Encore Illusions

Encore Illusions

A magician’s rivalry takes a diabolical turn on stage. Discover what’s in the cards for four characters entangled in a lethal web of illusion.

All isn’t well on the magical stage. A fierce competition intensifies between Johannes the Great and Merlin the Amazing. The rivalry takes a diabolical turn when Johannes’ assistant is kidnapped the night before the Battle Royale performance. The ransom terms are extreme — a death sentence for her boss performed live on stage, along with acknowledged defeat in the pending big show. Can you break Sophie free before the doomed performance sets the stage? Is there any hope for Johannes the Great’s survival? Are you ready to take on the role of poor, victimized Sophie and her sweetheart Peter? Find out what’s in the cards for four characters entangled in a lethal web of illusion. Their fate is in your hands.

Features in Encore Illusions

Find out what’s in the cards for four characters entangled in a lethal web of illusion. Johannes the Great, Sophie, Peter, and Merlin the Amazing are playing for keeps. Embark on a mystical magic hidden object adventure packed with great gameplay features.

  • More than 40 different breathtaking environments

  • Gorgeous cut scenes for story and transitions

  • Challenging mini-games and puzzles

Bonus: Unlockable Encore Card Games!

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Encore Illusions on Steam

Dance of Cards

Dance of Cards

Sixteen passengers aboard the ocean liner Magnific, who set sail to the shores of New World in search of a better life, become trapped in a cruel and deadly game of cards.

With no option to escape, they are forced to accept the rules and put their lives at stake for a fleeting hope of salvation.

During the seven days players will face each other at the poker table to decide whose live will be taken next. Cheat, bluff and form alliances to survive until the end of the cruise – and don’t forget that everything is up to chance.


  • Unique blend of poker and RPG

  • 16 colourful characters you can form a team with – each with their own distinct talents and playstyles

  • A tale of chance and certainty

  • A ship to explore, full of mysteries and unexpected findings

  • Additional Death Gambles – for the brave ones and those who are out of luck

  • Soundtrack teeming with danceable anxiety

  • Feeling of hope amidst the dread

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Dance of Cards on Steam

FAWE: Enchanted Forest

FAWE: Enchanted Forest

FAWE: Enchanted Forest - board card game about mystical forest where magic has been saved.

Fight 3 or 4 Players in FFA or Teamplay mode on 1 Board with unlimited amount of Cards of 5 types - 4 Base Cards and 1 Super Card. Every Card has Attack and Defense and gives Buffs and Debuffs. In addition Super Card gives you ability to Upskill.

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FAWE: Enchanted Forest on Steam

Magic of Autumn

Magic of Autumn

This game has its high points and low points, it’s a good value for the cost but not everyone will enjoy it.

The card battling is interesting, you don’t get to re-use cards so you have to carefully build your deck and choose how you play. I found it very thought provoking and a fun challenge, but you cannot expect a traditional deck shuffler here.

The atmosphere is very nice, I liked the art style and the story snippets contributed nicely to the feel of the world.

The system of learning spells (cards) by interacting with things made the world feel alive, although it was frustrating to figure out I had missed something and have to go back and find it. Also some stuff moved around frustratingly out of reach, it took me about 10 minutes of patrolling a corner waiting for one thing to pass close enough.

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

It’s a shame such a wonderful game goes unnoticed.

It’s a little adventure game about conjuring everything you find on your way and creating cards from it. You’ll face enemies with a lot of different strategies and you’ll have to adapt your deck accordingly.

The graphics may look simple, but they work really well all together.

And the music. Oh, the music. Simple, same as the graphics, but astoundingly charming. If the developer releases the soundtrack as an extra, I’ll buy it, no hesitation.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Magic of Autumn on Steam

Final Match

Final Match

A good start, the game is a little rough around the edges with bugs coming up and still waiting for new content etc but nothing you would not expect from an early access game. I found the system engaging and once I got a handle on it I had fun looking for combinations of cards and abilities. I have only played this as a single player and in this have had much more than my money’s worth already.

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

[✔] Fun, fast play, and challenging.

[✘] Its limited, and missing some important bases.

If you are looking for a game to kill time or if you feel bored and looking for anything fast to play this game is for you

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Final Match on Steam

Halloween Trouble 3: Collector’s Edition

Halloween Trouble 3: Collector’s Edition

Just like the others in this series–same music, same game play. I like them for a mindless time passer.

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

Halloween Trouble 3: Collector's Edition on Steam

Clue/Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game

Clue/Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game

TL;DR- P2W has been removed, cross-platform play, challenging single player, plays better than the board game.

I have been holding off on posting a review as the game had a P2W component in the form of hint cards when it first launched, and the developers had announced an update to balance this out in online ranked matches.

Well the update has now launched and I can safely say that Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Murder Game is the definitive video game adaptation of the popular Cluedo board game as it hits the nail on the head with its game design and online functionality.

Real player with 122.7 hrs in game

This is a computer version of the board game Clue, and it’s actually pretty good. You can play with friends, by yourself with AI, or with people online. It’s a pretty good representation of the physical board game. The full version is a little expensive, but the base game is an okay price, especially on sale.

The gameplay is almost exactly the same as the board game. For the sake of speed, the game automatically takes the most basic notes for you. It will automatically record that people don’t have the cards to disprove a suggestion, and when you make the suggestion it marks that one player has the card and the other players don’t. However, everything that involves reading between the lines is up to you to mark. It is a little difficult if you’re trying to keep track of anything especially advanced, because there are a limited number of symbols you can mark the spaces with.

Real player with 76.6 hrs in game

Clue/Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game on Steam

In Her Eyes

In Her Eyes

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Fantasy AVG + artistic characters and music + deckbuilding integrated = Summoned by a girl from another world to prevent an assassination that will happen in 30 days. AVG is a VN with a lot of choices.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Written for 1561’s Thoughts - Honest reviews, for busy people.

In Her Eyes is a visual novel / card game with interesting gameplay but a not-so-great translation. It’s understandable, but at times the dialogue becomes rather clunky. The rhythm aspect is fun. 6/10


Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

In Her Eyes on Steam

The Magister

The Magister

I really liked this game (after I completed it for all difficulties,

I updated my review).

Basically you are the magister/witcher and you are sent to a city

to investigate the murder. The game consists of four parts:

  1. investigation of the murder (procedural puzzle)

  2. tactical fighting with enemies (simplified heroes 3)

  3. deck-building for diplomacy (simplified ascension)

  4. leveling/customizing your heroe to be able to solve all challenges (see 1, 2, 3)

From my point of view it has followin strong areas:

Real player with 118.8 hrs in game

Like the investigation games of the 90s…

This game reminds me of Grim Fandango and The Secret of Monkey Island from the 90s. It basically involves you running all over the place (from location to location), whilst trying to solve a mystery. You also occasionally encounter enemies that you have to battle, and the battles are your typical TRPG grid-based battles, but you use a card mechanic similar to Slay the Spire.

Pros: #1. TRPG fans will like the combat

#2. You don’t always HAVE to fight… most of the times you can talk it out

Real player with 52.8 hrs in game

The Magister on Steam



THE SPIRIT LIFT is a deck-building rogue-like horror adventure set in a haunted hotel.

_Dare to explore a haunted hotel?

Where countless ghosts and monsters dwell?

Danger lurks behind each door

As you ascend to the 13th floor

What secrets shall tonight unveil?

And who will live to tell the tale?_

It’s the 1990s. A magical elevator awakens in an abandoned hotel as several teenagers enter on a dare. They’re about to get the ride of their life, because this place is haunted on so many levels! Make it to the top and fight the boss to learn the hotel’s secrets. And if your team checks out early? Be kind, rewind, and better luck next time…

Gameplay Features:

  • Your starting team determines your strategy, so choose wisely. Each character has a special ability and a custom set of starting cards. They’ll also react differently as the story unfolds.

  • Find more equipment cards by exploring rooms. Use your deck to fight the creatures who prowl each floor.

  • Each run is a unique hotel experience. Different bosses influence battles and events across a randomly generated layout.

(Note that THE SPIRIT LIFT is still in development. Check out our social media links to follow our progress!)