Spiral to Despair

Spiral to Despair

Spiral to Despair is a blackjack style card game infused with RPG elements set in the depths of hell.

You will be facing demons across the hell to solve the mystery of your origin and unravel your story.

  • Progress through story and clear dungeons by defeating monsters in the game of blackjack, loot items and valuables.

  • Use potions and flasks in your encounters to enhance your abilities and stats.

  • Enchant items, unleash legendaries and upgrade charms to get stronger.

  • Unlock achievements by doing various tasks and progressing.

You can export your save to cloud server and access it from another devices and continue your adventure.

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Spiral to Despair on Steam

Tales of Finariel : Card based RPG

Tales of Finariel : Card based RPG

Forge your destiny through this card based RPG! Will you become a grand mage specialized in elemental powers or will you prefer the finesse of a very sharp blade? This choice is up to you. Come and explore the lands of Finariel, which are still full or mystical and unexplored areas.

Game features

  • A medieval-fantasy RPG fully hand drawn.

  • A card based system to chose your actions and attacks.

  • Customize your fighting experience through the deck building system. Chose your cards and replay your battles with differents strategies.

  • Upgrade and enhance your weapons and other items in various way, allowing huge customization.

  • Do not follow blinding a class archetype. You can decide what your character should be like. Chose what skills you should be learning, will it be in the same area or completely different. You always dreamed of playing a mage wielding a big sword? Now you can.

  • Enhance your weapon mastery, not by gaigning levels but by using it.

  • Make your own choices and affect your destiny in this world.

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Tales of Finariel : Card based RPG on Steam

Cards of Patience

Cards of Patience

Great game of Klondike/Patience (sort of) combined with simple random-generated Dungeon-Diving. You get thrown into a Solitaire type game in-progress against an enemy and have to discard from the Line into the Discard Pile all while managing items, potions and spells. Work your way through the dungeon to the boss. Don’t forget to keep upgrading your character after games, with the diamonds, because the bosses are not easy.

Only thing lacking is an in-game-progress Save feature though it does save your character development from game to game.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

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Solid rogue-lite card game.

You need some braincells to advance in this game - but this is what makes it worthwhile and replayable.


Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Cards of Patience on Steam

Monster Slayers

Monster Slayers

This game has more than what meets the eye. From the other reviews I am sure you have a good idea of what game this is, but I am here to talk about the depth of the gameplay. I know for a lot of card game fans and rogue-like gamers out there this is important.

The game can seem to get boring after you find yourself discovering everything. After you seen the cards, beat the boss, played the rogue class, farmed some items, maxed out talents, etc. But, you haven’t tried legendary mode. This is where the real game begins.

Real player with 112.3 hrs in game

This is a fantastic rogue-lite deck-building RPG.

The various classes are almost all very interesting, and often lead to varying play styles. The rogue-lite progress allows you to upgrade both individual classes in interesting ways (e.g. replace some crappy cards in the starting deck with one or another set of replacements), and generally upgrade all characters (e.g. make it more likely to get better loot at the end of combat).

The moment-to-moment gameplay is very solid. It’s got a good set of mechanics that allow for some strategy and making interesting choices during combat, and the enemies you face are playing by exaclty the same rules (albeit with very different decks).

Real player with 46.3 hrs in game

Monster Slayers on Steam

The Vaults

The Vaults

Embark on a journey into the new fantasy world of The Vaults! Learn the abilities of powerful scrolls to cast magic spells on your enemies or allies. Fight in battles and upgrade your keepers. Get crystals, dig caves, open rare chests, find weapons and much more. Complete Story Mode to save the world of Alexandria from hostile forces!


This adventure begins with light surrounded by pitch darkness. This light is getting bigger and bigger. A large portal opens next to you, a mysterious being emerges from it. He gives you three creatures and a set of powerful scrolls for you to save a world, the world of Alexandria.

Alexandria is an ancient world that was once a utopia. This earth is considered the center of the universe, it is through it that cosmic bridges pass, breathing life into all inhabited worlds. Beings spread out over the universe have learned to use these bridges to travel to Alexandria, to mine ancient resources and scrolls from it, stored in hidden vaults scattered throughout the land.

In addition to Alexandria, there are two other worlds: Gradon and Alevia.

Gradon is a world, the main inhabitants of which are humans and dwarves. They share the world with huge mammoths, insects, snakes and other animals.

Alevia is a world of elves, more than half of the world is covered with mysterious forests called Lorandia . These forests are very dangerous, and rarely has anyone returned from there unharmed. The Kingdom of Hyghbourn is the second part of Alevia. It is controlled by the tyrant Hatus. The Hyghbourn monarchy is known for its brutality and belligerence.


  • Over 40 different powerful scrolls.

  • Upgrade the player to level 80. Learn new abilities.

  • Over 100 equipable items. Each item has over 40 different characteristics.

  • Fight against artificial intelligence or real players.

  • Play a gripping storyline and save Alexandria from destruction!


  • Choose Wisely. Each turn, your keeper can either attack or collect ethereal, but not both. Choose your attacks wisely.

  • Guard. A creature with Guard will help protect your keepers so that the opponent is forced to attack that creature instead. This allows you some time to boost your keeper’s stats.

  • Vocations. Find vocation scrolls to train your keepers to a certain vocation. Each have their own specializations.

  • 4 Main Stats. The main 4 stats you want to know are Health (Heart), Power (sword), Temper (shield), and Cultivation (scythe).

The Vaults on Steam



Wanted to hold off reviewing it until I beat +15. If you’re looking for a new deckbuilder, I’d recommend this one. I’ve played Slay the Spire, Monster Train, and a few others, and this one really made me want to thoroughly complete it. There is enough variety and unique combinations that really makes each run fun and challenging. It’s not perfect (I’ll talk about that below), but it’s worth the coin.


*Gem system adds a fun element that makes some not so useful cards viable.

*The large deck angle adds more ways to build around bad cards.

Real player with 150.8 hrs in game

I unfortunately can’t leave a positive review. I am a linux user. Before buying this game, I checked and saw that the game worked fine with steam compatilibity tools, so I bought it. The game was working perfectly. Then they added an update, which added some random visual bugs (slightly annoying but nothing major) as well as some random game crashes (around once every 1h30 of play for me, but since I’m slow and runs were about 2h30 that was quite annoying). Then the last major update hit, claiming some bugfixes. Cool. I do not experience any bug anymore since my game doesn’t even launch anymore. I’ve tried switching the compatilibity modes, proton versions…etc… to no avail, the game doesn’t launch anymore.

Real player with 103.6 hrs in game

Roguebook on Steam

Conjurer Andy’s Repeatable Dungeon

Conjurer Andy’s Repeatable Dungeon


This game is 100% like a Free to Play Mobile game. It certainly was made for that audience and still is Pay to Play. Screenshots do not SHOW how the game really is and they do not mention anything of that on the store page. This is certainly NOT a deckbuilder. You can chose 3(!) cards for a run. 3! The “fights” consist of simply clicking on a wheel of fortune. Either all your characters hit the enemie or they don’t. That’s as much strategy as their is involved. You just get rewards if you don’t die and leave the dungeon. Even then all your used cards expire. What does this mean? There is a timer, like in most free to play games which tells you how long you have to wait til you can use these cards again. For gold you can skip that. If you die in a dungeon, you don’t get gold.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Conjurer Andy's Repeatable Dungeon on Steam

登塔者们 Babel Climbers

登塔者们 Babel Climbers

At the beginning of the design, the game made clear its unique mechanism: open content and system, fragmented interaction and narrative, and role growth in random. At present, it is preliminarily formed. I look forward to communicating with you and sharing inspiration.

Steam Community:Babel Climbers


Hopeless, ignorant and fearless

The world is a closed tower. The mission of the tower climbers is to keep up, pass on information and history, and explore a new world.

  • Understand the changes of each layer of the world through interaction.

  • In the details, explore the future of mankind.

It’s a world of new mechanism

The floor is made of bricks. Click on the dice to move randomly and talk to the characters you meet. There are plenty of possibilities in this simple way.

  • You can cut down trees to get wood, or you can fertilize them to get more profits next time you pass.

  • You can give to beggars or do something bad.

  • Random brick runes can affect your situation.

  • Defeat the tower keeper in a limited time!

This is the world of relativity

The combat adopts the design of time points and playing hand.

  • Cards always spend relative time points, always turn to low point characters.

  • Create a hard straight to attack the opponent, observe the state to determine the timing.

  • Learn from the master the skills of different qualities, and match all factions freely.

This is a world of rich products

In adventure, items will always affect you and NPC characters.

  • Drop and strengthen the equipment of random affixes, create the artifact with unique destiny skills, and match with your card school.

  • Cook delicious food and eat everywhere! It not only increases physical strength, but also brings permanent attribute growth.

  • You will also use medicine, musical instruments, letters, books, defecation…

Promote the cycle of history

A tower climber has fallen, and the next generation has already packed. All kinds of life, but never give up.

  • The game won only 2-3 hours. But the world will advance under high difficulty, and the content and ending will change.

  • The equipment can be permanently saved as a relic, and can be collected with a specific recipe in the future game. Don’t say much, go and collect!

登塔者们 Babel Climbers on Steam

Echo of Combats

Echo of Combats

Quite good already as an early access. Aside from a few bugs, like when I clicked a button in the store it gets stuck sometimes and some card’s description is showing duplicate information of effect of the ability of the card.

*Will recommend for the fun game play mechanics and interesting card effects.


1. Well in most card games there a booster packs (for the game to be alive)..

a. no crafting yet (I haven’t found any possible way yet to craft specific cards)

2. If you are playing for free expected in the near future that you will feel that this game is P2W

Real player with 147.3 hrs in game

Played most of the card games out there, with Eternal and MTG Arena as favorite, and I have to say this is a very nice early access! Yes, some ripoof from HS and others, but all cardgames are kinda similar! I really liked the gameplay and graphics and another very important note:

I posted a couple bugs/questions in the forum and the developers acctually answered pretty fast!

Only one little consern, but its just out there and in early access: There is not alot of content…3 dailies and climb the rankladder. So hope they show progress in content so players will stay for more :)

Real player with 72.1 hrs in game

Echo of Combats on Steam

Hand Cannon Virtuoso

Hand Cannon Virtuoso

This is one of those hidden VR gems that deserves more attention and praise. This game offers a high skill ceiling, with fast, and easy to understand mechanics. It fully takes advantage of the medium and format of VR, and it feels like a full game and not just a tech demo, despite still being in early access.

The main game play is that of a shooter. However, instead of just running and gunning, you have rockets on your wrists, allowing you to jump, fly, glide, and even dash your way through the rooms. This fast, yet tight and responsive flying system, gives the game an immense speed to its main game play. However, this does mean it may not be the best first time VR experience as you move so quickly, but I have never personally experienced any dizziness or nausea from the game.

Real player with 38.4 hrs in game


I am very close to the developer and have been heavily involved in alpha/beta testing for this game, so I am VERY biased :)

That said - as evidenced by playtime I think this game is a lot of fun.

My favorite parts are:

  • Locomotion is pretty unique relative to other VR games I’ve played. It looks fast paced but actually does not really cause me any issues with motion sickness. I think having to wave your arms around to control your thrusters helps with motion sickness.

  • The game is more than a tech demo - I find it fun and highly replayable with a lot of cool content to keep me interested. There are tons of weapons, enemies, and tactics to learn

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

Hand Cannon Virtuoso on Steam