A really solid and well-made party game, it’s like a piece of art in my steam library.

  • Haven’t encountered a single bug/glitch

  • Fun, entertaining and trippy artwork

  • Clean user interface

  • Great sound design

  • The way the gentleman pops up and says “Awkward!”, is a really nice touch

  • Native controller support, which is something that can be overlooked in these sorts of games

  • The “super awkward” update essentially sorted out the only issue the game had, which was the wait for round 3

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

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So what is Awkward?

It’s a simple yet addictive opinion guessing game. It’s fun with a friend or partner but should be most fun in a group where you try to do better than the others. I found the comparison with the “rest of the world” to be less interesting than I had hoped, so I can’t really recommend playing solo.

Final verdict: Wait for a sale!

Strongest point: A game in your steam library you can play with any person. Plus: Geat artstyle.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Awkward on Steam

6 takes!

6 takes!

Wolfgang Kramer’s ingeniously simple card game with “bullheads”

6 takes! - Wolfgang Kramer’s ingeniously simple card game with “bullheads” - now as an app.

The aim of the game is to avoid getting cards. Each card you have to pick up costs you points for each bullhead on it. The player with the fewest bullheads at the end of the game is the winner. It sounds easier than it is, players will need some great tactics and perhaps a little luck.

6 takes! is regarded as a modern classic among card games and has been sold all over the world.

It has won the German “Games Prize” and has also been nominated “Game of the year”.


  • Singleplayer mode against up to four computer opponents.

  • Three levels of difficulty

  • Multiplayer mode for up to four players around the same device

  • Quick game or first to 66 minus points

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6 takes! on Steam

Lucky Heroes

Lucky Heroes

Find a card that leads you to the victory.

Draw, add or burn the cards and shuffle decks to find it.

Lucky Heroes is a very simple game.


Various characters & strategies

There are 20 playable characters that have different strategies for victory. There’s a plague Doctor who spreads the poison to your deck, a fisherman who reeled the victory card up and also a mage who burn every card you have regardless of what they are.

Easy to play

Normally in Lucky Heroes, your deck will be randomly made in every round depends on the character’s level you are playing. All you have to do is just focus on newly made decks every single round.

Play with friends

Lucky Heroes supports local play. Since the decks are not open to all players, two players can play with one device.

Connect and play everywhere

Lucky Heroes will support multi-platform. You can interlock the play data from one device to another.

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Lucky Heroes on Steam

Memory Battle

Memory Battle

Classic and Casual memory game, never get old, it’s fun and improves your memory! Has a nice 2d art. They created a “battle mode” that should be the twist… But tbh, i don’t feel like it have any “real twists”, almost same as classic mode but can take longer, and the board gets a bit easier since it gets divided between shield/sword cards, so you know what you’re looking for more easily.

So far you can play 1v1’s on local and it has remote play steam support, which is awesome, but a direct multiplayer and increased player cap (for classic) would be welcome. Also you can fight AI in three difficult settings (ez,normal,hard).

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

You’ve played memory before, right? Find the cards that match… Use the pairs as attack and defence in a fight. DLC for different cards. Can be solo, but it’s really better played 2player VS

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Memory Battle on Steam

Card Game Simulator

Card Game Simulator




Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

It’s awful, just awful.

The UI looks like it’s made for windows XP and it looks so bad that It’s hard to understand it.

And since that’s a card games simulator and should be able to make/import card games in there, It does every thing that has nothing with card games. making cards and decks is kinda complicated. AND THE WORST PART IS THAT I CAN’T IMPORT ALL OF MY CARD IMAGES AT THE SAME TIME I MUST UPLOAD IT AND RENAME IT ONE BY ONE. In that case, to upload my game that has 450 CARDS I WOULD TAKE HOURS JUST TO IMPORT IT TO THE GAME WHILE OTHER WEBSITES TAKES COUPLE OF SECONDS.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Card Game Simulator on Steam

Age of Rivals

Age of Rivals

AoR is deceptively simply - all you do is pick from one of four cards. Eight picks is a round, four rounds is a game. That’s it. 10 minutes per game.

Behind that simplicity of gameplay is a cleverly designed, exquisitely well-balanced, damn fun little game. You can get the hand of it in 20 minutes, but appreciated the full interplay of the cards and game dynamics takes a bit longer. Still, after 10 hours I felt confident and was winning more than half my games against other players.

Part of the genius of the game is that, while you can guarantee you will draw up to 3 specific cards, in general each game will have very different start conditions and card draws. You can design a strategy around a particular horse cards, for instance (there’s a nice little strategy around the Four Horsemen card that I enjoy), but if you don’t luck out and pull horses in as a resource at some point, your strategy just won’t work. Fortunately, that’s not the end of it. If you are flexible and quick on your feet, you’ll cobble together a new strategy on the fly, and can still pull out a win, even without a single horse.

Real player with 136.5 hrs in game

Age of Rivals is a strategy card game. There is no play to win, in fact once you buy the game there isn’t even an option to spend money on cards. You gain additional cards simply by playing the game. I love this feature, and wish more collective card games followed this structure.

So how is the gameplay? It’s very easy to learn, the tutorial is very hand holdy but perfectly explains everything there is to do with the game. And I strongly advise you do the tutorial as you get enough in game gold to buy your first couple card packs.

Real player with 93.3 hrs in game

Age of Rivals on Steam

Astral Towers

Astral Towers

This game was released some years ago, and released on steam via a Greenlight:

It’s a turn-based card game mixing strategy and puzzle elements.

The interface is a bit rough, don’t compare it to Hearthstone where you can see all the infos you need visually. To know the specs of a unit (besides health & attack damage, you have to mouseover and read the description at the bottom of the screen).


You can solve the puzzles different ways, and the process is really rewarding. The price is really low ; it’s really good value. If you like the gameplay, check Spectromancer by the same Company.

Real player with 22.4 hrs in game


What is this game about?

Astral Towers is a simple concept that can be described in very few sentences (but why would I do that?). It’s card based game, where you have 3 spaces to place frontliners and 2 for backliners. Each turn you gain one of each 5 elements which you can use to play exactly ONE card per turn. Also don’t die. That’s it.

Real player with 16.5 hrs in game

Astral Towers on Steam

Space Food Truck

Space Food Truck

Mainly writing this because I disagree with what the majority of the negative reviews are saying, as someone who cranked out 40 hours of gameplay (split quite evenly between online and offline play) and who completed games on the hardest difficulty level. While I have ideas on what should contribute to a negative review, which will come later in the review, but let’s start by tackling the points I disagree with in the negative reviews.

I believe RNG gets the majority of the blame because a random event occurs at the beginning of every turn, and at every new planet, so it’s pretty much in your face all the time.

Real player with 102.9 hrs in game

This game has the potential to be very fun. Myself and a few friends brought it and really enjoyed the game initially. But we quickly realised that this game is too hard, and not even hard in way that challenges you properly. We have been playing on mild difficulty, since the upper difficulty was seemingly impossilbe.

The game is hard beyond the player’s control, since much of the game mechanics are the result RNG. 90% of the RNG is bad! You receive negative effects that can see you wiped out very quickly. For example, we upgraded our shields to the max very early on, but in response, we started taking much more damage from RNG events.

Real player with 44.7 hrs in game

Space Food Truck on Steam



A long, long time ago, an ancient evil was trapped inside of a magical gong. The gong was struck and released this evil into the world. Now, only one thing can stop it- comedy warriors that compete in improv challenges to appease the evil spirit. If any of them aren’t funny or mess up, they will be punished!

BATSU! is a digital party card game full of hilarious improv challenges and humiliating or painful punishments! The game is based on the hit live Japanese punishment game show in NYC and Chicago. Put your “funny” friends to the test in improv challenges while risking a BATSU! (“punishment”, in Japanese.)

BATSU! on Steam

Café International

Café International

I really like the game. It is perfect for a few quick rounds. Very interesting to find the right strategy. As it is with card games there is an element of luck of course but that’s just the nature of the beast, I guess.

Real player with 198.4 hrs in game

Unfortunately very disappointing

I was really looking forward to this but it is not the classic game from 1989. It is either a later version or the card game. It constantly creates the situation that your hand is full of nations without the corresponding tables being available. Then you have to put these cards on the bar & then, when the tables come up, you don’t have the cards anymore - stupid.

In the original game you knew the tables upfront & if they were full you know that you can put the corresponding cards to the bar because you don’t need them anymore.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Café International on Steam