Grid Slayer

Grid Slayer

Replayability allert!

Please let the look not mislead you. This game should be played by every player who likes card battles.

This game hits all the right buttons to be fun to play.

You are dropped on a gridfield and you get to choose where. Weather and environment are part of the things you need to keep in mind.

You start with a small number of assets (cards) and it is up to you how to use and manipulate (mods)those.

If you win, you gain cards and mods. If you lose, you sometimes get money to buy certain upgrades.

Real player with 16.5 hrs in game

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I just started this game and I already love it. If you are into strategy games that are easy to pick up but take a while to master, then this is the game for you. I like the characters and the different challenges that are put on the field, Only thing I would like to see is a fun animation when you kill one of the bad guys, I will edit my review as I get more into this game. Thanks for your time and happy gaming : )

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

Grid Slayer on Steam

Cards and Castles 2

Cards and Castles 2

An incredible game. A perfect blend of a CCG and a tactical board game. There are no micro transactions, and there is a ton of depth to the game play both in multiplayer and singleplayer. The lore, music, and aesthetic are all great. It also has a thriving community from its prior game so it does not have to start from scratch.

This is still only early access to, there are many great plans for it in the future.

Real player with 336.0 hrs in game

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Cards and Castles 2 is an incredibly fun sequel to the original Cards and Castles and takes the game in a new exciting and creative direction. For those who liked the original Cards and Castles or enjoy strategy and/or card games I highly recommend taking a look into this game. If you’re looking for more insight, here are some of my key points from this game (Reminder that this is an Early Access Review):


  • The game largely maintains the original’s gameplay style while spinning it in a new way to make it stand out from it’s predecessor. As someone who put a lot of time into the original game I appreciated that the gameplay did not drastically differ. However, I love how it maintains it’s own fresh identity for players to experience a new challenge

Real player with 154.2 hrs in game

Cards and Castles 2 on Steam

Kingslayer: The First Assassin

Kingslayer: The First Assassin

The graphics are very simple and the guitar music is pleasant.

The puzzles surprised me, they are really interesting and smart. I liked this game.

The option to download the music is welcome, the on-screen menu is intuitive, clean and works well.

The level selection is very good.

Extreme simplicity in everything, but it fulfills what is proposed.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

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A simple and yet very fun puzzle game! The medieval atmosphere sets the mood with a clean minimalistic design. Recommended for the puzzle lovers!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Kingslayer: The First Assassin on Steam

Rise Of The Overlords

Rise Of The Overlords

  • Select an Overlord with unique stats and abilities to represent you in the battlefield

  • Add powerful units, spells and equipments to your deck

  • Fight your opponents in dynamic battlefields

  • Explore dungeons, fight epic bosses, collect treasures, find secret rooms, avoid traps… and much more

  • Adapt your play to the battlefield and to your opponent

  • Discover a legendary world full of stories to be told

The Rise of the Overlords world is a vast terrain where different races coexist. Some of those races have common purposes and group them under factions. Those factions have evolved and specialized in the art of war using particular techniques that allow them to develop different strategies in the battlefield.

Currently, there are three factions available but there will be more factions who will join the fight in the future. Select the faction that better represent your game play. Do you prefer brute force and close combat? or ranged combat and traps better suits you? or would you go with heavily armored units and healing spells? It’s up to you to create your own strategy to defeat your opponent.

  • Enhance your Overlord and units through legendary equipments

  • Cast powerful spells to erase your enemies

Rise Of The Overlords on Steam

Freebooter of SPLORR!!

Freebooter of SPLORR!!

I flung turds at a werewolf, bribed some bats, dropped my trousers and defeated a dragon. All this while drinking beer, wine and coffee to keep me going! Was an interesting, random pickup ex’splorring' this game. Trying to win on hard mode now and not poop myself… again.

Definitely recommended for some lighthearted quirky fun!

Real player with 23.2 hrs in game

Freebooter of SPLORR!! is a fun call back to dungeon crawlers of old. Mixed with some great humour and unique encounters, this is definitely worth it. The music and sound effects are on point, giving you an immersive experience.

The randomness of the dungeons ensures plenty of mixed gameplay, and plenty of achievements to work your way towards! Great game if you love the dungeon crawler style games! Highly recommend!

Real player with 12.8 hrs in game

Freebooter of SPLORR!! on Steam

Lucid Steam

Lucid Steam

This game is currently a bit rough around the edges, but with a bit of polishing could end up really great!

Right now though, it could use more tooltips to help people understand what’s going on and what effects what.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Lucid Steam on Steam

World Seed

World Seed


But I highly encourage purchasing on steam to support the developer.

This is probably the highest potential game I have seen in a while. The foundation is excellent and the developer consistently takes suggestions and feedback from the community. I highly suggest joining the Discord –


  • Active developer

  • Active discord and helpful community

  • Build variety

  • Build balance

  • Appropriate risk vs. reward

  • Simple yet meaningful progression

Real player with 255.2 hrs in game

Before reading this, do understand that its being developed by 1 single person and that this game is available for free outside steam, buying it here is simply supporting the dev and unlocking access to it through steam.

The game is a very charming timesink, it looks rather simpistic/minimalistic yet offers a good amount of depth and complexity.

The developer is extremely active as of writing this review, you can easily get a hold of him directly to ask for help or give suggestions in discord and he’ll give you time to actually listen and respond.

Real player with 125.1 hrs in game

World Seed on Steam

Sketch Crawler

Sketch Crawler

Sketch Crawler is a super-creative deck-building roguelike single player RPG game about the King of Cartoons who lost his kingdom in a wicked magic picture.

The Magic of Drawing

With just one click, you can redraw any object in the game: creatures, spells, walls, furniture, and decorations. Your drawings will be saved and used for further generations of the Sketch Crawler world.

The Мagic of Сolor

In the world of Sketch Crawler, colors have their own mysterious power. By adding a color to a creature, you can add new abilities and powers to it. By adding a color to a magic spell you can greatly enhance it.

Endless Fun

The procedural generation of dungeons and enemies gives you endless gameplay.


You will die many times and start over and over again, trying to save the King of Cartoons. And that’s okay. The cool thing is that once you make it through the dungeon, you’ll keep all the cards you have collected along the way and your next campaigns will be better prepared.


There is no need to kill to win here. You can let your enemy escape, the amount of loot and experience you get will not change.

Experimental Game

We are experimenting with letting players create whatever they want and make it matter in the game. We want to tempt players to draw.

A Place for a Scene

You will also be able to record voiceovers for all your characters and even for your enemies!


  • Everything you draw appears in a procedurally generated world.

  • Conquer dungeons with turn-based card combat.

  • Build your ultimate deck from cards you find.

  • Redraw found cards to give them new properties.

  • Draw creatures and see them fighting for you.

Sketch Crawler on Steam

Staff Only

Staff Only

I really begin to love this game. In the beginning I thought “Well, game mechanics somewhat like ‘night cities’, fun, but not too hard to win” but man what a difference it makes, if you add rules which add/remove boni and mali to certain cells. For 10 bucks a must have in my opinion.

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

Great game so far, cant wait to see what it develops into

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

Staff Only on Steam



Superbly fun game to play and kill time, the attacks and deck building aspects are pretty smooth and simple.

  • Its a rather short play time for a game (as most sokpop titles should be in spirit) and I would absolutely love to see some kind of expansion on this game. It is a far fetched idea but it’s unlike any deck builder I’ve ever played.

Would highly recommend :^)

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Toverblade is honestly one of the most addicting little games I’ve ever played. It’s a game where you move around the board to deliver attacks to your wonderfully diverse enemies. Collecting all the different types of attacks as cards, and leveling up your little hero is such a rewarding and fun premise that if either you’re getting this on steam for 6$ or getting it as apart of your sokpop patreon subscription like I did, this game is well worth the time.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Toverblade on Steam