Eviron’s Chronicles

Eviron’s Chronicles

Changing my review to a thumbs up.

This game should really be labeled as early access as there are many bugs, although not game-breaking or super annoying. Mostly just ui bugs that you can work around. It could use a little more documentation as well.

Other than that this is better than other TCGs, IMO.

You are able to level up your player (not sure what it is good for except you get small rewards when you level up and your level can be seen by other players). You can also level up your general, albeit very slowly. When your general levels up you are able to adjust his health and attack power and also choose is portrait and abilities. You can level up many of your cards as well, with dust. You can get gray dust as rewards for completing adventure matches and colored dust by destroying cards you might have. attained other than by destroying your cards. There are several colors of dust used to level up its corresponding car set, you can use any dust but you don’t get full effect for using dust not made for your set. Lastly, there are rare evolution cards that you may use rainbow tokens to alter their powers. This allows you to spend a little extra energy in a match to change your units abilities.

Real player with 80.9 hrs in game

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Generally an OK rpg game with a steep pve difficulty curve for the player. Don’t expect to get a lot of quick victories with starting decks unless you spend a fair amount of money. Should I play? Well if you can tolerate a fair amount of time and limited money then it’s a positive.

Real player with 74.6 hrs in game

Eviron's Chronicles on Steam



Disclaimer: I am one of the mods for the Faeria steam forums, a mod for the Faeria discord server and also one of the Vanguard testers. However, I do all these things voluntarily, there is no payment of any description except for me kickstarting the game.

Time to update this review. If you want to view my old review, scroll down.

Well, it’s been some time, and to be honest, a lot of what I said in my old review still stands. The game is still easy to learn but very deep and hard to master, there’s still a card called Yak Attack (with the most amazing art) and the devs are still great with using feedback to upgrade their game.

Real player with 633.1 hrs in game

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Table of content:



Brief conclusion



After my journey with Hearthstone (which i’ve gotten to legend and several 12 wins in arena) and Shadowverse (hit “master” which was the preveiously highest rank), I came to faeria as i was wandering on steam, and I immediately invested myself into the game as I realized the game is actaully more skill-driven or say has more potential for players to display their skill than the other OCG i played. Through thorough tactics and planning, each moves (position of creatures, location of lands, land type etc) can matter the game, and in certain matches if you make one single mistake, it can literally cost you the game.

Real player with 347.3 hrs in game

Faeria on Steam



After careful consideration, and 1500 hours so far into this game, I feel that I am more than prepared to write a review. I AM NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT, I JUST LOVE THE GAME


  • If you played this as a kid, it is the exact same. It has some expansions, and added gameplay, but overall it is still the same base game that I played as a kid.

  • The game gives plenty of content and you could be stuck playing it for hours.

  • Compared to most games the community here is pretty chill.

  • There are many side attractions from the base gameplay (pets, houses, fishing, etc.) that are pretty fun if you get into them.

Real player with 2452.8 hrs in game

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Before my review i would like to explain some things…

This game is P2P, If you buy monthly subs you will get all access to areas. This is the only payment you have to do here. Like big games such as Ultima Online, WoW etc. This is also have subs.

This game isnt P2W. In PvP Arena items are only get by arena points which you will only get from making PvP.

In PvE, your crowns will just waste. Because there is some item schedule as far as i remember like;

at 60 you will get your class set from Waterworks

Real player with 401.3 hrs in game

Wizard101 on Steam

Nova Blitz

Nova Blitz

If you know the general gist of Nova Blitz and want the good stuff, just scroll down to the Pros/Cons section. 3

Nova Blitz is one of the few Online CCGs that manages to carve out a unique niche for itself in the post Hearthstone era. As someone who has played NB since early, early Alpha I’ve had the pleasure of watching this game go through it’s many, many transformations. From the days when Energy used to be in card form ala MtG to when creatures sported ungodly statistical numbers even at early levels. So I can say with complete confidence that the game you see here is a long running work in progress, and very much the best version of the game ever presented.

Real player with 183.2 hrs in game

Nova Blitz is a fun and fast-paced card game with similarities to both Hearthstone and Magic: the Gathering. Unlike those games, however, in Nova Blitz both players take their turns simultaneously. This can lead to a quick series of actions as players act and react.

As well, the combat system is bluff based, making for fun strategic decisions. When combat starts, each player decides what they want each of their units to do in the combat. They can attempt to attack the opponent directly, attempt to block an enemy unit you think will be attacking, or just not participate at all. So to make the proper decisions you will need to get in your opponent’s head and try to determine the choices they will make. Of course, they’ll be doing the same thing, getting in your head, which may change their decisions from what you think they’ll do! Choices are not revealed until they are all made, and then combat resolves. The player with Initiative has their attackers resolve first, in the order that they were declared as attackers (this can be important! some units have effects that could change other units in combat!). Then the other player’s attackers resolve.

Real player with 57.8 hrs in game

Nova Blitz on Steam

Paper Tales - Catch Up Games

Paper Tales - Catch Up Games

It saddens me that I must give a negative review to this game. (And I think it’s my first on Steam ?)

“Paper Tales” is definitely in my top 3 drafting board games and I jumped out of my seat when by pure chance I discovered there was a recently released digital implementation of it on Steam !

But then “Oh no…”

Just by looking at the screenshots on the store my excitement went down really fast.

It’s a barebones (I don’t like using the word “lazy” when talking video game making because the true culprit is usually time and/or money given from the publisher) direct smarthphone port.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

This is a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE implementation of a really good card game. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!! The interface is garbage. It makes it impossible to make the decisions necessary to succeed at the game and have fun. Whoever designed this should be ashamed.

Paper Tales - Catch Up Games on Steam



Hearthstone bored me to death.

I quit after a week of play… my roommate had me play one of his decks a year later and I went 10-1. Yawn to the max.

Anyway, he also introduced me to magic years ago in college and I loved playing alongside a couple brews and greenery. However; deck building seemed like such a chore so I would only use his constructed decks. I mean, what college student wants to dig through a bag of thousands of cards or go spend money at a card shop? Not this one.

Enter spell weaver. I was looking for a new ccg for the house to play and I stumbled upon this little gem. Man, I have not been disappointed.

Real player with 3629.4 hrs in game


-Beautiful presentation and excellent card designs, the game has a relaxing atmosphere and is a pleasure to play because of this. Small improvements could still be made to the board and ui and display options, such as an improved sorting system for the graveyard.

-Sophisticated Combat system, best in card game industry, ability for creatures to block, combat tricks, speed, mana and draw management system is top notch great decision making.

-Multiple Heroes and Powers with ability to have up to 3. Which is nice. But the Heroes themselves cannot fight which sucks.

Real player with 1769.5 hrs in game

Spellweaver on Steam

HD Poker: Texas Hold’em

HD Poker: Texas Hold’em

Imagine spending hundreds of hours on a game, speaking with the devs on a weekly basis.

Raising over $3,000 USD for charity.

Streaming hundreds of hours

and after all that you sign on to the game one afternoon and your banned, developers refuse to reply to any messages you send them asking why you have been banned.

After a week of complaining you get a response saying


This will be our only and final response.

If you choose to, you can create a new account and play on that account.”

called out the devlopers on their own TOS which stated

Real player with 2924.2 hrs in game

Pros: Avatars…multi tables.

Cons: The players are soft (they limp in every hand…and some will shove to a 3x raise)…The RNG is terrible…You will suffer multiple “bad beats”…If you want to play competitive and move up the Ranks and get better weekly rewards you will be forced to play higher limits and risk losing all your chips. This game punishes you for losing hands (which lets face it you will lose more hands then you win) Lets say you are Ranked as Shark or higher but you only have 50mill….sure you can play 5mill tables or lower but you will lose 64 points if you put in 10 big blinds or more and eventually your rank will drop to Gold…BUT you can always BUY chips which is what the devs want. Oh and they now have SNG tournaments BUT there’s a catch…you have to friend one of the developers and ASK for a invite…and when you sit down the Dev can decide to remove you from the table for a player that They prefer to play….

Real player with 1643.5 hrs in game

HD Poker: Texas Hold'em on Steam

Palace of Cards

Palace of Cards

The different card games are very well explained. And you can play for free for a very long time. Thumbs up.

But then…

Their prices are downright ridiculous and outrageous. Just for professional players.

Die unterschiedlichen Kartenspiele sind sehr gut erklärt. Und man kann sehr lange kostenlos spielen. Dafür Daumen hoch. aber dann…

Deren Preisvorstellungen sind geradezu lächerlich und fast schon unverschämt. Nur was für professionelle Kartenenthusiasten.

Real player with 516.7 hrs in game

I have always loved rummy as a whole but many rummy games/apps have so many new rules this game however follows from what i have known the correct original set of rules plus the ability to chat and watch our stats is also a plus i have this on my steam and my phone i love it i give it five stars outs of five !

Real player with 33.7 hrs in game

Palace of Cards on Steam

Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals

This is not the UR i know anymore, its no fun .. and my account got banned from attempt to sell card for real money, thanks.

Recently, there have been issue of droprate card from pack, and you can feel the stress of getting new card and powercreep to fuel your gameplay, thats where you will feel the intense to spend money onto pack and hopefully to get what kind of card you desire. But fail, you even cant question the drop rate or suggest on improved or better way for the pack to work like ‘combo breaker’ for instance, whenever you purchase 2-3 pack you will get card that value 100k or more but this fail me hard as only trash and trash card you will get instead. Also, what with the ban? Idk, ive been into dota stuff for recent years and i thought i could use the same trade system like they did, trade your item for real money. But this game does not allow you to do it. Like how could not you trade all of your card for real money when you realize the game you playing right now is total lost? Like there is only few warning then boom your ID is perma ban with all the time you have spend and money you have been throw for 6 years, yes FUCKING 6 YEARS. Back when the game is good and no pressure on buying pack were introduced. There is no more single player mode or good campaign in this game

Real player with 241.9 hrs in game

I’ve been playing this game on and off since 2012, on the online browser which was far superior to this. It ran on flash and was smooth, reliable and easy to use. With this big influx of “flash is dead” mentality, the Urban Rivals staff/dev team which consists of about 10 people, as confirmed by a member of the team. This was a colossal mistake because they transferred to WebGL which is horrendous to use and the result is a load of bugs and terrible HUD/GUI on the online version from the card images not loading, to being impossible to make a new deck let alone update one. It took me about a week just to find out how to get out of deck builder (press the grey bar at the top).

Real player with 149.1 hrs in game

Urban Rivals on Steam

Doomtrooper CCG

Doomtrooper CCG

OK so I hate doing surveys and reviews but fot this game I just had to. It is absolutly awesome. THERE I SAID IT… lol. I played original paper Doomtrooper as a teenager back in the 90’s and it was one of my favorite games. To see this game being revived on digital platform just warms my heart. Developers did an amazing job so far and the progress is great. Many problems that original DT had has been addressed so thats a huge plus. Another great thing about this game is community outreach. Guys from Secret Cow Level really reached out to fans from all over the world asking for input and ideas how to make this game even better experience than before. I have met dev team as well as made many new friends on Steam and Discord just by playing this game and that is pretty cool. It appears developmet of the game is entering final stages of Beta and polishing touches are bing applied which is really exciting. I believe new players will like this game as well as its mechanics are very unique and the game offers exciting matches full of crazy combos, clever battle plans and game drama (in a good way lol). And finally I must add as a huge Doomtrooper fan that ability to play this game again after so many years from the comfort of my home (and PJ’s haha) is absolutly awesome and I look forward to many games with friends old and new and to see how the development of this game moves forward

Real player with 191.0 hrs in game

Lets get one thing out of the way right now, this is an early access game so there are going to be issues. Are those issues rage inducing? Not really. The reason for that is how much support this game gets. The devs (small team of them but mostly one person working on fixes and such) do such a good job at listening to the players (they are very active in the DT discord) that they get fixed fairly fast. There’s still a list of things to get added and fixed but do not let that steer you away from playing this awesome,albeit work in progress of a game, more so if you’re looking for something that is not a MTG clone.

Real player with 83.5 hrs in game

Doomtrooper CCG on Steam