Always heard about the boardgame but never had the chance to play it and now that i did I can see why it’s so popular!

The DA is very well done: plays smooth, good sfx, AI feels solid (haven’t tried Hard yet though). The game has already -I think?- all of the the expansions available that can be played in a 1v1 against AI or with another player online.

I must say this is very polished already for being EA for less than two weeks!

As per how stability goes, ​I played 3 games with a friend yesterday and we only got two freezes/crashes but we could keep playing by simply restarting the game: no game-breaking bugs found yet.

Real player with 33.0 hrs in game

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A very faithful adaptation of the famous evolutionary card game. The first one that found the concept of deckbuilding during the game. Many other games followed this inspiration, such as Star Realms, Ascension, War of Omens, for the main ones. If you know of any others, please respond.

This is a concept not to be confused with these two:

  • Deckbuilding before the game, the player builds a deck (example: Magic the Gathering).

  • Deckbuilding during the game, without being able to swap cards, during a quest (example: Slay the spire).

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

Dominion on Steam

System Crash

System Crash

System Crash is a strategic story-rich cyberpunk card game both developed and published by Rogue Moon Studios. Set in the not too distant future this is a story of intrigue, corporate espionage and cyberwarfare. Being a runner is a good, if not dangerous, career choice but after a mission in Berlin goes horribly bad you spend the next couple of months forcibly globetrotting while on the run from Corporate assassins intent on killing you. Eventually evading the pursuers you finally end up back in the “Sprawl”, a.k.a. San Angeles, down on your luck and looking to make some much needed credits. But a runner without a console can’t get any credits so after forging a deal with a local loan shark and finally getting your hands on some black market cyberware you hastily start down your road to redemption. A road that will take you through the darkest most dangerous places in both cyberspace and the real world…JACK IN!!!

Real player with 49.5 hrs in game

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I really love this game.

System Crash is a single-player deckbuilder set in a cyberpunk-style universe. Battles unfold as a number of 1-vs-1 card-based duels over the course of the campaign. The campaign follows a comfortably generic story about hackers and back-alley doctors and shady corporations. There’s a very home-brew feel to the game in general, like it was cobbled together out of assets that were sitting around on a shelf in a garage somewhere.

Despite this, the card-battle system at the heart of System Crash is fantastic. It is extremely easy to pick up, but is highly addictive.

Real player with 48.8 hrs in game

System Crash on Steam

Card Crawl

Card Crawl

Card Crawl is a really good casual, card based video game. It’s easy to learn and enjoyable to play. There are two things that make Card Crawl great: First, playing a full game doesn’t take long. A full game averages maybe five minutes. Second, this is a game that is a lot more tame when it comes to the difficulty. This is not another frustrating/rage inducing game. Success in Card Crawl depends on what cards you are dealt, and how you choose to play them. There is some strategy involved and you do have to think about how you want to play your cards. There are also a lot of special ability cards that you can unlock as you continue to play and get better. The game’s randomness with regards to what cards you are dealt, and which special ability cards are also randomly chosen for you, provide tremendous replay value for Card Crawl. There are also extra gamemodes and characters that can be unlocked as well. This is a game that can be enjoyed in both short play sessions and long play sessions. There’s also a mobile version available for Android (on Google Play), and for iOS (on the App Store). Card Crawl is definitely one of the very best card based video games that there is. For a game that costs so little, you get so much in return. Card Crawl is great if you like casual games and/or card games. I highly recommend it!

Real player with 120.9 hrs in game

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Very fun, well crafted, simple game hampered by its unnecessarily grindy quest/unlock system.

You play against a random deck drawn from a fixed set of cards 49, and you get to choose 5 “ability” cards to mix in for a total of 54. The ability cards are fun, but you’re heavily reliant upon the luck of when they show up.

You unlock more ability cards with credits you earn as you play. Credits earn decently fast and you can read card descriptions before you pick which one you want to unlock, so earning them is not bad at all.

Real player with 105.8 hrs in game

Card Crawl on Steam

Falling As Lightning

Falling As Lightning


Space, deckbuilding and conquering systems sounds like a winner combination. Unfortunately, the current design hides a rather lackluster deckbuilding experience behind a minimal effort to actually teach the game.

Even before diving into the subpar gameplay, learning how to play it is a chore in itself. The tutorial is one-pager trying to explain key concepts which is difficult to grasp without context (it’s not helping that it uses different terminology for draw, discard etc). What’s worse, in game it’s not possible to access the tutorial unless you quit to the main menu and there are 0 tooltips for clarifying parts of the game.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

I had a good time playing it. Parts of it are definitely not polished, and I wish you could save 10 card decks instead of having to redo it every time you want to use those cards. Spawn locations are a bit too varied, as you can spawn right on top of the enemy or a good distance away. Decent deckbuilding game, worth taking a look at although it takes a couple of games to get use to and the tutorial is alright but hard to grasp. That is all I have to say, good time

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Falling As Lightning on Steam



Frost: A solo deck-building PC game

(This was originally posted on my blog, GoPlayListen . It is largely aimed at tabletop gamers, but hopefully others will find the review useful too)

I’m pretty wary of computer games that mimic ideas from the board and card game world. It’s very rare they manage to capture the subtlety required to make a truly great tactical or strategic game, focusing more on visual bells and whistles and (usually) adding too many luck elements to hold the interest for long. Unless they’re a direct port from an existing tabletop game, they rarely seem designed for gamers.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

Certainly not a game for everyone, but if you’re intrigued by the theme or the thought of pushing your luck in a hostile card-driven affair, then Frost is a pretty cool pick.

Aside from being chromatically challenged, Frost is notable for being a solitaire experience inspired by real world deck-building card games such as Dominion and its subsequent imitators including World of Tanks: Rush and Resident Evil.

The action, such as it is, takes place in the sort of post-apocalyptic setting that author Kurt Vonnegut made popular in his seminal novel Cat’s Cradle; a freezing world where tribes must now band together for their very survival. In the game’s ‘Classic’ mode you become a leader who must collect the resources needed to traverse the land in search of a mythical place called the “Refuge” whilst also trying your best to outrun the titular snow storm that threatens to consume all.

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

Frost on Steam



MIYAMOTO is a single player card game with a miniature board.

Game art is simple and oriental world with Samurai.

Open the box of the board game and you will be dive into a world of miniatures!

The important tactics is"when" and “where” and “which” play your card.

Random deck on each battles will not promise their results, It’s up to your tactics.

Collect unique heroes and defeat MIYAMOTO.

MIYAMOTO S includes the extended content “Shiba Inu”.

New units including “Shiba Inu” have been added.




Probably the best game ever made, Not biased of course.

Real player with 23.2 hrs in game

The AI is very stupid and only does bad trades without attacking face. I like the card design and I am having fun farming.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

ProtoStone on Steam

VEmpire - The Kings of Darkness

VEmpire - The Kings of Darkness

I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys card games. Both the art and music are beautiful, and the basis of the game is very unique. The developer is very open, honest, and passionate about making the game all it can be. To him, it isn’t just about creating a game, it is about a creating a friendly, helpful community around the game.

A HUGE plus is once purchased, you own everything, there are no in-game microtransactions. Though some may not mind them, paying real money for virtual items just seems foolish to me, especially as they can add up fast. That is simply my own opinion, but I’m a casual gamer to begin with. When I see microtransactions, I think “another way to milk money out of customers”. Wolfgang is VERY animate that such a model will never be a part of this game, and given his straightforward nature, I have no doubt that is the truth.

Real player with 64.9 hrs in game

Oh how I dislike to review EA titles, but alas, those little kids who love to play critic, while not even having spent an hour to play this game, kinda force me to.

I´ve played tons of different TCG´s and CCG´s over the last 25 years (Dune, MTG, Star Wars, Battletech, Shadowrun, Illuminati, Jyhad, Mythos, Aliens/Predator, Kult and maybe 1-2 I´ve forgotten).

VEmpire doesn´t fall short of those at all. It´s a solid game, although still in EA, that will receive some further polishing and improvements, but is absolutely enjoyable and fun as it is now.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

VEmpire - The Kings of Darkness on Steam

Book of Beasts — The Collectible Card Game CCG

Book of Beasts — The Collectible Card Game CCG

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Book of Beasts is a free-to-play Collectible Card Game. It is nothing like Hearthstone, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the likes. It’s more like a Puzzle game.

Your Deck consists of 20 cards. Each turn you draw up to four cards. You can play all of them on the field. Each card has (a) different element(s). There is fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. A card can have different elements on each side which means you will have a card you can connect to another fire card and have a connection to a water card at the same time. You can’t play a card if you can’t connect it to another one.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

First Impressions:

I learned how to play the game after just the first introduction match. That is impressive!

The game is so simple to learn, I think I can get others who would be intimidated by other card games to try this out. I REALLY hope a Mobile version of this is on the way, because this game has great potential for a strong scene.

Also I was curious on how they monetize the game. It appears to be SUPER generous. I mean, 15 bucks for the ENTIRE first season of cards? Insane value!

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Book of Beasts — The Collectible Card Game CCG on Steam

Causa, Voices of the Dusk

Causa, Voices of the Dusk

I have waited until the end of the beta to make this review, to follow close the development of the project, so I have a lot to say. First of all, Causa have captivated me since the origin because was very different to all card games we have, it have 3 big differences to them:

  1. First and more important, is not a game gated to the “mana system” cards have not mana costs, the game works by “Levels” of a different source, the Causa Pile, this pool of resources is filled with cards you “sacrifice” from your hand or board, and the actual “costs” of the cards are the “Plays per turn”, you can play cards from your hand or the same Causa Pile if they have same or lower Level requirement than the amount of cards in your Causa, those cards expends Plays, so normally you can play up to 2 cards per turn, but a lot of them give you more plays to chain combos between them and make fun and smart strategic moves.

Real player with 870.0 hrs in game

Causa has many new ideas that fix every problem I’ve ever had with other card games. Their development team is consistently involved with the community, listening to suggestions and sharing promo codes and in game items.


The lore of the game is incredibly deep if you care to look into it. I do, and I’ve fallen in love with the world hidden behind the cards.


The sound is amazing! Every sound effect is made to fit what’s happening on the screen, and the music is fitting for both menu and battle.

Real player with 369.3 hrs in game

Causa, Voices of the Dusk on Steam