Tabletop Creator

Tabletop Creator

Make your tabletop games come true! Tabletop Creator is a tabletop game maker tool that allows you to design any kind of tabletop game. Create your different game components, customize them and export your game for getting a physical copy or for playing it online!


  • Blueprints: design your components templates by using a WYSIWYG editor!

  • Collections: create instances of your components, just choose a blueprint and customize it!

  • Version control: projects support version control, enabling collaboration on the cloud with others to create your game!

  • Documentation: guides and tips articles on how to create your game

  • Automatic updates: receive all future updates for free

  • Support: join the community at Discord or mail us for solving your doubts and issues

Under development features

  • Icons gallery: all the icons you need for a prototype already included!

  • Demo projects: “original” game projects created for you to check examples of use

  • Variables: create a set of variables, use them along your game and replace its value from just one place!

  • Export: export your components to pdf/image format and print a copy of your game!

  • Game localization: translate your tabletop game texts in an easy way by exporting and importing a csv file!

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Tabletop Creator on Steam

Solitaire Club

Solitaire Club

This solitaire game is a little different than the type I’m used to playing (like Faerie Solitaire). In this game all the cards are dealt face up so you can see them even though they are on top of each other. That helps in planning your move sometimes. The difficulty increases as you continue, they give you less number of cards in your deck to flip through and use to clear the face cards. In the final level I had six (that’s right only 6) cards to use, plus any wild cards I might have. Towards the end the only way to get through a level is by using wild cards, which kind of annoys me. I should be able to clear a level with just the cards only and not any extra cheat cards. But with only 6 cards to use there’s just no way unless you get a real lucky draw. Wild cards appear in levels in with the face cards and you have to unearth them and then they go down to the right and gather until you want to you use one. The other help we get is the undo. You get those by getting 3 stars on a level. I rarely used them so by the end of the game I had 40 or so left.

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

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This was another fun solitaire game! You can actually buy backgrounds, the face of the cards and even their backs. You can also unlock a variety of titles. There are themes in the shop which you might recognize from the other games this Developer made. :) I thought the upside down parts would be challenging, but it was the spirals. It took me some time, but I finally got lucky. Thank goodness for wildcards! And yes, you can achieve everything if you want to. Thank you for the fun game!!! Glad I got to enjoy it!!! :D :D :)

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Solitaire Club on Steam

Similo: The Card Game

Similo: The Card Game

Fun co-op card game that support both local and online multiplayer!


  • Awesome illustrations

  • Supports cross platform multiplayer

  • Great replayability (especially with DLCs)


  • I want more decks!!!

Real player with 160.0 hrs in game

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The online option is very limited (only 1v1, no realtime matchmaking), and the local pass-n-play does not offer a blanked out between screen to have time to switch. All in all, I was very disappointed by the limited options for actuall play this game gives.

In addition to these grievances, if someone has bought an expansion (like the historic characters) and sets up a game with it, you cannot play it unless you buy it as well!

And we’ve not even touched upon the interface…

Real player with 32.0 hrs in game

Similo: The Card Game on Steam

Collective: the Community Created Card Game

Collective: the Community Created Card Game

Huge Change:

They removed the Draft feature that triggered every time you levelled up your character in a match… The single most important distinguishing feature that made this card game what it was for me and unique among the others.

Huge thumbs down for me, I had grown to love this game mainly due to the excitement of drafting at each level up. Without that, the game is as good as dead for me and not much different to other card games out there. Will still give it a chance, but I cannot express enough how disappointed I am in this and how much i disapprove this change.

Real player with 357.0 hrs in game

After over 140 hours and almost 2 months playing it, It has interesting concepts but some serious downfalls.


A - Trying to Encourage Player Participation

This seems like a good idea that has been tried in different ways in other card games, just that by now I would have expected people to learn from those previous games and have guidelines to avoid mistakes made before.

B - Both Single and Multiplayer

Card games with both seem to do better than those with only 1 except for either modern roguelike games (Slay the Spire, Iris and the Giant, etc.) or older games from years ago when multiplayer was more rare (original Magic: The Gathering from 1997, etc.).

Real player with 151.6 hrs in game

Collective: the Community Created Card Game on Steam



A basic concept; four class, with every member of a given class given an identical deck and level playing ground. The twist is that customisation comes through the usage of gear; two hands (either sword and board, dual wield, or two hander) and two trinket slots - offering a variety of possible builds without needing to sink buckets of cash into chasing legendary/mythic cards. Also, each class has Cruelty/Mastery/Resilience buffs you build up as you play, leading to inspiration for even more builds.

Real player with 201.4 hrs in game

Ironbound is a free-to-play turn-based strategy game. What I think of it is a turn-based RPG with card game elements to it.

There’s 4 classes: Berserker, Crusader, Assasssin and Witch. Each class has access to different types of weapons, shields and trinkets. You can buy various items for your classes (you can also use any class, it’s like if you had 4 deck slots in let’s say a card game, or 4 saved loadouts in some RPG game, except here is one per each class) to equip them how you want them to play. This is a pretty key part of the game, because some item build might be more effective against opponents you’re managing to get matched up again, but if you climb the ladder and find some new opponents that are using different builds which are completely destroying yours, you might have to change up your items to beat those. Not to mention each class has tons of various ways to be built.

Real player with 186.3 hrs in game

Ironbound on Steam