The Corpsmen

The Corpsmen

Unless you have a passion for making an ultimate abomination, the content of this game, at the moment, only amounts to 2 hours tops.

Game got great concept and a very solid core, but very messy in many ways. Bugs, crashes, lags. Afaik the devs are aware of the bugs and UI issues, so it should be fixed eventually, but for now, if you can’t stand “true” early access games, I’d say you wishlish this and wait. “True” early access as in, it really is an early access game, unlike many modern games where it’s pretty much complete but they just put the early access tag there as an excuse in case anything goes wrong, this game really is in early access state where the game pretty much is incomplete, but out there early so people can test it out.

Real player with 33.8 hrs in game

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Warning before I post this. This game is still in development, and as such has some issues. That being said it just had a huge update, and a rather riveting beta phase for such an update. The development team seems to be paying attention to the forums and are able and willing to answer questions, even inane ones like that kind I ask.

They are working hard on fixing the bugs and issues, even at this current moment as I type this up.

That being said, I do recommend this game.

I should go over it, so here I go.

Real player with 33.3 hrs in game

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