Poker Master

Poker Master

easy to play would be great starter for beginner

Real player with 68.7 hrs in game

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Pretty good game, worth playing, it would be nicer if the graphics were improved.

Real player with 28.4 hrs in game

Poker Master on Steam

The Gate

The Gate

i played this game on Kongregate a while ago. i got up to a fairly middle-range strength without paying anything, so to those who cry about it being p2w… it’s more like “pay to be top of leaderboards”. in that respect, it’s kinda similar to web-based MMOs like wartune.

however, this is SpicyHorse, so it’s not a china-based milk-players-dry MMO sweat shop (they do hire some china-based artists, but that’s it). SpicyHorse is renown on Kong for their extremely responsive community relations – they reply to almost every comment on their games! like wut? try it out by asking them a (relevant) question in the forums.

Real player with 340.3 hrs in game

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Edit: A HUGE shout out to the support team! The game has a few bugs (to be polite) but the response is always super fast and fixes the issue at hand. If you find a bug, please report it, they will help you! You can contact them at:

A mediocre P2W game that is hamstrung by questionable design decisions.

I enjoy playing The Gate, the few chances I can actually play it.

Stamina system of course. Can’t let you have fun for free now can we?

Normally I would rip into a game like this but I don’t have the heart too.

Real player with 292.7 hrs in game

The Gate on Steam

Magic League

Magic League

Simple, fun and addictive! If you like fantasy, strategy, tower defense, and card games then this game is for you. Your challenge is thus: send your forces across the bridge and destroy the enemy fortress. An army of soldiers, archers, wizards, and magical creatures will try to stop you. Crush them with fireballs, frost bolts, storms, golems, and more! Check out my gameplay:

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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50/100 sluggish and boring

Ever wanted to play a Moba in alpha-build ??

Well, here is your chance ;D

Even 3-5$ is too much for this crap..

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Magic League on Steam

Rise of Legions

Rise of Legions

I have been following this game for some time and I have to say it has come a long way.

It is a nice mix out of tower-defense, card game and god knows what… The depth of the game only becomes clear to you after some time, even tho there is a tutorial. Then again figuring out all the things is half the fun.

I really like the deck building aspect, which is one of the major parts of the game, and theory crafting that you can do to make your deck fit, both esthetically (i dig the style style and some of those mtg references) as well as with gameplay synergies.

Real player with 669.3 hrs in game

My overall impression? What a bad a$$ game!

I won’t go into great detail about the ‘how to’ behind the game play, you can find that in the videos and other reviews. I want to talk about this game from a bigger picture scale and why this is the type of game true strategy gamers should support instead of some of the ‘big name’ alternatives.

I’ve been searching for a game to ‘scratch the itch’ left behind from Starcraft 2 and COH2 for years… I’ve spent so much money buying some of the top flight, well reviewed strategy games that have come out over the last couple years but find myself getting bored and losing interest after a week or two tops. It’s been a struggle to find something that appealed to my desire for skill based, balanced, unique gameplay that required strategic thinking but also some element of ‘micro’ and direct interactive decision-making as well.

Real player with 359.1 hrs in game

Rise of Legions on Steam

Warfare Online

Warfare Online

i Decided to Write a new review, the old one will be here for anyone who cares, but do note the original words i typed was like few weeks ago or more. so updates come out and balances arrive, the game as it is today is alright, some things are still unacceptable however thats how all games are, its gonna have that one thing you do not like, but the game can be enjoyable and the dev’s have been trying hard that ive seen to make it as balanced as possible.

Pro’s and cons as of now with fresh perspectives:

Real player with 147.6 hrs in game

It’s not a good game. But it is a fun game. And that’s what’s important right?

Most of the reviews seem to cover the gameplay pretty well, so I mainly want to talk about whether or not players who spent more money or have been playing longer have an advantage. Is the game pay 2 win? Yes, definetely. But I didn’t spend any money on the game and I have no problem wiping the floor with 90% of the players I come across, whether they are paying players or not. And there is nothing that affects game balance that cannot eventually be earned for free. Some would call this more of a “pay2skip” system where you can pay to accelerate your progression.

Real player with 80.1 hrs in game

Warfare Online on Steam

Heroes of Zaruban

Heroes of Zaruban

This is an adaptation of a board game for two players.

The game takes place on one playing field. In turn with the enemy, you make moves with your cards or use objects. To win the game, you need to destroy the main card (Place of Power) of the enemy. There are no pre-prepared decks here - all cards and items are selected in turn from the general list. Already at the stage of choosing and placing cards, you can get a significant advantage over the enemy by blocking or taking the cards he needs.

All cards in the game (Heroes and Places of Power) have basic characteristics (attack, defense, health) and 2-3 unique skills. Items play a supporting role. They can both enhance the basic parameters of your cards, and inflict direct damage to enemy cards.

For a comfortable game, it is better to start playing with a friend, gradually learning the abilities of different cards and objects, their strengths and weaknesses. There are currently 35 Hero cards in the game, 6 Power Place cards and about 50 items.

Heroes of Zaruban on Steam

Dragon Call

Dragon Call

If you are looking for a new and fun deck building card game that is not ‘pay2win’ this will keep you entertained with several different Hero’s that have varied abilities and card pools.

Real player with 97.4 hrs in game

All the joy o a CCG without the microtransactions, the rules are pretty intuitive and if your familiar with hearthstone and shadowverse youll catch on extremely quick, translation can be a bit wonky but once you understand what means what its easy.

PRO tip if you buy it your 1st run click the gear in the top right, from there you can change language to english

Another issue I found is if your trying to use the chatbox or add a friend ID be in windowed mode as the virtual keyboard will not work in full screen infact it can crash your game

Real player with 83.9 hrs in game

Dragon Call on Steam

Kármán line: the edge of war

Kármán line: the edge of war

Verry verry fun game, i hope it will stay and grow cause it can turn in something

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Kármán line: the edge of war on Steam

Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords

It is with a heavy heart that I write this review, because at 217 hours of game-play at the time of writing, I have invested a lot of my time into this game. I’ve played since the first publicly available build, so feel I have enough experience to critique this and its development as time has gone on. And for anyone wondering I capped out at Lieutenant IV, hardly a rank to sniff at.

I enjoy this game, I really do, when the game goes right it hits that sweet spot so well and you come away with a shiny new rank knowing you were the best of the best in that game.

Real player with 278.6 hrs in game

I wish I could recommend this game. I really wish I could. But I feel like Valve took an idea they didn’t create, and without properly knowing what was good about that idea took it in their own direction, which ended up ruining what I enjoyed about the game. I played entirely too much of this when it was in beta, and I enjoyed every minute of it, even when things weren’t entirely balanced. The polish Valve put on the game with the interface and coding was just miles above the competition. Perhaps its better now, but TFT wasn’t even a game when Riot released it. I feel Valve had a great head-start on the competition, but I feel they’re ruined it, and while I don’t have access to player numbers, I get the feeling those would back up my claim.

Real player with 240.9 hrs in game

Dota Underlords on Steam