Choice of Life: Middle Ages

Choice of Life: Middle Ages

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The concept of the game is easy. Clicking cards ,but earning all of the achievements and trying not to fail is the hard part. I the game you have to make choices which either let you live your life and complete that chapter, or make you lose a heart. Once you lose all of your hearts you are forced to restart the chapter.


*– [Real player with 5.5 hrs in game](*




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--- ☼ Graphics ☼ ☐ Bad β˜‘ Alright ☐ Good ☐ Beautiful ☐ Fantastic ☠︎ Difficulty ☠︎ ☐ Easy β˜‘ Average ☐ Hard ☐ Unfair Β§ Bugs Β§ ☐ Bugs destroy the game ☐ Lots of bugs ☐ Few Bugs β˜‘ Nothing encountered ☯ Story ☯ ☐ There is none ☐ Bad β˜‘ Alright ☐ Good ☐ Fantastic βš” Gameplay βš” ☐ Frustrating ☐ Boring β˜‘ Alright ☐ Fun ☐ Challenging ☐ CAN'T STOP ۞ Game time / Length ۞ β˜‘ Really short (0 - 3 hours) ☐ Short (4 - 8 hours) ☐ Average (10 - 20 hours) ☐ Long (40-60 hours) ☐ Very Long (61-100 hours) ☐ Extremely Long (101+ hours) *– [Real player with 4.4 hrs in game](* --- ![Dominion]( "") ## Dominion Always heard about the boardgame but never had the chance to play it and now that i did I can see why it's so popular! The DA is very well done: plays smooth, good sfx, AI feels solid (haven't tried Hard yet though). The game has already -I think?- all of the the expansions available that can be played in a 1v1 against AI or with another player online. I must say this is very polished already for being EA for less than two weeks! As per how stability goes, ​I played 3 games with a friend yesterday and we only got two freezes/crashes but we could keep playing by simply restarting the game: no game-breaking bugs found yet. *– [Real player with 33.0 hrs in game](* ---

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--- A very faithful adaptation of the famous evolutionary card game. The first one that found the concept of deckbuilding during the game. Many other games followed this inspiration, such as Star Realms, Ascension, War of Omens, for the main ones. If you know of any others, please respond. This is a concept not to be confused with these two: - Deckbuilding before the game, the player builds a deck (example: Magic the Gathering). - Deckbuilding during the game, without being able to swap cards, during a quest (example: Slay the spire). *– [Real player with 14.6 hrs in game](* --- ![Reigns]( "") ## Reigns I didn't really know what to expect from Reigns… at first glance during the summer sale (but ended up paying full price) it looked like a novel game mechanic, with just enough silliness to be worth the miniscule asking price of Β£1.99\. It looked like something I would: Be able to dip into occasionally for giggles Be able to walk away from without feeling cheated on a run session Feel I got reasonable value for my purchase without a huge commitment But I really didn't expect it would deliver that much. *– [Real player with 23.9 hrs in game](* ---

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--- Your choices matter in this game. Results may be unpredictable and there is no guarantee of satisfaction or success but the game itself entices you to keep coming back for more in hopes of finding all characters/deaths/endings/secrets/cards as each playthrough is unique with thousands of cards available to be shown. Actual gameplay is very simple and intuitive: swipe either left or right to make choices that impact your reign which is represented through four distinct meters at top of the screen (church, citizens, army, and wealth). Every decision that you make influences one or more meters in one way or another and it is imperative that you keep all four meters balanced so that none becomes either completely filled or empty–doing so would unquestionably bring your reign to an end. Though sometimes the results of each decision may be completely arbitrary or nonsensical such that the effect on your four meters will often leave you scratching your head and wondering what had just happened. Most of the time, you will also likely wonder what would have happened had you made a different decision. *– [Real player with 14.5 hrs in game](* --- ![Choice of Life: Middle Ages 2]( "") ## Choice of Life: Middle Ages 2 How to rule wisely and prevent rebellion? Where to find faithful companions? How to survive in a fabulous kingdom full of dangers? In the card game Choice of Life: Middle Ages 2, you have to weigh every decision not to die ahead of time! Explore the kingdom from the snowy forests of the north to the endless fields of the south and meet its inhabitants. Rule graciously but firmly, deal with traitors, and do not confuse friends with enemies. Become a great ruler or perish in the annals of history! Key features: * Colorful 2D graphics, hundreds of different cards * Non-linear storyline where each choice has unique consequences * Over a thousand events and 99 ways to die --- ![Memory Battle]( "") ## Memory Battle Classic and Casual memory game, never get old, it's fun and improves your memory! Has a nice 2d art. They created a "battle mode" that should be the twist… But tbh, i don't feel like it have any "real twists", almost same as classic mode but can take longer, and the board gets a bit easier since it gets divided between shield/sword cards, so you know what you're looking for more easily. So far you can play 1v1's on local and it has remote play steam support, which is awesome, but a direct multiplayer and increased player cap (for classic) would be welcome. Also you can fight AI in three difficult settings (ez,normal,hard). *– [Real player with 10.8 hrs in game](* You've played memory before, right? Find the cards that match… Use the pairs as attack and defence in a fight. DLC for different cards. Can be solo, but it's really better played 2player VS *– [Real player with 1.7 hrs in game](* --- ![Poker Quest]( "") ## Poker Quest For reference, this is a game I've played for hundreds and hundreds of hours since late 2019, so it's seen me through some times. At first, it was killing downtime doing research, then it was procrastination through exam times, now it's more an evening waltz after work. I've also seen the game go through various changes and improvements and for me there's a few things that are intrinsic - a baseline attraction. At its essence it's a permadeath crawler; there are modes with upgrades and custom runs to sustain all that modding goodness for different audiences too, but Classic is the core. Discrete runs, with randomness as a key feature. That's actually a strong positive; that there are thousands of items, different map nodes and cards in battles and you have to figure a way through it all. There is a lot of variety, but the beauty is that there is almost always a path through to victory. Fidelity to randomness is great, it gives the game an innate value of honesty and keeps runs fresh. I think realising that even though there's a devotion to true randomness, essentially every run is winnable makes it exciting and not 'unfair' for example. *– [Real player with 297.5 hrs in game](* Poker Quest is a fantastic roguelike, With a lot to offer in its current state! As mentioned in the description, the combat is very similar to Dicey Dungeons, but with a Poker card deck instead of dice. If you aren't familiar with Dicey Dungeons, essentially the way this combat works is that you draw a hand full of cards (the amount you draw per turn can be upgraded), and then you have various equipment that you collect and upgrade throughout the run, that are triggered by inserting cards into them, and all have various requirements for what cards can be put inside of them (Needing a flush, straight, or pair of a certain size, occasionally the equipment effects are increased based on the value of cards inserted, etc) *– [Real player with 241.6 hrs in game](* --- ![Death: The Ascension]( "") ## Death: The Ascension Certainly not for everyone, confusing at first, but has plenty of unique mechanics after you get past the learning curve *– [Real player with 285.1 hrs in game](* Update: After a few ascensions, I have a better idea now how the mechanics and concepts fit into this creative new game developed by a very friendly and responsive indie-developer who has updated the game in quick response to suggestions on the discussion forum. What is it? I would describe Death: The Ascension as a card/puzzle life-choice simulator in which you aim to optimize your chances of a successful ascension by manipulating event probabilities. It has a deck-building type of mechanic in which you add cards to your deck, but the deck is not a draw-deck. Cards in your β€œdeck” influence the chances of drawing cards into the player’s five card hand from an infinite pool. In other words, if you have only one card in your "deck", you have a 100% chance of drawing five cards of that type. You are playing cards against Death as your opponent. Death has their own deck that has similar draw mechanics, but only draws one card per turn. Each turn one card from each deck is played with four possible events dictated by the player’s card with varying probabilities for each event known ahead of time. *– [Real player with 83.4 hrs in game](* --- ![Ortus Regni]( "") ## Ortus Regni This is a really good card game. I have not tried the non-digital version but with that you can get expansions and they seem amezing. Good things: -Can play all against all, 4 players. -Easiest connecting to a game i have ever seen. Works like a charm. -No "in your face" grafics or music. -Make your own decks as you please. -Different game types and rules. -Free, i guess thats a plus :) -Every game is different. -No fantasy, pretty realistic, and you just wanna play one more game. Negative: -Takes a while too get into the game rules. Atleast an hour and perhaps even a few tries. Dont give up :) *– [Real player with 31.2 hrs in game](* I have read in the reviews and on the forums that some dont get the game or that they think it is too hard. It isnt hard at all if you have ever played other card games like magic. It is simple yet deep enough at the same time. The atmosphere, the look of the cards and the sounds feel very medieval. Very.Medieval. You couldnt ask for more. Also the game is free not free with payment option but free. Yay. You dont unlock cards you have them all from the beggining. The tutorial is nice enough. It gives you a quick overview over the game mechanics. But you have to play some matches for yourself after to really understand. Though the story it told was nice enough. *– [Real player with 20.7 hrs in game](* --- ![Reigns: Game of Thrones]( "") ## Reigns: Game of Thrones The only reason I don't recommend this game is that it doesn't seem like anyone really knows what's going on. This is a spin-off of another series of games with the exact same mechanics, so it naturally does yourself no favors for this to be your first time playing this sort of game, as the case is with me. Like other reviewers have mentioned, it's never clear how your actions will be taken (whether you will increase or decrease certain bars). Not only that, but when you leave for the Wall, you are unable to see how your actions are affecting others. Luck, rather than skill, is what determines how far you get even if you manage to memorize what the cards do. Certain key events sometimes don't happen until far too late. You are almost always praying that something will show up that will raise or low a bar that is in critical danger of triggering a death state. *– [Real player with 56.2 hrs in game](* edit : 28.01.19 / The main story does work but 2x achievements are broken and you cant unlock the whole story/cards.Its been a while now…... /// - Me after 2-4 hours Reigns:GOT (while quitting multiple times) - F* it. Everything scripted and random. Cant even survive 20 damn moons. Very weak mechanics. - Me after 4-8 hours Reigns:GOT - Okay.ok. I get it. Mechanics are not THAT dumb, and there might be a bigger storyline behind unlocking characters and the good old 3-eyed raven. Lets give it a go. *– [Real player with 22.4 hrs in game](* --- ![Dark Edges]( "") ## Dark Edges Get ready to roll in this dice-packed rogue-lite single-player strategy game! Collect a unique set of dice and discover powerful artifacts to protect your village from ghastly monsters! #### Another Way to Die: You'll come across hundreds of faces that can be inserted into your dice. Select the faces that go well together to gain an edge against your foes! ![]( #### Against the Odds: Every wave will feature different kinds of enemies, dice faces, companions, and even bosses! You'll also come across a slab of artifacts, traps, and spells - everything you'll need to weaken your enemies before the battle arises. #### Take Me Down to a Pair Of Dice City: All sorts of travelers will visit the village throughout the game and settle in, later helping in your tireless defense. In Dark Edges you'll find: Various characters with unique abilities and die faces to choose from; 200+ dice faces 100+ artifacts 50+ unique enemies 50+ secret events 20+ companions 30+ magic spells 40+ kinds of traps The game will also feature an endless wave mode, in which monsters will attack your village without taking a breather. ![]( ---