Valve got greedy.

Apparently Valve forgot everything they learned from TF2, CS:GO and Dota2. Making fun games fully accessible to everyone. Online games without players and communities are destined to fail.

But… Nope. Valve decides to exclude 90% of the World.

  • Pay for the game.

  • Pay for cards to play the game, making the best cards the rarest and therefore most expensive. (when they said power level wouldn’t be related to rarity)

  • Pay to enter prize modes.

  • Take a % cut of prize mode entry fees.

Real player with 102.0 hrs in game

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Valve has literally abandoned the game…

Edit: 13/03/2021

This game was so hyped at the time, and for me, the gameplay lived up to it for me when it launched, it was so different from everything that I’ve tried before and I did not even know Dota 2 universe… But after years waiting for something, it’s finally Official, both versions of the game, Classic and Foundry, will not be in further development… Here is some of the main things that were impactful during all this time being a casual player.

Real player with 64.7 hrs in game

Artifact on Steam

Doomtrooper CCG

Doomtrooper CCG

OK so I hate doing surveys and reviews but fot this game I just had to. It is absolutly awesome. THERE I SAID IT… lol. I played original paper Doomtrooper as a teenager back in the 90’s and it was one of my favorite games. To see this game being revived on digital platform just warms my heart. Developers did an amazing job so far and the progress is great. Many problems that original DT had has been addressed so thats a huge plus. Another great thing about this game is community outreach. Guys from Secret Cow Level really reached out to fans from all over the world asking for input and ideas how to make this game even better experience than before. I have met dev team as well as made many new friends on Steam and Discord just by playing this game and that is pretty cool. It appears developmet of the game is entering final stages of Beta and polishing touches are bing applied which is really exciting. I believe new players will like this game as well as its mechanics are very unique and the game offers exciting matches full of crazy combos, clever battle plans and game drama (in a good way lol). And finally I must add as a huge Doomtrooper fan that ability to play this game again after so many years from the comfort of my home (and PJ’s haha) is absolutly awesome and I look forward to many games with friends old and new and to see how the development of this game moves forward

Real player with 191.0 hrs in game

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Lets get one thing out of the way right now, this is an early access game so there are going to be issues. Are those issues rage inducing? Not really. The reason for that is how much support this game gets. The devs (small team of them but mostly one person working on fixes and such) do such a good job at listening to the players (they are very active in the DT discord) that they get fixed fairly fast. There’s still a list of things to get added and fixed but do not let that steer you away from playing this awesome,albeit work in progress of a game, more so if you’re looking for something that is not a MTG clone.

Real player with 83.5 hrs in game

Doomtrooper CCG on Steam

Realm of Alters

Realm of Alters

devs should stop prompting player to rate the game over and over every 3 match! i’m not convince yet to giving out any good or bad review yet but this prompt keep appearing which annoy me and made the game less fun.

i’m going to re-review this game later. for now yeah bad review for needless pop up and needless clicking.

edit :

now that i’ve been playing for 20 hours i’m confident to giving out review. though i don’t think i’m close to completely master the depth of this game so i avoid talking about balance or meta stuff. those things changes every month anyway.

Real player with 37.0 hrs in game

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Mixed on this game because I want to see where it goes and if they introduce something original (counter spells, fast spells, double attack ability or is it just going to be back and forth the whole time) After playing Legends of Runeterra, which has only been out this year, but perfected and introduced a ton of new mechanics to the CCG world, this game doesn’t even compare. Still a little confused why this game exists it’s basically Shadowverse early stage without voice acting and a ton of other mechanics. Some confusing things such as you can’t check cards stats of what they do by clicking on the card in hand, I forgot half the time what the card actually does and I’m playing it blindy. Haven’t figured out how to emote yet, you can’t even see each others players name during a match, the card collection search is a mess (Legends of Runeterra you can search by keyword for abilities to help build your deck faster),

Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

Realm of Alters on Steam

World of Myths

World of Myths

World of Myths CCG - Get it now!

[TL;DR: Deep and diverse strategy, critical decisions each turn, no reliance on RNG, perfect for thoughtful gamers. Heartily recommended.]

The main decision criteria most people have when picking a Collectible Card Game largely boils down to two: a) the amount of fun one has playing the game, and b) how strategically intensive it is. Certainly there are other aspects to any game, such as shiny visual effects, a smooth user experience, a high level of support from the developers, an active player community and so on, but ultimately the game mechanics are what keep one invested in a game long after initial excitement provided by flashing lights has faded. What it does becomes more important than how it does it, and a large part of the fun comes from exploring how deep the rabbit hole goes. So what does World of Myths do that deserves your attention?

Real player with 463.1 hrs in game

Review Updated

This game deserves attention, it tackles mythos you don’t really see often (planned later)

has interesting combat concepts and looks like it could be good.

but the combat is just clunky

the ai is terrible

the tutorial is terrible.

Ads have been changed to not feel as in your face after you unlock a God, you now have to play a few games with said god for the ad to appear.

The big update mentioned in this review has happened an it brought on a list of new changes to this games monitezation model

Real player with 224.6 hrs in game

World of Myths on Steam

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold’em

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold’em

the game seems like a pretty decent poker game on the surface, but the ai makes weird decisions and at times very illogical ones, not to mention the ‘‘hook’’ of playing against pretty ladies is just a minor splash screen at the start of the match and then about a dozen voice lines from each girl, a minor head cropped token your only other reminder that you’re supposed to care about this opponent, the art while good is too little too late when you finally start getting the group photos together, at the current time i’m 12 wins out of 16 into stage four(you need 4 wins for stage 1, 8 for stage 2 and 12 for stage 3 to finish their respective group photos) and a this point just bothering to finish this game because im too lazy to go look up other better poker games.

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game

It’s a very barebone poker game. Really, that’s it. Think DOAX poker, with the eventual motionless picture of a hottie celebrating her victory when she wins. Very nice hotties, let it be said. Too bad nothing more risqué, though.

I bought the game on sales for $1,50. That’s a fair price for what I was delivered, and on that basis, I can recommend it. Do not pay more! Otherwise you’ll regret your decision.

It’s that kind of game where you turn down its music, put up your own tunes, and chill out emulating your own casino with pretty girls by your side while you sweep the board.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold'em on Steam



I have been playing digital card games all my life and I now have almost 200 hours in Manarocks. I’ve seen it evolve from what it was in the beginning and have been able to track the process of it as well as see how everything has been handled - allowing me to predict how things will be handled and how things may change in the future.


*** Completely free to play.** There is no store, you earn cards through playing. You do earn the cards faster if you buy the Mana pass, but getting good cards is easy even without paying, since there aren’t all that many bad ones.

Real player with 333.8 hrs in game

I initially started playing Manarocks in beta, & 2 months in I am hooked. The game feels a lot like Hearthstone, but the diversity of deck structuring allows for the inclusion of any card in any deck. This could be both a good and bad thing, as the element of surprise is always advantageous, but causes some cards to become staples in the majority of decks (incinerator, doom, king jari). The business model they have adopted is what initially compelled me to try the game out ($10 for faster levelling & cosmetics & an entirely new set of cards to unlock every season), but the dev team’s dedication to feedback is what has kept me. Since obtaining the full collection a couple weeks ago (250-300 2v2 games in practice mode, 45-50 hrs of gameplay), they have increased the pace at which you level up & unlock cards & added handfulls of quality of life improvements such as speeding up all animations, adding more ladder tiers, and increasing xp gain when you partner up with a friend in 2v2. In the discord, devs respond to players within a couple hours, answering questions, helping to fix bugs, & responding to every single individual’s feedback. In the future, I’d like to see more variety in card abilities & board synergy. Currently, there are about 20 cards with unique abilities, and the majority of those unique abilities revolve around hard control or “stopping play” (take another turn, all cards cost 2x, destroy all mana). I have a lot of faith in the future of this game, & I’d recommend it to anyone who is sick and tired of paygates and/or playgates in vCCG games!

Real player with 263.3 hrs in game

ManaRocks on Steam

Esport Godfather

Esport Godfather

Player training:

Do you want an all-rounder to sweep the audience, or a secret weapon to defeat the enemy? Each player is unique and has his own hero preferences and characteristics. Can you help them break through the bottleneck and win the championship and become the most dazzling superstar on the field?

Hero pool training:

Is it to train the assassin to perfection, or is it obsessed with the master to control the thunder and lightning? The differences in skills and occupations have created many heroes. Every hero has his own specialties, and a player should also have his own specialties. The stadium is not a particular place, strength here is the last word. It is definitely a big challenge to configure a perfect hero pool for the players!

Version change:

There is no strongest hero, only the strongest version!

In this version, the experience value of the creeps has increased so that the heroes can upgrade quickly. This is the paradise of the mages. Use your skills to bomb the arena!

In that version, the wild economy has greatly increased, and the killers hidden in the jungle can finally fight happily! If you want to strategize, you must first understand the version. The person who wins in the end is the first in the version!

Tactical options:

Is it centering around the core heroes, waiting for the level of equipment to be enough to save the world and turn the tide? Or is it the Trident, with overflow attacks that make the enemy defeated from the start of the game? Coach, they are waiting for you, give instructions!

Decision card:

Every decision on the field is crucial. Are you ready to teach your opponent a lesson with the decision-making card in your hand, telling him that in this e-sports arena, it is useless to talk on paper! Only with rich experience and reasonable decision-making can we fight steadily and win the game!

League Cup:

From the chirping chicks to the soaring eagles, from the obscure City Cup to the world-famous Serie A, this road can be described as thousands of horses crossing the single-plank bridge. Not only that, in this era of e-sports, all kinds of cups are also full of talents. The players you hope to get sometimes stand on the opposite side of you, and those superb teams also look at you. Want to be famous all over the world? Let’s start now!

Esport Godfather on Steam