Dee-6: Dice Defenders

Dee-6: Dice Defenders

What a fun game that was! I mean I hope people don’t mis-underestimate me but I actually enjoyed it almost better than FTL! FTL IS STILL A BETTER GAME THOUGH!

Its also similar to roll for the galaxy! You roll dice for your crew and for threats. If a certain number comes up, you might be attacked, maybe something wont work you can also roll for crew duties IE: commanders for re rolling all dice or picking one die to be a task or charge shields, attack or use the stasis beam!

This is a great game! Worth the money worth the time!!!

Real player with 21.9 hrs in game

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Hey I thought I would support a fellow indie developer and pick up this game. Its a lot of fun, I enjoy the strategy and I am looking forward to its updates. My only comment would be to make it easier to unlock some of the other ship types, i’m excited to try some new ships, but it seems i have to unlock 10 levels first? In any case, a great game, solid effort, keep up the good work from your friends and NeuroJump!

Real player with 19.2 hrs in game

Dee-6: Dice Defenders on Steam

Poker Squadrons

Poker Squadrons

Great unique combination of poker and WWII history. You only have to understand poker hand rankings (this isn’t Texas Hold ‘em) and appreciate the Battle of Britain. Interestingly, there isn’t a an AI level setting (e.g. beginner, intermediate, expert) and it’s not necessary since the randomness of the cards dealt combined with AI provide a nice challenge. You can play for 5-10 minutes or 60 minutes easily. Graphics are good but it’s really all about the cards. Fun, economical game - highly recommended!

Real player with 52.5 hrs in game

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This is a fun little solitaire game that blends poker hands and a WWII theme. It’s very easy to learn even if you’ve never played poker before. The power up cards add a bit more strategy to the game. I’ve been playing it between my Zoom meetings and have played through the campaign twice. Definite recommend.

Real player with 17.4 hrs in game

Poker Squadrons on Steam

Battle for Sea 3D

Battle for Sea 3D

Battle for Sea 3D is an overpriced game. The controls in the game are terrible, the graphics in the game are terrible. I do not advise anyone to buy this game ..

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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If you’re looking for a battleship clone, look elsewhere: While the gameplay is true to the original, the bland visuals, uncooperative camera, and sluggish pace provide–at most–one to two rounds of enjoyment.

Upon starting the game, you’re greeted by a fullscreen window with only one option: Place your ships. Through quick trial and error, you’re probably figure out that you click once to anchor, then once more to rotate the angle, but nowhere is this shown. Speaking of which, there doesn’t appear to be any settings menu, or exit button.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Battle for Sea 3D on Steam