 Main Stats. The main 4 stats you want to know are Health (Heart), Power (sword), Temper (shield), and Cultivation (scythe).

The Vaults on Steam

Baby Goat Billy

Baby Goat Billy

Surprisingly good!

currently in second dungeon but im enjoying the fights. Nice, neat, polished little game with fun card battles.

If you are into this kinds of games definitely give it a try.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

I really love BABY GOAT BILLY!!!!


+Fun and straightforward deckbuilding RPG!

+Roguelite mechanics that work surprisingly well!

+Baby Goat Billy is a mascot to boot with and root for!


Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Baby Goat Billy on Steam