Zombie Solitaire

Zombie Solitaire

Everyone knows what Solitaire is. We all know it can be played for free at any time. Reason most of us buy solitaire games is because we expect a bit more than the regular game that we’re used to.

Zombie Solitaire seems to try and give us that but falls very short. Unlike original Solitaire, you can move in any direction and your colour suit doesn’t matter, which ends up making the game pretty easy. In between different escape stages, you solve a point and click ‘puzzle’ (if it can even be called that) which never takes more than a few seconds. You’ll start getting bored on the first chapter and because the game doesn’t offer any challenge, regardless of your progression, that’s how you’ll feel the rest of the game.

Real player with 14.7 hrs in game

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zombie solitaire is not a terrible game. you get your standard solitaire gameplay with a zombie theme and good enough artwork, there are even point & click sections, albeit very basic ones, before entering each area, and there are 103 levels to play through, so you should be entertained for a few hours. or you would be if it weren’t for a few issues.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Zombie Solitaire on Steam

Faerie Solitaire

Faerie Solitaire

Disclaimer: I purchased this game using my own funds, and I do not write a review on a game that I have not paid for myself, because I believe they should be fair and unbiased. I don’t believe you can get that unless you invest your own funds and support developers, and provide a personal sense of “value”.

This has got to be one of the more enjoyable solitaire card games on the market. I have put over 52 hours into this addicting game. It has a fun background story (which does not interfere with the game play, but merely keeps you involved to continue on your journey), relaxing music, and simple mechanics with fun powerups to assist you along the way. A good value at its current asking price of $10, but I think as a casual game, I would wait for it to be on sale for around $5. It has achievements, trading cards, and is guaranteed to waste a LOT of your time if you are a fan of Faeries whatsoever.

Real player with 74.4 hrs in game

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An entertaining Solitaire game, with quite simple, but engaging gameplay; and a nice story about faeries. This game is good for some relaxing during an afternoon; even though it’s simple, there’s still some challenge to it. The aesthethic is really nice, featuring some nice backgrounds for each of the different levels, all following a fantasy theme.

The game offers several modes; an adventure mode, in which you play through 40 levels, following the story of a kid who encountered faeries, and all the dangers he encountered during his journey to save them which, although might sound unnecessary for a solitaire game, adds a nice backstory. There’s also a quickplay mode, in which you can replay any previously finished level, and a challenge mode, with some more difficult levels. Each level consists of 9 hands, and, while it’s not necessary to collect all cards in each hand, there’s still different objectives to complete in order to beat a level.

Real player with 56.3 hrs in game

Faerie Solitaire on Steam



Good game

Real player with 156.2 hrs in game

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I am going on a FF spree and it’s thanks to FF8 here. Honestly very unique and interesting game vs the rest of the series. Though you’re either going to enjoy this game’s quirky and complex Draw/card/GF system or you are going to despise it with your entire existence. I like quirky systems, so I didn’t mind it. In fact, I liked it a lot. Triple Triad was honestly the funnest side-game or mini-game that I’ve played in any game.

I found it to be a fun experience, despite its flaws. If magic and GF cut scenes were faster/skipable, I think this game would be ten times better lol.

Real player with 150.1 hrs in game





  • Start life in a little rundown farm that you’ll cultivate, improve, and customize

  • Customize your character’s clothing, hair style, and general look

  • Have dance battles with wild ooblets and fellow ooblet trainers

  • Explore a variety of locations across Oob, all with their own biomes, plants, characters, and unique ooblets

  • Grow new friends by planting ooblet seeds that will blossom into baby ooblets

  • Join an Ooblet Club that matches your personality

  • Upgrade your house with new decor, furniture, and, uh, upgrades

  • Level up your ooblets and unlock new dance moves

  • Collect seeds, items, furniture, machinery, badges, and friends along the way

Ooblets on Steam