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World of Myths

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[TL;DR: Deep and diverse strategy, critical decisions each turn, no reliance on RNG, perfect for thoughtful gamers. Heartily recommended.]

The main decision criteria most people have when picking a Collectible Card Game largely boils down to two: a) the amount of fun one has playing the game, and b) how strategically intensive it is. Certainly there are other aspects to any game, such as shiny visual effects, a smooth user experience, a high level of support from the developers, an active player community and so on, but ultimately the game mechanics are what keep one invested in a game long after initial excitement provided by flashing lights has faded. What it does becomes more important than how it does it, and a large part of the fun comes from exploring how deep the rabbit hole goes. So what does World of Myths do that deserves your attention?

Real player with 463.1 hrs in game

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Review Updated

This game deserves attention, it tackles mythos you don’t really see often (planned later)

has interesting combat concepts and looks like it could be good.

but the combat is just clunky

the ai is terrible

the tutorial is terrible.

Ads have been changed to not feel as in your face after you unlock a God, you now have to play a few games with said god for the ad to appear.

The big update mentioned in this review has happened an it brought on a list of new changes to this games monitezation model

Real player with 224.6 hrs in game

World of Myths on Steam

KARDS - The WWII Card Game

KARDS - The WWII Card Game


“The one on one ccg that a indie developer got right…and a billion dollar company didn’t.."

What can I say?… As a disgruntled player from the swampy pits of the now dead artifact community, I was left a stray. The absolute failure of Artifact had left a bad taste in my mouth and I was desperately looking for something to fill the gap. By chance I took notice of this simple but yet finely tuned card game name…“Kards”..haha! At first I thought it would be nothing new. Another ccg until something else popped up, but after playing my tutorial match..I knew right away that this game was far leagues better. First off the playing field was straight forward. You have an HQ with 20hp and each player takes turns to diminish the other players base, but there is a simple addition that takes the strategy of playing up a notch…the frontline.

Real player with 1837.5 hrs in game

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-In Kards you are asked simulate WW2 battles using CCG mechanics, with Kards representing typical units (Infantry, Tanks, Arty, Fighters, Bombers) as well as a wide variety of military style “Orders” and “Countermeasures”,

-The Kards artwork and historical write-ups are high quality so a fun diversion for WW2 nerds to view and read even before you begin playing,

-You may play as any of the “Big 5” nations of the war: Germany, Japan, UK, USA USSR, as well as 2 smaller allied factions: Italy and France, EDIT: Poland added June 2021.

Real player with 936.5 hrs in game

KARDS - The WWII Card Game on Steam

Collective: the Community Created Card Game

Collective: the Community Created Card Game

Huge Change:

They removed the Draft feature that triggered every time you levelled up your character in a match… The single most important distinguishing feature that made this card game what it was for me and unique among the others.

Huge thumbs down for me, I had grown to love this game mainly due to the excitement of drafting at each level up. Without that, the game is as good as dead for me and not much different to other card games out there. Will still give it a chance, but I cannot express enough how disappointed I am in this and how much i disapprove this change.

Real player with 357.0 hrs in game

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After over 140 hours and almost 2 months playing it, It has interesting concepts but some serious downfalls.


A - Trying to Encourage Player Participation

This seems like a good idea that has been tried in different ways in other card games, just that by now I would have expected people to learn from those previous games and have guidelines to avoid mistakes made before.

B - Both Single and Multiplayer

Card games with both seem to do better than those with only 1 except for either modern roguelike games (Slay the Spire, Iris and the Giant, etc.) or older games from years ago when multiplayer was more rare (original Magic: The Gathering from 1997, etc.).

Real player with 151.6 hrs in game

Collective: the Community Created Card Game on Steam

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

I have put a lot of thought to what I would give this game. From about 2500+ hours worth of play I will say that I WOULD RECOMMEND AND NOT RECOMMEND this game to others. I wish there was a neutral choice when it comes to reviews.


The overall game has the different faces of NOSTALGIA; the anime, the TCG and the OCG before newer summoning conditions and cards were introduced. The format is a bit different but its EASY to catch on. Reliving the past life of Yugioh! gave me vibes and had my attention. There are even WEBSITES and DISCORD CHANNELS that are available for ADVICE and STRUCTURE build decks to go for KOG (King of Games). Duel Links not only provides PvP around the world, but the game launches weekly (or 2 week) PvE events that are helpful to receive new cards or obtain in-game currency. Gold, Jewels, Skill Chips, Keys. Those items can be used in exchange of new cards or skills from the card trader( when you level up at a certain level), which is very useful for newer duelists. I really do like the addition of skill chips because it would take awhile for me to obtain every skill form every duelist. Though it is still slow, it still helps out. The one thing I believe we care about most are the GEMS! Whenever its winning a duel from PvP, a new box is released, an apology notice, PvE events or any special occasion days we are happy to receive gems. These gems are used for purchasing packs(packs of 3 cards, excluding selection boxes) from set boxes.I believe this year Konami decided to decrease the gem value given to duelists, that way everyone would have to play much more than before, but also for something else (Will get back to). Basically, WE ARE GETTING SOMETHING NEW each week or any other day whenever we initiate Links. Konami may not give out the exact things we want, but AT LEAST THEY ARE ACTIVE and provide new or some content. If I were to persuade or meet any friends to play Yugioh Duel Links, that be wonderful! For newer duelists that like Yugioh! and is curious about Duel Links, I say give it a try and DECIDE if this is your type of game.

Real player with 4088.8 hrs in game

I’ve played over 4000 duels on the mobile version as I’m writing this, and I’m sure I have at least a few hundred hours invested into this game. I enjoy playing this game a lot, and I’ll explain why this game is worth my time here.

For a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh veterans like myself, the newer, flashier, modern TCG is too fast and lacks strategic depth. Synchro summoning may be passable for some, but XYZ, Pendulum, and now Link summoning is… weird. We miss Tribute and Ritual summoning, and we enjoy the slower format of the game.

Real player with 1424.1 hrs in game

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links on Steam

Eternal Card Game

Eternal Card Game

Finally! Eternal Card Game is the game Wizards of the Coast should have created 10 years ago. Had Wizards created an accessible, attractive and intuitive OCCG based on MTG, they would be the dominant player in the market going on a decade now. However, their short-sightedness and unwillingness to experiment with their IP means we had to wait for Eternal to scratch our Magic itch. (Hex, while a beautiful and intricate game, lacks the ‘accessible’ and ‘intuitive’ aspects that Hearthstone and Eternal meet)

Real player with 2302.5 hrs in game

I’ve played Magic on and off my whole life and spent at least 1000 hours playing Hearthstone. I had MTGO since the very beginning, and Hearthstone since late 2013 near the end of the open beta. Eternal is the best online card game I’ve ever played. It combines the best aspects of Magic’s strategic depth and Hearthstone’s fast-paced accessibility while avoiding their flaws.


Magic will always be expensive because it’s a tradable CCG with a reserve list of cards that can’t be reprinted and expensive booster packs. Most cards lose tons of value when they rotate out of standard. MTGO is less expensive and more liquid than physical cards, but still expensive. Recently, Wizards have added features similar to other digital CCGs like treasure chests.

Real player with 1141.6 hrs in game

Eternal Card Game on Steam



Hearthstone bored me to death.

I quit after a week of play… my roommate had me play one of his decks a year later and I went 10-1. Yawn to the max.

Anyway, he also introduced me to magic years ago in college and I loved playing alongside a couple brews and greenery. However; deck building seemed like such a chore so I would only use his constructed decks. I mean, what college student wants to dig through a bag of thousands of cards or go spend money at a card shop? Not this one.

Enter spell weaver. I was looking for a new ccg for the house to play and I stumbled upon this little gem. Man, I have not been disappointed.

Real player with 3629.4 hrs in game


-Beautiful presentation and excellent card designs, the game has a relaxing atmosphere and is a pleasure to play because of this. Small improvements could still be made to the board and ui and display options, such as an improved sorting system for the graveyard.

-Sophisticated Combat system, best in card game industry, ability for creatures to block, combat tricks, speed, mana and draw management system is top notch great decision making.

-Multiple Heroes and Powers with ability to have up to 3. Which is nice. But the Heroes themselves cannot fight which sucks.

Real player with 1769.5 hrs in game

Spellweaver on Steam

Nova Blitz

Nova Blitz

If you know the general gist of Nova Blitz and want the good stuff, just scroll down to the Pros/Cons section. 3

Nova Blitz is one of the few Online CCGs that manages to carve out a unique niche for itself in the post Hearthstone era. As someone who has played NB since early, early Alpha I’ve had the pleasure of watching this game go through it’s many, many transformations. From the days when Energy used to be in card form ala MtG to when creatures sported ungodly statistical numbers even at early levels. So I can say with complete confidence that the game you see here is a long running work in progress, and very much the best version of the game ever presented.

Real player with 183.2 hrs in game

Nova Blitz is a fun and fast-paced card game with similarities to both Hearthstone and Magic: the Gathering. Unlike those games, however, in Nova Blitz both players take their turns simultaneously. This can lead to a quick series of actions as players act and react.

As well, the combat system is bluff based, making for fun strategic decisions. When combat starts, each player decides what they want each of their units to do in the combat. They can attempt to attack the opponent directly, attempt to block an enemy unit you think will be attacking, or just not participate at all. So to make the proper decisions you will need to get in your opponent’s head and try to determine the choices they will make. Of course, they’ll be doing the same thing, getting in your head, which may change their decisions from what you think they’ll do! Choices are not revealed until they are all made, and then combat resolves. The player with Initiative has their attackers resolve first, in the order that they were declared as attackers (this can be important! some units have effects that could change other units in combat!). Then the other player’s attackers resolve.

Real player with 57.8 hrs in game

Nova Blitz on Steam

Cards and Castles

Cards and Castles

Oh Cards and Castles, When i ran into this game over 2-3 years ago, I have to be honest I didn’t expect much. Now looking where I am and the game is today I felt like this game may have been one of the greatest games I’ve ever run into. The game itself is a great combonation of Collectible cards and strategy with very intersting mechanics and a meta that keeps gameplay interesting.

The evolution of the game has been a positive one in terms of graphics and gamplay. The graphics back in the day of course looked pretty floppy but it eventually evolved to fit the faster pace of the game in which it is currently in. The several Mechanics of the game provide for startegical thought as well as positioning which throws aspects of chess like thinking into the game. Not to mention deckbuilding which throws even more thinking in the game due to thoughts like determing how you wish to play or how you would want to win matches. The state the game is in currently certainly shows its progression and for people just discovering the game you may find it to be pertty well made

Real player with 3148.1 hrs in game

As a long time Duelyst player, and fan of the genre in general, this is finally a game I will be able to invest a lot of time into. I have looked for a long time for a replacement, and this just may be it.

Old negative reviews are badly out of date, and basically nothing is true in them anymore. Ignore them.

The game has no paywalls, nothing is locked, everything can be obtained in game and it is pretty easy. The F2P system is very generous and I was able to make a top notch deck in a single day. The ranking system is wonderful, being both based on the player and the deck, so you get matched appropriately, and you are not punished for trying a new deck.

Real player with 1173.0 hrs in game

Cards and Castles on Steam

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards is a multi-platform Free to Play CCG. It worked on Win 10, looked ok, played ok, sounded ok. Animation Throwdown is a card collecting game incorporating five Twentieth Century Fox Television animated comedies: American Dad!, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Futurama, and King of the Hill. Game is also on Kongregate, IOS and Android. Gameplay is similiar to other free to play CCGs, but has some different features. You have a deck with a limit of 35 cards, which give you enough chances to get the cards you want out. PVP arena is the only place where you can level up your deck hero and unlock other deck heroes, you get random chances of receiving xp for a random hero. The game is Pay to Win so don’t expect to win much verses a P2W player, if you don’t Pay or didn’t grind it like a job. Do link your steam account for this game to the Kongregate website, so you can also play from the website.

Real player with 548.8 hrs in game


After the success of Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, Futurama, and King of the Hill it was hard not to make a universe where all of them can come together and fight to the death battle royale style.

This game features an abundance of new items such as: drugs, costumes, weapons etc. As well as some of the classic characters any gamer would recognize like: Stan Smith, Dale Gribble, and every gamer’s personal favorite Peter Griffin himself, the man the myth the legend. All coming together in a perfect blend to make some wacky zanny cards that are sure to make you LOL hahaha.

Real player with 175.6 hrs in game

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards on Steam

The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™

The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™

Currently the most fun Digital Card game out there for me. It takes the good parts from Hearthstone (yes there are good parts) adds more versatility with deckbuilding by using a more similer to MTG style color system for cards, but limits it to 2 colors per deck with dual colored cards added in flavor for the tribes represented in those colors.

Like, if you want to play Kahjit’s, you can find Kahjit cards in Yellow and Green and they’re general ability is to Pilfer, gain the card text on the card when they deal dmg to their opponent. That means they’ll be understatted when they first get on the board, but will generally prove more valuable than their similerly costed counterparts. Now they have a Dual Colored card that gives all Pilfer creatures 2 attacks per turn! Now you might think this sounds rediculously strong, the answer is yes, however! The answers available to deal with them before they gain their true value are pretty good, so good that going all out for a Pilfer deck generally doesn’t work out that well.

Real player with 3369.9 hrs in game

It is clear that from the beginning few in the upper echelon of Bethesda management, except for Pete Hines, saw any long term potential in their foray into the ccg market. Nevertheless through a complete development team switch and a ground up rebuild of the game client, the core design team behind TESL managed to create something which rivaled and at times exceeded the products of their largest competitors.

TESL is dead, there will be no more tournaments, there will be no more expansions, most of its players have moved on. However, the advancements in ccg design theory made by its designers are critical for anyone with an academic or professional interest in the genre to study.

Real player with 2076.3 hrs in game

The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™ on Steam