Golf Peaks

Golf Peaks

(edited to mention world 10 with 12 new levels.)

an excellent puzzle game where you’re given a bunch of cards representing various movement options (number of squares, swing type), and not surprisingly in a golf-themed game, your goal is to lead the ball to the hole. beautiful visuals, music that doesn’t get on your nerves after 5 minutes (except in world 7), separate volume settings, unlimited undo, and post-release support with additional levels, mechanics and music.

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

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Good casual puzzle game

This is definitely one of the easier puzzle games I’ve played, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t well-designed. The mechanics, while not groundbreaking (it is a golf-themed game), are interesting enough and fairly well-executed. I really liked the ‘shot card system’. You start with a fixed hand of cards for each level, each card representing a type of shot (length of shot, chip/ straight shot, etc.). The shots can be hit in any of the four main directions, and each card can only be used once. This means there is a limited number of moves you can use per level, which makes the game simpler and more accessible for inexperienced puzzlers. There are also 120+ levels in the game, which adds some meat to the game, otherwise the game would feel too short as the puzzles are relatively easy to solve.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

Golf Peaks on Steam

Encore Card Games Collection

Encore Card Games Collection

paid $22.00 for this game and because i selected full screen i cant get in it because the far left of the screen is all i can see so i deleted it with plans to reinstall but now says already in library, but not on system. how do i fix this? there didnt seem to be a go back button to fix this, any answers would be of big help short of repurchasing, what ive already paid for. Anyway am stuck with no usable game cause the screen tripled in size and cant see any cards to play !!!!

Real player with 128.8 hrs in game

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Fun and face pace. Lots TO DO. love it.

Real player with 111.8 hrs in game

Encore Card Games Collection on Steam



Golfie is a roguelite mini-golf deck builder (yes, you read that correctly!)

  • Play through infinite procedurally generated levels! From floating islands to dank dungeons, there is much to explore!

  • Build your deck of crazy abilities you’ve never seen before in a golf game!

  • Collect crystals to obtain new cards and perks!

  • Gather coins to spend in the shops

  • Try to survive and beat all 18 levels! Don’t worry, if you fail you can just start a new run!

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Golfie on Steam