Golf Peaks

Golf Peaks

(edited to mention world 10 with 12 new levels.)

an excellent puzzle game where you’re given a bunch of cards representing various movement options (number of squares, swing type), and not surprisingly in a golf-themed game, your goal is to lead the ball to the hole. beautiful visuals, music that doesn’t get on your nerves after 5 minutes (except in world 7), separate volume settings, unlimited undo, and post-release support with additional levels, mechanics and music.

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

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Good casual puzzle game

This is definitely one of the easier puzzle games I’ve played, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t well-designed. The mechanics, while not groundbreaking (it is a golf-themed game), are interesting enough and fairly well-executed. I really liked the ‘shot card system’. You start with a fixed hand of cards for each level, each card representing a type of shot (length of shot, chip/ straight shot, etc.). The shots can be hit in any of the four main directions, and each card can only be used once. This means there is a limited number of moves you can use per level, which makes the game simpler and more accessible for inexperienced puzzlers. There are also 120+ levels in the game, which adds some meat to the game, otherwise the game would feel too short as the puzzles are relatively easy to solve.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

Golf Peaks on Steam

Thirty-One 3D Premium

Thirty-One 3D Premium

Realistic 3D Thirty-One simulation with singleplayer, multiplayer and tutorial. With configurable AI strength and many adjustable rule and game variants you can start exciting Crazy 8’s games - or just play for fun.

Compete with tricky computer opponents, or play relaxing rounds with friends or family in online mode!

Game environment, cards, rule variants and much more can be customized! For beginners, there is an animated tutorial in which Thirty-One is explained step-by-step with all the rules.


  • Singleplayer mode with configurable opponent

  • Many rule variations of Thirty-One with up to 6 players

  • Multiplayer mode with LAN or Online mode

  • High Quality full animated 3D graphics

  • Lots of tables, rooms and decks

  • High-performance A.I.: different levels of difficulty

  • Voice output and sound

  • Highscore lists

  • HD widescreen output

  • Tutorial, detailed game instructions and help

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Thirty-One 3D Premium on Steam

School of Magic Prologue

School of Magic Prologue

Very interesting i like how magic/cards works

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

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Hey Everyone, yeah i really liked the Artstyle of the Game. The Soundtrack is well executed. The Combination with the Skill / Spell Cards is pretty stunning. I played the Demo and want definitly see more, when the whole game is finished. People who are invested in Kill the Spire, will be entertained and others have a more easy way to get into that system with the Action RPG part.

Keep on the good Work developers,



Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

School of Magic Prologue on Steam

Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle

Allrighty, folks, we are looking at a gem that doesn’t even know what KIND of gem it is. Is it a strategy? Yes. Is it an Indie? Yes. Is it a Tetris-like game? Yes. Is it procedurally generated? Yes. Is it a Rogue-lite? Yes. Is it Ironman? Yes. Does it involve competition? Yes. Can you play it for hours and hours on end? YES!!!

I was absolutely surprised just how much the game did right. So, in true fashion, let’s take at the good and the Bad.

The Good:

1. Awesome AI. I love AI that can make my life a living hell. The AI will exploit your mistakes, take advantage of them, and crush you, rather than just hang back and let you feel all good for beating it.

Real player with 70.3 hrs in game

I wish I could recommend this game. There is a lot of interesting potential that is wasted here. Unfortunately that’s what it does: waste your time and its own potential.

The “city planning” aspect of the game is purely cosmetic. There is nothing about this that relates to city building aside from the cosmetics. You could pallet swap this with any theme and it would still be a puzzle game. I feel thoroughly mislead that this has anything to do with city planning.

It’s also almost entirely multiplayer focused. The single player campaign is over before you even learn all of the mechanics. Any length you get from it is purely from replaying the same levels in an effort to get a better score.

Real player with 50.5 hrs in game

Concrete Jungle on Steam



I’ve been playing this game for over a year on mobile.

Monolisk is an interesting free to play game, made by a small development team and has great potential.

It’s a fantastic freeware game that gives you the ability to build your own shards (maps) and possibility of combining them in one campaign, moreover, all the maps are created only by the player base. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword, but more on that later.

The map editor is very simple, but at the same time it is very functional. To create the shard you begin by selecting one of the realm card (available in 5 colours) which define the appearance and type of blocks available. Then we choose a same colour of shardstone (available in different sizes) that determines the maximum number of monsters, text signs, object and the number of available blocks.

Real player with 353.0 hrs in game

With this game you can have fun in two ways:

-You can play the maps created by other players:

You will have 5 different types of heroes to choose from, each of which has specific abilities. There are nearly 300 different types of equipment in the game, for now, this translates into infinite possibilities of customizing your hero, so that you can adapt it as you prefer to your playing style.

As for the maps to play, being created by other players, you will find new maps to play every day.

-You can create your own maps to entertain other players:

Real player with 308.2 hrs in game


Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

This made me start reading the books

The 3 Witcher games (though amazing) didn’t have that effect on me, nor did the Netflix show. Here you get a different view on this world, this time through the perspective of a queen. More politics, more intrigue, more information, and choices that don’t affect just you, your friends, and who you’ll sleep with tonight, but entire kingdoms and their inhabitants.

This card game is more of an RPG than 95 out of 100 RPGs out there

The card gameplay is cool if you like gwent, has interesting puzzles for variety too. The deck building was weak though, most of the cards felt not very useful. Played on hardest (bonebreaker) difficulty to avoid the game being too easy and that meant I couldn’t goof around with interesting cards/combinations too much. If only I knew the soul of the game was the RPG element and that I’d spend 40hrs in it! I was expecting something like 10hrs!

Real player with 40.2 hrs in game

Knickers ate my cards. 7/10 if you like card games, a little repetitive in the middle.

Real player with 39.9 hrs in game

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales on Steam

Ash of Gods: The Way

Ash of Gods: The Way

Twenty years have passed since the Great War. Frisa and Berkana kingdoms have managed to forge an uneasy peace but old grievances are not forgotten and new war is inevitable.

The Frisians have groomed new and talented commanders. They did this using a secret game developed by their best strategists to teach young aristocrats tactics and the art of war. Only by proving their tactical prowess can Frisian nobles achieve respect and a high rank. This way, only the best of the best make their way into the command. And soon, Frisa will be ready to strike.

Finn, a young and talented foster-son of Eik, the Berkanan secret service master and a veteran of the old war, is sent on a dangerous mission to participate in Frisian tournaments against the best of nobility in order to stop the war before it starts by eliminating top generals on the tournament arenas.

Gather characters, items and spells, learn about factions and their skills and abilities, level them up to create strong complementary decks and to build unique strategies to surprise your opponents on the battlefield.

Ash of Gods: The Way on Steam

Fights in Tight Spaces (Prologue)

Fights in Tight Spaces (Prologue)

Most exciting demo I have played for a very long time. Highly recommended if you are into games like Slay the Spire or Into the Breach. This game has so much potential but I do have a few concerns.


  • fighting has a puzzle-like aspect to it, planning your move order really matters

  • great art style and animations

  • some potential for different builds and deck styles

  • it’s very fun. the fights themselves are more entertaining/satisfying than the fights in Slay the Spire, and can occasionally even tell little emergent stories (like the incompetent gunman who kills his whole squad by accident.)

Real player with 26.2 hrs in game

The design concept alone is enough to give this game a try, particularly because it’s a free demo. Unlike so many tactical, turn-based combat systems which put you in the shoes of a typical fantasy, sci-fi, or modern miltary role, Fights in Tight Spaces put you in a role that we’ve seen in hundreds of movies and games, but (at least to my memory), don’t often get the chance to play in a turn-based format: That of the close-quarters martial arts master. Your Jason Bournes, John Wicks, Bruce Lees, Batmans, etc.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

Fights in Tight Spaces (Prologue) on Steam

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon

Avalon is dying. King Arthur is long gone, and Knights of the Round Table are in disarray. Guardian Menhirs, the only thing that makes it possible for humans to survive in this remote land, are going dark. Your village chose its best and brightest and sent them on an epic quest to reach Kamelot, find the Grail, and save the land.

You were not among them.

They’ve never returned, and now it’s your turn to lead a band of unlikely heroes, the only ones this land can still provide. These ordinary people set off far too late, under-equipped for the task ahead, and with little hope of success.

Tainted Grail is a dark fantasy open-world RPG with fresh turn-based exploration and combat. It is based around deep, immersive story from one of the best and most innovative board games (biggest Kickstarter project of 2018!), but introduces a whole new experience crafted directly for PC.


Tainted Grail is a deeply immersive experience that takes the best elements of RPG adventures and brings them to the next level through intricately branching storylines. Written by Krzysztof Piskorski, one of the best Polish fantasy writers, it will draw you right in and keep you engaged, surprised, and invested in many secrets of Avalon.

In this dying world, no decision is easy or morally obvious, and you will often face impossible choices. Other times, the consequences of seemingly minor actions will haunt you in the least expected moments. In the end, your impact on Avalon is going reverberate through deep, meaningful changes to the game world - entire towns will raise or fall, land will shatter, ancient powers will be restored, or broken forever.


A major part of the game involves expeditions into the land covered by the Wyrdness, an ancient force twisting people, creatures, and even space itself in all manner of ways .There will be plenty of enemies and weird, unexpected events waiting for you. While dangerous, exploration will be the only way to gather precious resources and, ultimately, to figure out what is happening to Avalon and if it can be stopped.


During combat, you will decide between using skills specific for your hero and figuring out the best possible combinations to do it. Every hero will bring a different playstyle, defined by unique skills, that you will continue to further develop based on your favorite tactic. You will supplement this rich toolset with various items and special moves. All of that makes every encounter a different and exciting tactical challenge!

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon on Steam

School of Magic

School of Magic

School of Magic combines the strategic Depths and replayability of the deckbuilding genre with the intense combat and atmosphere of an Isometric Action RPG.


You have always wanted to be a Wizard, but a poor bloke like you couldn’t afford the School of Magic. However, this is the first year with a scholarship, you just need to pass the entrance exam and you will be trained to become a real wizard.


The wizards of the School of Magic created a magical World to test the applicants. To pass the entrance exam you will need to use your spells wisely and find the exit of this world.


Whenever you start the exam, you will have new spells to learn, a new world to explore and new characters to meet. Unlock new spells and encounters to increase the number of options you have in each run.


  • Will there be a beta, and if so, when?

    There will be a closed beta later on but currently, but I do not have any fixed dates yet.

    • Is this game really a deckbuilding game?

      The term deckbuilding as it is commonly used in video games seems to be quite fitting, but instead of playing cards for combat, you have real-time Hack and Slash combat. If you are a board game player, the more appropriate term would be drafting.

    • How many people are working on this game?

      The game is being developed only by me (Nikolas Crisci).

School of Magic on Steam