Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards is a multi-platform Free to Play CCG. It worked on Win 10, looked ok, played ok, sounded ok. Animation Throwdown is a card collecting game incorporating five Twentieth Century Fox Television animated comedies: American Dad!, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Futurama, and King of the Hill. Game is also on Kongregate, IOS and Android. Gameplay is similiar to other free to play CCGs, but has some different features. You have a deck with a limit of 35 cards, which give you enough chances to get the cards you want out. PVP arena is the only place where you can level up your deck hero and unlock other deck heroes, you get random chances of receiving xp for a random hero. The game is Pay to Win so don’t expect to win much verses a P2W player, if you don’t Pay or didn’t grind it like a job. Do link your steam account for this game to the Kongregate website, so you can also play from the website.

Real player with 548.8 hrs in game

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After the success of Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, Futurama, and King of the Hill it was hard not to make a universe where all of them can come together and fight to the death battle royale style.

This game features an abundance of new items such as: drugs, costumes, weapons etc. As well as some of the classic characters any gamer would recognize like: Stan Smith, Dale Gribble, and every gamer’s personal favorite Peter Griffin himself, the man the myth the legend. All coming together in a perfect blend to make some wacky zanny cards that are sure to make you LOL hahaha.

Real player with 175.6 hrs in game

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards on Steam

Bitardia Cards: Memes of 2ch

Bitardia Cards: Memes of 2ch

Would be a fun little game to pass time and play with friends in my opinion but right now there’s not much to the game and playing with friends isn’t easy to do. I think there needs to be more memes and variations of cards/abilities added to the game. It has potential though.

If you’re wondering if you should play this, I would download and keep an eye out of updates in the future. Right now it’s honestly entertaining for like 10-15 minutes.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

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A long time ago, I was a hearthstone player. After not being able to beat any of the bots and unlock no heroes, i decided that it was time to try a new game. Then the heavens parted and Bitardia Cards: Memes of 2ch was revealed to me through steam. I immediately won my first game and was convinced that I would go pro. I am now part of the Bitardia Masters pro circuit and thoroughly reccomend it to any new player to the competitve card game scene.

10/10 would highly reccomend

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Bitardia Cards: Memes of 2ch on Steam

Collective: the Community Created Card Game

Collective: the Community Created Card Game

Huge Change:

They removed the Draft feature that triggered every time you levelled up your character in a match… The single most important distinguishing feature that made this card game what it was for me and unique among the others.

Huge thumbs down for me, I had grown to love this game mainly due to the excitement of drafting at each level up. Without that, the game is as good as dead for me and not much different to other card games out there. Will still give it a chance, but I cannot express enough how disappointed I am in this and how much i disapprove this change.

Real player with 357.0 hrs in game

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After over 140 hours and almost 2 months playing it, It has interesting concepts but some serious downfalls.


A - Trying to Encourage Player Participation

This seems like a good idea that has been tried in different ways in other card games, just that by now I would have expected people to learn from those previous games and have guidelines to avoid mistakes made before.

B - Both Single and Multiplayer

Card games with both seem to do better than those with only 1 except for either modern roguelike games (Slay the Spire, Iris and the Giant, etc.) or older games from years ago when multiplayer was more rare (original Magic: The Gathering from 1997, etc.).

Real player with 151.6 hrs in game

Collective: the Community Created Card Game on Steam

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

I have put a lot of thought to what I would give this game. From about 2500+ hours worth of play I will say that I WOULD RECOMMEND AND NOT RECOMMEND this game to others. I wish there was a neutral choice when it comes to reviews.


The overall game has the different faces of NOSTALGIA; the anime, the TCG and the OCG before newer summoning conditions and cards were introduced. The format is a bit different but its EASY to catch on. Reliving the past life of Yugioh! gave me vibes and had my attention. There are even WEBSITES and DISCORD CHANNELS that are available for ADVICE and STRUCTURE build decks to go for KOG (King of Games). Duel Links not only provides PvP around the world, but the game launches weekly (or 2 week) PvE events that are helpful to receive new cards or obtain in-game currency. Gold, Jewels, Skill Chips, Keys. Those items can be used in exchange of new cards or skills from the card trader( when you level up at a certain level), which is very useful for newer duelists. I really do like the addition of skill chips because it would take awhile for me to obtain every skill form every duelist. Though it is still slow, it still helps out. The one thing I believe we care about most are the GEMS! Whenever its winning a duel from PvP, a new box is released, an apology notice, PvE events or any special occasion days we are happy to receive gems. These gems are used for purchasing packs(packs of 3 cards, excluding selection boxes) from set boxes.I believe this year Konami decided to decrease the gem value given to duelists, that way everyone would have to play much more than before, but also for something else (Will get back to). Basically, WE ARE GETTING SOMETHING NEW each week or any other day whenever we initiate Links. Konami may not give out the exact things we want, but AT LEAST THEY ARE ACTIVE and provide new or some content. If I were to persuade or meet any friends to play Yugioh Duel Links, that be wonderful! For newer duelists that like Yugioh! and is curious about Duel Links, I say give it a try and DECIDE if this is your type of game.

Real player with 4088.8 hrs in game

I’ve played over 4000 duels on the mobile version as I’m writing this, and I’m sure I have at least a few hundred hours invested into this game. I enjoy playing this game a lot, and I’ll explain why this game is worth my time here.

For a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh veterans like myself, the newer, flashier, modern TCG is too fast and lacks strategic depth. Synchro summoning may be passable for some, but XYZ, Pendulum, and now Link summoning is… weird. We miss Tribute and Ritual summoning, and we enjoy the slower format of the game.

Real player with 1424.1 hrs in game

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links on Steam

Jesters Poker

Jesters Poker


Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Jesters Poker on Steam

Conjurer Andy’s Repeatable Dungeon

Conjurer Andy’s Repeatable Dungeon


This game is 100% like a Free to Play Mobile game. It certainly was made for that audience and still is Pay to Play. Screenshots do not SHOW how the game really is and they do not mention anything of that on the store page. This is certainly NOT a deckbuilder. You can chose 3(!) cards for a run. 3! The “fights” consist of simply clicking on a wheel of fortune. Either all your characters hit the enemie or they don’t. That’s as much strategy as their is involved. You just get rewards if you don’t die and leave the dungeon. Even then all your used cards expire. What does this mean? There is a timer, like in most free to play games which tells you how long you have to wait til you can use these cards again. For gold you can skip that. If you die in a dungeon, you don’t get gold.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Conjurer Andy's Repeatable Dungeon on Steam

100% Orange Juice

100% Orange Juice

I’m revamping this review, as my last one which I had made months ago was meant as a in-joke, which probably isn’t the ideal approach. So, where do I begin?

100% Orange Juice is a board game featuring characters across multiple games from the Japanese indie group daidai (who are better known as OrangeJuice among the populace). The game premise is to move around the board obtaining stars and/or wins from successful battles, which allow you to increase your Norma level, which in turn allows access to cards. Cards play a vast role in 100% Orange Juice by changing the scenarios in and outside of battle. Some common examples are having access to two dice for movement, healing yourself after a battle, and setting traps which can slow down other players. Due to the versatility of cards, you will find yourself always trying out different deck creations.

Real player with 3605.2 hrs in game

After many hours of play, I think it’s time I finally put in a review as a means of advice to potential buyers.

100% Orange Juice is good/challenging game that will give you many triumphs and tragedies. Many negative reviews you may read might say things like “games are very long and require almost no skill” or “you just throw dice”. I disagree with these sentiments entirely. If you intend to buy OJ, you need to understand it’s a very specific kind of game. This is a dice board game, where RNG and skill take center stage. If you intend to buy this game and assume you can master it and win every game, and have a perfect W/L ratio, prepare to be disappointed. It is impossible to master OJ and sometimes the game can be extremely upsetting. So why do people like me keep coming back?

Real player with 1374.9 hrs in game

100% Orange Juice on Steam

DICETINY: The Lord of the Dice

DICETINY: The Lord of the Dice

This game is actually (and rather surprisingly) good. The only bad part is the writing - it’s full of memes & pop-culture references & lolrandom stuff, so it comes out as rather tryhard-ish. But visuals, on the other hand, are pretty good (even the memes - lots of art is based on them) so, as long as you skip the text, it’s not very annoying. I’ll stress on this - the lead artist of this game is really talented and it’s joyful to look on his works.

But the most important part is that the core gameplay is rock solid. Yeah, you draw cards, sure, you roll dice, but the game is anything but random - all the abilities, deckbuilding, equip system (that one is badly explained in-game - basically, you pay points for the card now so later you can cast this card with a discount; great in early game and for expensive combos which are impossible otherwise; like, say, Juggernaut + Here’s Johnny = whipe all minions on the board) and just the right plays allow you to prevail literally no matter what. The game is not very hardcore, but also isn’t too easy - I say that the difficulty is just about right.

Real player with 27.4 hrs in game

A solid game for the price. The game occasionally crashed for me but I was still able to finish it without major problems. The writing/humor won’t appeal to everyone, but the dice + cards mechanic is surprisingly fun given the limited level/board size. If it sounds interesting, I recommend you give it a look, especially on sale.

The deck design provides a decent amount of choice and options. Cards earn a little slowly at first but soon enough you accumulate enough currency to buy what you want. A minor complaint is that you can’t use cards across multiple characters. Having to pick up extra copies just to outfit secondary decks was mildly annoying.

Real player with 12.9 hrs in game

DICETINY: The Lord of the Dice on Steam

Steamulator 2019

Steamulator 2019

Disclosure: I’m friends with one of the conceptualizers of the game.

Enjoyable game for the price. Simplistic in nature but a generally addictive nature will make players want to keep coming back to the game. The game has you running your own Steam storefront where you have to monitor your stats to assure they aren’t too high or too low, otherwise its game over.

The game suffers from some bugs such as no matter what the event is, every time you swipe right on a card, your game count will increase by 1, even if the choice doesn’t involve publishing a game to Steam and the confusing stat adjustments made in correspondence with your decisions (how does accepting games have the same positive influence on developers as when you deny them?)

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Well I originally wrote a long rant about why I hate these devs after they’re first success that was half-decent, but then I realized I would probably get deleted for it, so here’s my attempt at a reasonable and constructive review for this game.

Don’t buy it, Reigns is better. Long story short, it just seems like a cash grab to me, as was their last game after the initial lootbox simulator success that was alright but probably not worth the cost. It’s a half baked concept they put a price on to cash in on. Or perhaps an attempt at a game inspired by games like reign that they gave up on either out of boredom or inability to manage to work out kinks and bugs. I would suggest Game Dev Tycoon or other similar rip offs if you’re looking for the steam-esque simulators. I have a degree in computer game development that I haven’t used in 3 years because I wasn’t a fan of it, so I have a basic understanding of how to make a game. If I bothered to do research I could probably make this myself for free. Anyway, not worth a look if you ask me, if you’re looking for anything from these guys, the only good thing is I can’t believe it’s not Gambling, the first one, not the second.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Steamulator 2019 on Steam



Sad to see Gachimuchi straying so far from the original, which still remains the best game.

Real player with 568.1 hrs in game

Real player with 47.5 hrs in game

GACHIMUCHI The Card Game on Steam