Karanos Solitaire

Karanos Solitaire

A relaxing solitaire game ideal for when you have a little bit of spare time. Satisfying sound fx and adjustable visuals (white on black hurts my eyes but the blue background is great). Recommended.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

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Fun single player card game. Only gripe is I wish some of the achievements weren’t so impossible. Game is priced perfectly and the pixel art looks great. Looking forward to see more games by the dev.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Karanos Solitaire on Steam

Hunted: Kobayashi Tower

Hunted: Kobayashi Tower

Brief Hunted Review

Come Out To The Coast, We’ll Get Together, Have A Few Laughs…

Hunted: Kobayashi Tower is a wonderful digital adaptation of a solitaire, dice chucking, push your luck tabletop game. This game allows me to relive the greatest feel good holiday movie of all time! My dream of being an 80s action hero is realized each time I enter Nakatomi Plaza Kobayashi Tower to save my wife Holly Sharon even though our relationship has been on the rocks lately. In each play-through, you are John McClane an unnamed hero with military training who thwarts a bunch of terrorists in a heroic endeavor to rescue the hostages and save your wife.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

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Fun solitaire card game. It’s hard to win, but that just makes it more satisfying when you pull it off!

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Hunted: Kobayashi Tower on Steam

Street Level: Windows Edition

Street Level: Windows Edition

Great game. I beat it in about 1 hour, but it was a solid experience. It is sort of like that old TI-83 game Drug War, but with a cyberpunk theme. The whole game is just choosing “yes” or “no” to jobs, or fights, or to buy upgrades, etc. There is actually depth here, though, even with just 2 choices and the game can get intense. For the price and about an hour of time, seems worth it. One note, there is no save games and there seems to be a bug where the game loses control if you alt-tab. So you have to beat it in one sitting.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

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Not a bad little game. I recommend it. It’s a nice little time killer at a cheap price. The art work is simple, but It works for what the game is (And seeing as how I love neon and cyberpunk, I like it). It’s a little tricky trying understand how some of the cards are going to behave, but I can see the appeal from a immersion aspect. It does feel like it’s building a rudimentary world in a way. There is a fair bit of reading on the cards, but once you get into the groove you begin to recognize them by appearance and can play it fast. I recommend it, and taking it for what it is, I give it a sold 7.5/10.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Street Level: Windows Edition on Steam

Golf Solitaire Simple

Golf Solitaire Simple

+1 🆓

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

It’s “free” and it works, which is nice, but by default it sends data to some server. I’d prefer if it was “opt-in” rather than “opt-out”.

Other than the privacy violation, it does what it says it would. So I’ll recommend it. (just make sure to opt-out or to block the internet access to this game, it doesn’t need it anyway)

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Golf Solitaire Simple on Steam

Legacy Bites

Legacy Bites

Play cards to save the population of humans and the rest of the animal kingdom!

Key Features:

Random Game with optional deck building

Campaign Mode containing 24 missions


The world is divided into human and animal populations. Your goal is to keep each population within specific boundaries.

A game is played over various rounds. Each round a threat card is played by AI which changes the population of humans and animals in the world. The player receives 1-4 cards for that round to negate the effects of the threat card. Although the threat card only affects populations when the round ends, player cards may affect populations that round and up to the next two rounds. Plan and play cards carefully. After the last round ends all remaining population modifiers are played out. Keep an eye out for that! To make matters even more interesting, the boundaries for each population may change during the game! And there is a round timer! You’ll need quick hands and a quick mind to succeed!

Legacy Bites on Steam



MIYAMOTO is a single player card game with a miniature board.

Game art is simple and oriental world with Samurai.

Open the box of the board game and you will be dive into a world of miniatures!

The important tactics is"when" and “where” and “which” play your card.

Random deck on each battles will not promise their results, It’s up to your tactics.

Collect unique heroes and defeat MIYAMOTO.

MIYAMOTO S includes the extended content “Shiba Inu”.

New units including “Shiba Inu” have been added.


Relax Memory Game

Relax Memory Game

Stars received: 2.0/10 _ Note: v.5 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

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Game description key-points: Mach a pair

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Lucky me gets to write the first review for Relax Memory Game (also known as Girls Card Game).

This is an asset flip of a basic memory card game template with a couple of asset flip art images on the cards. It’s complete garbage that should never be bought by anyone, ever, especially not for the comical $ price tag. If you really want to play a memory card game, you can play them for free in web browsers. Asset/template flips are a scummy disservice to the gaming industry, and impossible to recommend.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Relax Memory Game on Steam

The Count of Monte Carlo

The Count of Monte Carlo

The Count of Monte Carlo is a novel take on blackjack, in retro style. I think it balances difficulty and enjoyment well–it can be frustratingly hard while figuring out the peculiarities of some of your opponents, which only makes beating them more satisfying. Definitely one of the better digital card games I’ve played, with all the arcadey goodness that keeps you hooked.

9/10, buy this game if you like blackjack!

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

It’s blackjack with a bit of a dungeon crawler RPG thrown in.

Very simple, easy to lose time playing.

Art and music style remind me of something I would have played on a library computer in the late 90’s early 2000’s

like a standalone mini game.

I would be very interested to see this what else this developer has in store, because I can’t stop playing.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

The Count of Monte Carlo on Steam

Tome Rush

Tome Rush

After decades of study and practice, you’ve shed your mortal body to become an eternal guiding voice for other wizards. With a cataclysmic threat on the horizon, grow and guide a team to collect powerful tomes before they fall in the hands of an evil organization!

Grow your team!

Tome Rush is about building an effective team of wizards capable of taking on any randomly generated mission. You start with a team of three wizards without any magic specialty, but wizards can grow in three meaningful ways:

  • Type of Magic: Wizards decide on three types of magic they’re interested in, you choose one of those three for them. All spells they learn will be from this type of magic.

  • Spell Choice: Each time a wizard levels up, they will decide four spells they’re interested in, you choose one for them.

  • Compatibility Choice: At levels two, four, and six, a wizard gains compatibility with other wizards of a certain magic type. Compatibility unlocks the ability to go on missions with other wizards! As with choosing their own specialty, they will decide on three types, you choose the one that works best for your team!

As you complete missions, you’ll recruit more wizards capable of the same methods of growth!

Send the right wizard for the job!

Mission sites can have varying objectives that require certain strengths. Sometimes you’ll need a wizard to wipe out enemies. Sometimes you’ll need a wizard that can explore a dungeon and collect artifacts with ease. As your wizards gain experience, learn spells, and learn to team up with other wizards, make sure you recognize their strengths and weaknesses!

Every mission is a risk!

Missions can be unpredictable. If ill-prepared, wizards will die. There’s no way to bring them back. Only by building a well balanced and cooperative team can you maximize your chances of success! Once a mission starts, the result is out of your control so make sure the wizard or wizards you send are up to the task!

Collect powerful Tomes!

Forces of evil are collecting tomes that will assist them in dominating the world. If you can secure these tomes, you’ll drastically weaken them! Sometimes these tomes will show up at mission sites, send your best and brightest wizards to retrieve them. Once you or your enemy collect all five tomes, be prepared for a challenging final mission!

Discover more spells as you play!

Tome Rush features seven types of magic each with over 25 spells, but each wizard can only only learn seven spells! Carefully consider what each of your wizards can accomplish and choose their spells accordingly!

With proper planning, strategy, and a little bit of luck, this simple wizard management game turns into a challenging blend of Solitaire and deck building! Can you form a capable and cohesive team of experienced wizards in time before a final showdown?!

Tome Rush on Steam



You like Minesweeper and Sudoku, but can you imagine the birth child of these two?

Do you get excited whenever you see number?

Do you want to enhance your reaction speed to numbers?

Do you enjoy using brains?

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions above,

then you definitely can’t miss our newest puzzle game - “Cardsweeper”!

This is an innovative puzzle game based on numbers,

and we carefully design 66 beautiful puzzles, which await your challenge!

Whenever we mention “innovative”, we mean business.

And therefore, you really think we only bring one innovative gameplay mechanics?

No, we bring three!

1. Pairing

2. Sum

3. Solitaire

Cardsweeper on Steam