Spellsword Cards: Demontide

Spellsword Cards: Demontide

It’s not finished so maybe this review is not fair but it’s not in early access.

I finished only the 1st chapter because the 2nd is not done.


  • creative monsters, unqiue enemies

  • long campaign (example: longer than the Northmark’s campaign)

  • autonavigation in quest menu

  • some art is nice

  • gauntlet / puzzles minigames


  • the campaign is not polished

I couldn’t finish the 1rst chapter when my hero was a warrior because I couldn’t defeat two monsters (stirred up & in flight),

and I don’t like the slow grind (job board)

Real player with 22.3 hrs in game

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Sometimes I think what’s happening with Steam and why there are so many negatives. One reviewer says that ‘it needs a pass over with someone who understands card games’. Really, mate? Dev has just designed the whole card system and is good at it. Dev is often active and updates the game, but it seems that you want to push him away.

The game is good, it has a really interesting character development, cool story and well-designed battles in which you have to tune your deck. It is a deep system, not crossing the line of ‘read the fine print’, check the guide here to see it yourself:

Real player with 12.0 hrs in game

Spellsword Cards: Demontide on Steam




An outstanding game, one I thoroughly enjoyed playing and reviewing. Great artwork, excellent game mechanics, balanced play, plenty of progression, an epic score, and such a tonne of content for a great price. If you are looking for a review, then please take a look at the link above. Otherwise, get out there and buy DragonClash.

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game

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  • Card game about Dragons' fight

  • nice cards / art

  • complex actions and ruleset


  • very confusional

  • not beginner friendly

  • very long battles, if you are starting to grasp the game’s content

  • a little tiring and/or boring


  • boss battles / mechanics

  • further ingame depth and progression

As a Dragon lover, i picked up this game because it would have been a nice addition to my library (or hoard, since we’re talking about Dragons).

Also the game game seemed to look nice.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

DragonClash on Steam

Brave’s Rage

Brave’s Rage

“Brave’s Rage” is a challenging real-time strategy card game. You can build your own unique deck and team, flexibly use bullet time and perfect defense mechanism, defeat the enemy elegantly and efficiently, and explore the truth behind the princess kidnapping!


Once upon a day , an evil dragon came to Aim kingdom and took the princess away. King managed to rescue the princess by assembling groups of braves, but many of them never came back. With this opportunity , Forces were going to start something again , even Devils and Old ones were involved.


  • Classic DBG game with new flavor

You can build your card deck during the game ,and you can also have up to 3 braves of different classes, which is ,double building with card and braves, double the fun!

  • Real-time strategy

You can act whenever you want , and good timing can bring great advantages, such as perfect defending (just like soul-like games).

  • lock-free skill function

You can avoid damage by moving when use cards, and also can hit multiple targets while enemy moves together. This will give you new experience that is totally different from classic card games.

  • Brave’s growth

Up to 10 different classes of braves , each class has its unique talent tree, and while braves upgrade, they will get a new skill from skill pool. This will challenge your statics, good luck!

  • Events and Enemies

You will encounter various of events and different kind of enemies during the adventure, and each new round of game is new experience. Choose your braves and cards wisely.

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Brave's Rage on Steam

AFK Summoner

AFK Summoner

cann’t join trial of the champion, same shit

Real player with 580.0 hrs in game

p2w and the p2w purchases don’t even work.

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

AFK Summoner on Steam

Paper Mages

Paper Mages

A New Way to Play with Cards.

RTSSCG - Real-Time Strategy Systemic Card Game. The first game of its kind, with familiar elements.

A Deck Builder With Cards You Collect.

In Paper Mages every player starts with 30 cards, all the same. The more you play, the more cards you unlock, and those cards are added to your randomly built deck. A lucky player may even stumble upon rare cards.

Play as 10 unique races

Systemic Arena, Dynamic Gameplay

A Mage’s Duel Done Right.

Cards are taken from a flat playing board and thrown into a dynamic and systemic third-person arena. A Werewolf’s Moon card grants power at night, while the Medusa’s Gaze card will sway you from moonbeams at risk of paralyzation. Paired with special race traits, action cards that modify abilities, and skill in how the map is used, Paper Mages duels are unique every single time.


  • Gain control of the 4 main card types.

    Damage, Action, Preservation, Constant.

  • Play in a dynamic arena.

    The time of day, along with your location on the map, affects your race and the power of some of your cards.

  • Master 1 of 10 races, each with their own special attributes.

    The Faergon has no worry of running out of breath underwater. A double jump and a slow fall are easy for the Falconite.

  • Collect over 130 cards.

    Start with 30 cards and the more your paper mage gains victory, the more cards will find their way into your collection. Fill your deck with base, rare, and special cards. Some say there are other cards yet to be discovered, beyond the full 130.

  • Battle Online.

    Duel other apprentices, one at a time, across the map in the main game mode. Either deplete your opponent’s HP, or find the 5 special trinkets to become overpowered and end the match. Another duel mode will come along in the future as well.

  • Experiment with Cards

    Before casting a Fireball try the Borrow Flame Action Card. It’ll gain 1.5X damage for every flame in the room that you borrow. Cast a Moon-bound Action Card followed by Stone Shoes, leave your opponent floating in the air.

  • Unlock all of the collectibles.

    Whether it’s a wizard’s beard, new eyes, or a different wardrobe, you can collect items to customize your paper mage.

  • Play with Keyboard and Mouse, or a gamepad. Start with the keyboard, or eventually learn to duel with a gamepad.

Start with 30 Cards, Play to Collect the Other 100

Base cards, special cards, & rare cards make up the collection.

The Shattered Hero & the First Paper Mage - Origins of the Duels

Every 5 years the Mage duels are held, and the trained apprentices set out to become graduates on the battlefield. Such an archaic thing. So many died proving themselves, increasing in ranks, and what a waste. Yet, for the longest time, nothing was done… Until Eltrest Grefaren. They thought he had lost his mind when his apprentice died in the duels. His apprentice Variscitan, an orphaned beryllian boy. Such promise he had, but more so, heart. Both apprentices perished that day in the tower fall.

On the next 5th year, and the next mage duels, Eltrest emerged from his towers, almost aged 15 years over. He showed them a new magic. He sat a piece of paper on the table and a glowing piece of Heliodor stone in the center, and then he placed a ring next to it. With his hand over the paper, the mage whispered a few words and his eyes glowed amber gold. The light from his eyes went into the gem, and the other mages gasped as they watched. The paper folded itself around the gem, and up to two little legs, then the paper folded two arms, and a head. The ring on the table floated up and over the paper man’s wrist, and stayed there.

Eltrest had created a small version of himself, a paper champion, a paper mage.

These little mages are linked to their creators. They think as their mage thinks, they act as their mage would act. They feel no pain, and can be made again and again. There was no struggle in adopting this new way of battle. That day, the two mages set to duel, learned how to create their own little champions, and no lives were lost.

The shattered hero, Eltrest, changed life for all the mages in the world.

There were some wizards who were opposed, how could a caster perform his best without threat of death? But that is a tale for another time.

Paper Mages on Steam

Seblen: Battle!

Seblen: Battle!

Single player was fun. Didnt get to play vs anyone else yet on MP. Maybe after its been out longer. Art is great. Worth the buy.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

The game is decently fun but there is no content what so ever. I wish there was a way to edit my deck and a story mode or something. As things stand it’s not worth the money as the only option available is to fight the AI.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Seblen: Battle! on Steam

RogueJack: Roguelike Blackjack

RogueJack: Roguelike Blackjack

While blackjack remains a cruel game at times, I feel like RogueJack has a lot of fun mechanics to make it more player friendly. I mean, you’ll still get occasionally owned by RNG, but there are a number of things you can to do to increase your odds. Personally, I need to get better at remembering how the different monsters play… or just bother to reference it while I’m playing them :D

In any case, RogueJack is a smart mash-up of rogue-like and blackjack mechanics. I’ve had a lot of fun with it so far and I think you will too.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

tl;dr: Cool game for the price (3€), just check it out.

As other reviews have pointed out, it’s more of a proof of concept than an actual full game. The card mechanic feels neat and is actually a lot of fun, the other mechanics like lighting, weapons and damage types are not that important and not so well thought through.

Examples: I don’t think any of the weapons “elemental” effects trigger, being frozen just makes you hit the move button for like 5 turns, fire just kills you if there are no potions nearby, etc..

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

RogueJack: Roguelike Blackjack on Steam



I found QUESTR to be very entertaining. It is not much as a game, but what it lacks in gaming substance it makes up in content.

You start by inviting people to join your quest party. Many of the people lie on their profiles and some characters hate your other members so much that they quit right away.

Every quest has multiple events in which you need to select one characters idea how to solve them. For example you encounter a vampire. Will you send a) the Vegan to talk to him about being vegan b) the drunk to talk about drinking c) or the bro who says he got this as he had to watch vampire movies with his ex. Results might not be what you expect.

Real player with 29.8 hrs in game

Questr is an RPG parody of dating apps similar to Tinder.

In a similar fashion, you swipe left and right to build the perfect RPG team. Every potential party member has likes and dislikes, levels, costs to hire, and personality traits as well as their own class, guild, and ancestry.

Personality traits determine the outcome of encounters throughout each quest. Beating an encounter raises morale, while failing lowers it. Party members also interact with one another between encounters, further raising or lowering morale depending on how well personality types get along and whether or not you paid attention to likes and dislikes. At the end of a quest, the morale level determines if you successfully complete it, giving you a reward and the possibility of having party members continue to quest with you.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Questr on Steam

ARISEN - Chronicles of Var’Nagal

ARISEN - Chronicles of Var’Nagal

I like this game so far. Don’t get me wrong it is still early access and their are missing text on some parts, but I am entranced by the story lines and who I want to be with

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

If you spam-skip the game has a stroke.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

ARISEN - Chronicles of Var'Nagal on Steam

Hocus Defenders

Hocus Defenders

An Intense Tower Defense that combines the heat of resisting waves of hundreds of enemies with the need to use powerful spells through cards. Each game will be unique, and you will never encounter the same challenge twice. Also, you will need to unravel the story as you progress through the different worlds as the roguelike it is.

Build, upgrade and destroy!

Prepare your defenses, and protect the Hocus Tower against hordes of enemies who want to kill Abracadom, the Wizard of Time. Summon the mighty Crystal Towers, and destroy anyone who dares to approach your home. At your disposal you have a wide variety of towers, each with a unique and powerful attack. Remember to upgrade them on the battlefield, or you may have unwanted guests in the Hocus Tower…

Summon powerful spells!

The different Tarot decks gives the sorcerer their magnificent spells. Summon terrifying meteors, fill the ground with blazing embers or create mighty blizzards. Use magic at your will, but keep in mind that fate is capricious, and the cards will decide which spells you can use at any moment…

Thanks to his powers of time, Abracadom does not contemplate defeat. You can always go back to the past, and spend the loot you have obtained during battles. The Emporium X at the tower will provide everything you need for future battles, but everything comes at a price, of course…

Travel across the kingdom!

Rally with your tower across the kingdom, and travel through hostile territories (against you). From plains dominated by terrifying orcs, snow-capped mountains home of ice-giants, and even the classic labyrinth dungeon. And since it will be difficult for you to visit the same place twice, everytime you travel places you visited may change…


  • 30 towers to destroy enemy hordes

  • Mutant and Legendary towers

  • Powerful Card Decks to adapt to your game style

  • Lots of cards to summon destructive nature power, power up your towers, or wipe tons of enemies

  • Rogue-like based game, with procedural maps and variable runs

  • 6 different environments with unique enemies

  • Multiple perks to improve your skills

  • A crazy story that features angry mobs, hell monsters and a LOT of sorcerers

  • More than 30 types of enemies

  • 9 bosses seeking your energy

Hocus Defenders on Steam