Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator

I’m a writer, and I fell in love with Alexis Kennedy’s imagery and lore. I was never into videogames, but the storytelling and atmosphere really spoke to me. I recommend it to dreamers and problem-solvers alike.

Real player with 1273.0 hrs in game

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This game has to be the single most difficult game I’ve ever played, I wont lie.

Like it’s one thing if a game is hard as balls, but this game physically hurts to play.

It’s not even a matter of frustration or anything like that.

All I have to do is look at the game board, and then my head starts to pound.

No game I have ever played before has had me slam my head down on my desk after winning because winning means I don’t have to torture myself anymore …until my brain decides that starting a new run is a good idea, that is.

Real player with 90.7 hrs in game

Cultist Simulator on Steam



Nadir - the point on the celestial sphere directly below an observer. It’s the direct opposite of the zenith… and your destination.


Nadir is a dark deckbuilding roguelike adventure, with its artwork burning of infernal fire, and many extraordinary inspirations, the deepest of them coming straight from Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Control powerful, yet extremely blemished teams of characters, each representing one of the deadly sins. Fight using a plethora of unholy cards and try to escape the seemingly endless, multi-layered city.


The Threat Counter shows how powerful the enemy’s attacks will become. There is no limit of played cards, but each of them adds points to the Threat Counter, so you’ll have to manage your risk-taking.


Each character on your team contributes to your main deck; find synergies between each Sinner’s cards and build a dream (or nightmare) team.


Every Sin has its own group of Sinners, shells that will bring its will to Nadir. As the sinners’ journey progresses, their power will grow, unlocking new abilities to fight even stronger threats. And if they shall fall, the abyss will produce more fools to try.


Do you prefer raw damage or a more cunning way of poison? There is a multitude of different card effects to choose from. But remember that the enemy will attack you back, so you better look for cards that will decrease the Threat Counter.


Each level of Nadir has its own Floor Guardian that you will have to defeat in order to go deeper into the city. But be careful, each of them has a unique ability!


This goal seems simple, but considering the characteristics of Sins, will they be able to divide the power between them?


Watch your back on your way to the bottom of Nadir, taking time to admire its horrific look. It might feel familiar – from the wonders of the Divine Comedy, to desaturated aesthetics of Sin City, to the unforgettable design of Hellboy – yet not comfortable at all.


Devil’s in the detail and that’s why Nadir offers a built-in, extensive modding support for those who want to expand the world of Nadir and imprint their twisted fantasies onto every inch of the game.

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Nadir on Steam

Hunt: The Unknown Quarry

Hunt: The Unknown Quarry

I’m thoroughly enjoying this game. It’s a great alternative to Cluedo, but slightly more challenging and in-depth, in my opinion. It may take a few games to get to grips with the mechanics, cards and options available, but it won’t be long before you find yourself either being targeted/preyed upon or interrogating/attacking other players. It’s a dog-eat-dog type of survival game, where everyone’s out for themselves including the monster. The theme and daunting background music enhance the game, making you feel slightly uneasy (like prey), not knowing for sure who, what or where the monster is, unless they reveal themselves. Also, playing as the monster is an additional challenge, which requires an alternative strategic approach. You’ll soon find you can’t just go around munching on fellow opponents in broad daylight, but have to maintain a far more stealthy disposition. I felt the game was fairly balanced well, particularly if playing the monster against AI opponents (for mediocre players). However, I haven’t had the chance to properly play any friends online yet, so can’t say if this will be the case against live players, who I think will be a little more savvy. In any case, I believe this could only enhance the game further, making self-preservation more challenging. I’ve seen other comments related to lack of online activity (no one to play with) and about playing for free. For me personally, it’s no big deal, never felt the real need to be able to play strangers online. I took a gamble, bought the game and tested inviting a friend to play (for free), which worked fine, no issues. I was sceptical at first after reading some comments, but am extremely pleased to say how glad I am that I made this purchase. I can’t recommend ‘Hunt…’ highly enough, for those who love Cluedo, Mystery of the Abbey (tabletop games), but then maybe I’m just extremely optimistic and easily pleased.

Real player with 30.6 hrs in game

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Okay I love this game. Like a lot it mixes a lot of elements I like. It has a huge learning curve as many said which I think could be cut down like if you had a sheet or a tab to check what monsters did what that would be cool. Other than that the people complaining about assholes in chats and that didn’t group play I bet, its would be much easier playing with just friends than random people

Over all I don’t make a lot of reviews but i love this game so fucking much I’m leaving a review.

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game

Hunt: The Unknown Quarry on Steam



Played through it twice, the game is the best of it’s kind, rogue like and incredible deck building elements, this game has that “little extra” that games like this need to be successful.

Real player with 56.7 hrs in game

great gameplay, amazing story, just wish you could play against the wizard and necromancer too

Real player with 55.7 hrs in game

Inscryption on Steam

Easy puzzle: Animals

Easy puzzle: Animals

A good puzzle game, beautiful design

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Sound: 6

Graphics: 7

Story: 0

Gameplay: 7

Commands: 7

Fun: 7

Time to load / lag: 10

Bugs / Problems: 9

Final (my score, my rules - these is not math, punk) - 7

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Easy puzzle: Animals on Steam



THE SPIRIT LIFT is a deck-building rogue-like horror adventure set in a haunted hotel.

_Dare to explore a haunted hotel?

Where countless ghosts and monsters dwell?

Danger lurks behind each door

As you ascend to the 13th floor

What secrets shall tonight unveil?

And who will live to tell the tale?_

It’s the 1990s. A magical elevator awakens in an abandoned hotel as several teenagers enter on a dare. They’re about to get the ride of their life, because this place is haunted on so many levels! Make it to the top and fight the boss to learn the hotel’s secrets. And if your team checks out early? Be kind, rewind, and better luck next time…

Gameplay Features:

  • Your starting team determines your strategy, so choose wisely. Each character has a special ability and a custom set of starting cards. They’ll also react differently as the story unfolds.

  • Find more equipment cards by exploring rooms. Use your deck to fight the creatures who prowl each floor.

  • Each run is a unique hotel experience. Different bosses influence battles and events across a randomly generated layout.

(Note that THE SPIRIT LIFT is still in development. Check out our social media links to follow our progress!)


Cards of the Dead

Cards of the Dead

At first the game felt fine…and then it becomes clear that the only way you can progress is by brute-forcing it. There’s no strategy, there’s no cleverly using character abilities. It’s just sheer dumb luck and the deck is massively stacked against you. It didn’t become apparent until after the 2 hour mark, and the second story is absolutely infuriating in how badly it is designed in regards to gameplay. REQUIRING SERUM TO USE A GUN THAT YOU HAND OUT LIKE CANDY IS BAD WHEN YOU HAVE TO USE THAT TO SURVIVE.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

The rules are simple, survive.

That being said, the game is really difficult. But, there’s pretty frequent auto-saves to help you along. If you enjoy RPG’s and are willing to play a card-game variant, give it a go. I’ve enjoyed it so far.

After an additional 5 hours, I can say that the game is still difficult. It’s a lot of trial and error, which I can appreciate as you’re really learning how to play as you go. I’ve just beaten the game and am only missing the 100% completion achievements, so that’s probably another hour or so, but overall, the game’s decently short. Personally, I’d recommend the game as it’s priced, especially for all those that love Indie games, but on sale, it’s definitely worth it!

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Cards of the Dead on Steam

The Monster Within

The Monster Within

The Monster Within is a deckbuilding game that oozes atmosphere. The art and music are excellent and do a great job of putting you in the setting.

Admittedly, there are a lot of deckbuilders. So, what does this game bring to the deckbuilder genre other than a fantastic theme? First, the cards you can choose to buy are dictated by your health. The lower your health, the more powerful cards you can buy - but, of course, the closer you are to losing. This mechanism feels really good, especially because the rounds go a little longer than most deckbuilders. Which brings up something else different about The Monster Within - The longer rounds allow you to really build your deck around a theme and capitalize on that theme. The third thing that sets this game apart is that the developer is extremely responsive - seriously. Join the discord and have your bugs taken care of pronto.

Real player with 17.3 hrs in game

At present i wouldn’t recommend. The progression in the game is based on doing things to unlock stuff (thankfully if you click on the locked stuff, it will tell you what you need to do to unlock it, in theory) sadly in reality, i have beaten the game with the scientist multiple times, it didn’t unlock what it’s supposed to, i beat the game on the blood 1 difficulty again multiple times , again no unlock, so i can’t unlock any more characters, cards or ailments until this is fixed.

What i have played so far has been kind of fun though, so if and or when this gets fixed chances are pretty good i would change my review to recommend.

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

The Monster Within on Steam

Animals Memory

Animals Memory

Nicely designed meme memory game with a decent level progression, cute animal pictures and a peaceful soundtrack. Resolution and window mode can be set via the typical Unity launcher.

Quick developer response and fix about a broken achievement, now they can be done in minutes.

The content is okay for the price.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game


3/5 Stars - Classic memory game, and easy achievements. Does get difficult trying to remember where every match is. I only recommend this game for those who like memory games, or looking for easy achievements.


Single Player, Casual, Puzzle, Memory, Family Friendly


Release Date: Dec. 2017 - Over look the animal tiles for a few seconds, then the tiles turn over and the matching begins. Find a match of two like animals and turn over the remaining tiles to progress to the next stage.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Animals Memory on Steam

Zombie Solitaire

Zombie Solitaire

Everyone knows what Solitaire is. We all know it can be played for free at any time. Reason most of us buy solitaire games is because we expect a bit more than the regular game that we’re used to.

Zombie Solitaire seems to try and give us that but falls very short. Unlike original Solitaire, you can move in any direction and your colour suit doesn’t matter, which ends up making the game pretty easy. In between different escape stages, you solve a point and click ‘puzzle’ (if it can even be called that) which never takes more than a few seconds. You’ll start getting bored on the first chapter and because the game doesn’t offer any challenge, regardless of your progression, that’s how you’ll feel the rest of the game.

Real player with 14.7 hrs in game

zombie solitaire is not a terrible game. you get your standard solitaire gameplay with a zombie theme and good enough artwork, there are even point & click sections, albeit very basic ones, before entering each area, and there are 103 levels to play through, so you should be entertained for a few hours. or you would be if it weren’t for a few issues.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Zombie Solitaire on Steam