Build cities with in-depth economic systems, resource chains, taxation, streets, decoration, and an unbreakable fortification.

With up to 100 different structures, the opportunities seem endless.

RPG Roguelike

Take off on your journey with your customizable, personal character and refine him throughout your countless runs.

Classical RTS

Battles in the style of classic RTS games, with a wide variety of units.

Defend your base from the oncoming hordes of enemies.

Over 8 Factions

Various asymmetrical factions from all over the ancient world with a touch of fantasy.

Face numerous Generals and Characters from different civilizations with specific traits and specialties.

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Kratoria on Steam

Urban Cards

Urban Cards

Well, I first wrote a semi joking review about how this game was sucking up all my time and you shouldn’t get the game unless you wanted to be sucked into it like crazy but now that I’ve spent even more time playing it and the recent update came out, I wanted to change this review to reflect a truly positive view of a game that I enjoy a lot.

I play a lot of roguelites, no game genre speaks to me more than one where I can sit down, start a new run from the beginning, and either lose or win it within the hour and still feel satisfied with myself, even wanting to start another run out right away.

Real player with 68.0 hrs in game

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–The game’s alright. Very uneven gameplay. If you lose on debt it will feel super-frustrating, there is only one card in the game that can regularly clear more than 1000 debt at a time and if you miss it you will lose. This happens too often to recommend the game.

–The music is pretty good. Production values are otherwise indy. The voice acting on the Gamer and Harbor characters is so annoying it’s better playing against them on mute.

–Debt is the worst thing about the game at present. About a third of my losses have ended on “I’ve only encountered 1 card that can reduce my debt, and the hacker boss gives me debt every turn, so I have X turns to draw Money Laundering before I lose” or “this enemy has 2 cards in his deck that can give me $600 debt, if he draws both of them before I draw Money Laundering, I lose.” I don’t think I’ve gotten past day 2 of any of the Oper playthroughs where I’ve failed to find Money Laundering. The debt that I pile up is mostly from uninteractive enemy effects (the hacker’s boss inflicts a passive $100 debt per turn, and some enemies have multiple copies of the ****ing card that gives the other player $600 debt to the enemy). If you have to lose on debt, at least it should be from a lending minion, those are interactive.

Real player with 50.9 hrs in game

Urban Cards on Steam



First, I love this game. I love the cardboard version, and I love playing the digital one.

Second, the visuals are just lovely, though I don’t really understand some of the design choices (why would anyone choose to view just their Forest?), and I’d like to be able to watch the other players or AIs take their turns.

That doesn’t mean this version isn’t without it’s problems, which isn’t surprising so shortly after launch. I’m not sure what the rationale was for giving so many viewing options, but I only use the “full board” view (rather than viewing each of the environments), which requires a click to view powers of birds that have been played. The interface is very click-heavy to avoid making mistakes and to fix misclicks, which I appreciate, but if you have more than a couple birds in your hand (say 5+ total cards), selecting and playing birds from your hand is SUPER clunky and finicky. Since the game is a bit pricey, none in my gaming group have bought it yet, so I’ve only played the AI, which is pretty easy (no Hard AI has been implemented yet), but still very fun. In my last game I won 115-71-61-51, so it was a rout against the regular AI, but that was my biggest win to date.

Real player with 3321.3 hrs in game

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I am a big fan of Wingspan. I’ve been playing the physical board game for a couple of years and the digital version for about a year. I currently have 158.4 hours into the digital version of it as of this writing.

There are plenty of videos out there showcasing what Wingspan is. I recommend you check them out. I will spare everyone the details here and focus more on my own pros/cons.

The big pros of the digital version for me:

-It eliminates all of the set up and tear down of the physical version. My wife only wants to play digitally now for this reason alone.

Real player with 214.1 hrs in game

Wingspan on Steam

Rento Fortune VR

Rento Fortune VR

The game is great but it has 1-2 minor glitches.

I like how it moves you in jail (literally), but you can walk oof of it.

Overall the game is great, even in Early Access. I recommend it

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

A few control issues with building up housing banks, and jumping around on teleport can be difficult. A center reset wouldn’t be difficult, and would solve the issue.

Not an all in VR port, everything is done with clicks. That’ll disapoint the purists, but keeps it simple for those that can’t get to grips with the complexity of Table Top Sim’s controls.

The game is nicely scaled, big bright board. A good selection of custome options, and has full multiplayer cross platform play with mobile devices leaving you with no shortage of games.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Rento Fortune VR on Steam

Last Day of Rome

Last Day of Rome

A promising game, but so much bugs after only a couple of hours ! This game is clearly not finished and broken. I would really like to play this game, but at that point, it’s more a pain than a game. Too bad.

Here are some. There are probably more:

  • the biggest bug : manual battles! I had to Alt+F4 so many times because it seems to freeze if I move the mouse too fast over an unit while some are fighting (not sure about that). Or when I’m attacked and have defense buildings, the game freeze after the IA made his attack. Really painfull. This is one of the major bugs to my point of view.

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

New game in my library - Last Day of Rome

This is a military-economic strategy about ancient Rome since the 2nd century AD.

In short: we take command of a people within the borders of Rome. We will have to use both tactics and strategy, and

diplomacy. Therefore, it is possible to gain respect among their own people and, for example, to raid or launch a campaign against the 1st Reich xD

Actually, the system is nothing new, we control any country in Europe, we build buildings and

infrastructure in their regions, that is, we focus on the development of our army through the study of new technologies.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

Last Day of Rome on Steam

Lorenzo il Magnifico

Lorenzo il Magnifico

I will freely admit that Lorenzo is a favorite board game. In Pre-Covid times I would beg my game group to bring it to the table. While this implementation of the game digitally had a rocky start, it’s now settled in as an elegant rendition of a very complicated game. In particular, the AI is finally modestly competitive…but very modestly… I play this game most often after a loss on Yukata or BGA…because it soothes my ego to have a reliable victory.

But the real reason for my “yes” recommendation is that I live in hope of finding a live human being to play this with. For months, I’ve hit the lobby at various times of day in the vain hope of finding a game I can join. So ] far just crickets. I just know I can’t be the only person who bought this game. I figure if I write a review, maybe someone will tell me where you’re all hiding.

Real player with 217.2 hrs in game

A nice digital adaptation of a great boardgame. If you’re not familiar with the actual boardgame you will have to follow the complete tutorial and then still have some trial and errors (the tutorial lacks a bit in dept concerning strategie, unless you want to read a lot of text in the glossary), but looking for great ways to score and learning to improve your game is actually something that makes this game a hidden jewel.

In a game of Lorenzo il Magnifico you will try to earn points by gaining buildings, assets, … (the parts shown in the big building on the right) and by gaining papal approvement (this is not obligated, but failing the pope gives you some kind of penalty).

Real player with 32.5 hrs in game

Lorenzo il Magnifico on Steam

Through the Ages

Through the Ages

Through the Ages : 2nd edition is a fantastic port of a physical board game to the digital space. A hit board game created by Vladimír Chvátil (Vlaada Chvátil) in 2006. The rules have changed slightly from the original version mainly with tactics cards being shared.

Gamelay-wise, a turn-based action point game. Each turn, you start with a political phase where you play an aggression card, event card or war card. Then, you have your action phase, where you get to use your civil actions (white) to build civil units, draw cards and place leaders. With military actions (red), you get to build military units and play tactic cards.

Real player with 710.8 hrs in game

I’ve been holding off making a review for this game. Reason being, the developers had some server issues until recently. Something to do with the providers of the multiplatform system they used pulling out from supporting it. This happened at the same time they were upgrading compatibility from IPv5 from IPv6. With them being a small development team, this pulled all their resources to get stability back. For some months there was some frustrating server moments.

Now I won’t profess to understand exactly what was going on behind the scenes, BUT… they fixed it!! Through the Ages is now fully stable!!

Real player with 489.1 hrs in game

Through the Ages on Steam

Wizardians: In Defence of Magic

Wizardians: In Defence of Magic

Wizardians: In Defence of Magic is a multiplayer adventure card game with elements of RPG and resource management, created on the basis of innovative approach to collectible card games.

  • You can play everywhere! One account on following devices: PC, smartphone, tablet; you will always be able to join your fiends online.

  • There is something for everyone. The game strikes the right balance in combining what is best in card games, RPG and adventure games!

  • Explore the new opportunities given by the revolutionary way of collecting and playing cards - no booster packs, no decks and no random hand selection!

  • Custom Tournaments Mode - you’ll be able to create and customize your own small tournaments with an auto generated ladder and your own card restrictions for several friends of yours. Winnings give you unique loot & rewards!


Create the character, equip it with essential utensils and attend lectures on different fields of magic. Within that, collect the experience points and collector’s cards representing all the witchcraft, equipment and creatures in the game.


Duel with players from around the world in a very rarely seen card system. Be the best! Just through your activity and won duels collect the points for your fraction in the cyclically created and published rankings.


Let yourself to be absorbed by the non-linear plot and fight to survive in the remarkable lands of Wizardians World. Discover it by undertaking the adventures and gain superb booty!

Wizardians: In Defence of Magic on Steam

Spellcaster University

Spellcaster University

This game straddles the line between game and simulator, and it might leave people looking for either one disappointed. I, however, love this game, so I want to talk about it a bit.

The gameplay almost exclusively involves making choices from a mostly-random selection. You draw from a deck or speak to a faction, and then you choose the option that seems to serve your needs best. You have a limited time to make these choices because the Lord of Evil makes you move along almost as soon as you get rolling. The overall idea is to emerge from the storm of randomness with a healthy selection of graduates who buff your stats for the rest of the campaign. Ultimately, you run out of places to hide, so you have to find a way to survive the final level.

Real player with 74.8 hrs in game

Charming if a bit clunky Hogwarts Sim Tower, card-draw based room choices. Can generate different mana as resources, which allow you to draw more cards of that mana type.

The mechanics are enjoyable, and the game is a great calm, casual experience. The campaign could use a lot of adjustment, it can feel a bit arbitrary and the only real direction is either provided through trial and error or community written walk-throughs. There isn’t particularly a feeling of progressing difficulty or even a real link between the areas as you progress. Challenge cards (You can optionally set a challenge at the start of the campaign, and completing it will unlock the card for future runs) are a cool way to provide goals, but they feel like a side piece rather than a main progressing thread. Some functionality/depth seems underwhelming on it’s impact on the game. Cool ideas, but they don’t actually end up doing a lot for you if you spend time manage them (ex. get 3-5 school “houses”, set priority to different types of magic for the house, drop the people gifted in those types in those houses, stop thinking about houses. There’s rarely a benefit to tweaking house settings beyond the initial setup).

Real player with 40.6 hrs in game

Spellcaster University on Steam

CAPITALISM The action board game for one player

CAPITALISM The action board game for one player

‘CAPITALISM The action board game for one player’ is a real-time board game/ card game hybrid where your goal is to become a millionaire. Build your property empire, compete for cash prizes in high stakes mini-games, and (hopefully) earn more than you spend.

A compelling mix of strategy and action, with minigames spanning a wide variety of genres. A mix of arcade classics, platforming, bullet hell and more.

Put down your copy of Microsoft Paint, ‘CAPITALISM The action board game for one player’ features a character creator that lets you design literally anything you can think of. Easily save, load and share characters with friends using a special code format.

Strategically place cards around the board to optimise revenue. Will you be able to offset your lavish spending habits with a healthy income stream?

Crush your rivals. Pay your debts. Can you master the art of generating capital? What will you spend your £1,000,000 on?

CAPITALISM The action board game for one player on Steam