Chaincards is a JRPG where you play as Chain, a young wizard whose goal is to find out his master’s magic notes to reveal the secrets behind his mysterious death. Search powerful spells exploring dungeons. Learn how to control them and unleash the power of magic cards to fight demons and evil magicians. Unveil the truth.

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Chaincards on Steam

Spider Solitaire F

Spider Solitaire F

I really enjoy this version of Solitaire, I actually find the use of the keyboard a lot easier than a mouse.

I’m not sure what people are complaining about with that..

I can also play windowed or FS. So thats fun.

100 levels of cards. It’s a good game to pass the time.

Real player with 100.0 hrs in game

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After 16 hours I have successfully completed every level to unlock all the achievements. There are 100 different preset games you have to complete. Ten rounds were easy (one suit), twenty rounds were normal (two suits) and seventy rounds were hard (four suits). The game has some very relaxing music along with different ways to change the theme (after completing an achievement). Overall rating 6/10. There were two things that made the game a bit more frustrating which was the lack of mouse support; so you were forced to use the arrow keys and press enter to click. The other problem was not being able to play at full screen but only in window mode.

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

Spider Solitaire F on Steam

Spiral to Despair

Spiral to Despair

Spiral to Despair is a blackjack style card game infused with RPG elements set in the depths of hell.

You will be facing demons across the hell to solve the mystery of your origin and unravel your story.

  • Progress through story and clear dungeons by defeating monsters in the game of blackjack, loot items and valuables.

  • Use potions and flasks in your encounters to enhance your abilities and stats.

  • Enchant items, unleash legendaries and upgrade charms to get stronger.

  • Unlock achievements by doing various tasks and progressing.

You can export your save to cloud server and access it from another devices and continue your adventure.

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Spiral to Despair on Steam

Erannorth Chronicles

Erannorth Chronicles

I got this game for free because I won it as part of a modding contest for Erannorth Reborn. So I had to put effort into making the mod and win the contest. So it wasn’t really a handout.

This is the best deck builder RPG I ever played.

The character creation alone allows a degree of freedom that no other game like this can hope to achieve.

“A-Stranger” and “DaGibus” reviews already say pretty much of what I would say myself (and much better than I would too). So I will point at their reviews instead. Let’s just say I agree with them.

Real player with 439.9 hrs in game

Edit: With the introduction of Pariah mode I’m having a lot more fun and feeling a good sense of progression. I’m getting some loot rewards that I can’t use yet which is a great motivation to keep going and get stronger. It was really tough to start out in that mode so I ended up starting in Quest mode until I felt I had good enough healing and crowd control to move my toon from the Book of Heroes to Pariah mode.

This is a really fun deck builder for people who love theory crafting and min/maxing character concepts. Many combinations of customization to explore. I like that you can play in different game modes so if you want to explore a world map you can do that, but if you’d rather just get to the tactical fighting you can run a gauntlet instead. You can also customize a lot of game parameters such as the number of enemies that will arrive in a typical encounter, etc.

Real player with 158.4 hrs in game

Erannorth Chronicles on Steam

Seblen: Battle!

Seblen: Battle!

Single player was fun. Didnt get to play vs anyone else yet on MP. Maybe after its been out longer. Art is great. Worth the buy.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

The game is decently fun but there is no content what so ever. I wish there was a way to edit my deck and a story mode or something. As things stand it’s not worth the money as the only option available is to fight the AI.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Seblen: Battle! on Steam

Andor - Wrecking Dawn

Andor - Wrecking Dawn

Although Andor is not so competitive comparing to other hot card collection games, it is still a choice to take an easy free game in Andor. The true game can be start in hours after you know its rule by some detail introductions, and a good news is that basic cards (white and blue) is easy to get, as you can get tons of packs in many ways. I see this game still has problems, but they are willing to fix it if you report.

Real player with 133.7 hrs in game

For playing several card games like Hearthstone, Faeria, ESL, etc. I must say that I enjoy my experience in Andor so far.

The game is very promising …

The graphics and the music are good. The gameplay works well and the system is original on some points like having to discard cards to get mana unlike the majority of games of the genre where it increases automatically every turn. The system of rows and lines of attack as well as that of spells and counterattacks are also aspects of the game that are new and enjoyable. Deck and strategy possibilities are many and varied. The single player campaign is quite long and already offers many challenges.

Real player with 56.8 hrs in game

Andor - Wrecking Dawn on Steam

Deepest Chamber

Deepest Chamber

2 days in is too soon to give a full evaluation, but I am certainly enjoying this early access game. It’s a crowded genre, and this game is not without its similarities to others. However there are stand out aspects to this game that I greatly appreciate. The enemy combat prediction is unlike I’ve seen before and very enjoyable to dive into for each of the classes. Each enemy has a variety of various abilities, each tied to its own cool down timer, and fully visible. Building my decks as i get to know the enemy better has been a joy to evolve.

Real player with 55.0 hrs in game

Deepest Chamber is an interesting title, with great visuals mixing elements from Darkest Dungeons and Slay the Spire.

I agree with a lot of the reviews, both hoping to see the development of the game in the future, but also the negative side, such as lack of card synergy, trinket management and cluttered UI.

A downside I would like to add is the evolving difficulty.

  • Whenever you complete a certain amount of kills of various enemies, you will be able to “unlock” them into more opponents you will meet in future runs.

Real player with 20.5 hrs in game

Deepest Chamber on Steam

Fate in the Darkness

Fate in the Darkness

As planned this is an RPG-sandbox in board game style, with a gothic fantasy atmosphere.

А living own life world, which you can interact through the game character, attended events, tasks and game deck.

The goal of this project is to port board game.

In this time the gameplay is a journey through the main game location.

This demonstrates the work I have done, from scratch.

The game is raw.

Core aspects such as: generation of game characters, map-pocessing algorythm, most part of AI logic and e.t.c. are mostly done. But still in need of optimization and content. Also there is a dungeon map-generator, but it’s unfinished and not integrated.

**Graphics will be changed and balance will be updated. Plenty of dialogs, events, tasks, items and objects are gonna be added.

Have in plans to add co-op up to 4 players and map-creation tools.**

Since it’s my pesonal project - I can change/add/delete any part of it if I see fit.


Fate in the Darkness on Steam