A really solid and well-made party game, it’s like a piece of art in my steam library.

  • Haven’t encountered a single bug/glitch

  • Fun, entertaining and trippy artwork

  • Clean user interface

  • Great sound design

  • The way the gentleman pops up and says “Awkward!”, is a really nice touch

  • Native controller support, which is something that can be overlooked in these sorts of games

  • The “super awkward” update essentially sorted out the only issue the game had, which was the wait for round 3

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

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So what is Awkward?

It’s a simple yet addictive opinion guessing game. It’s fun with a friend or partner but should be most fun in a group where you try to do better than the others. I found the comparison with the “rest of the world” to be less interesting than I had hoped, so I can’t really recommend playing solo.

Final verdict: Wait for a sale!

Strongest point: A game in your steam library you can play with any person. Plus: Geat artstyle.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Awkward on Steam

Dead Simple 21

Dead Simple 21

I didn’t go in expecting much but this is a real gem. Variation on 21 with special cards, play modes, timer, interactive elements. Awesome solitaire or for challenging your mates. Highly addictive.

If you love your card games or need a fun way to kill idle time (on planes, trains, in bed, etc.), check out Dead Simple 21. It’s addictive. I’m challenging anyone that walks past to have a go at beating my high score. And I learned a new card game!

For more niche curation, follow me at:

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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Dead Simple 21 is a blackjack inspired game where you draw cards from a deck and place them into one of four columns trying to hit 21. This game is a fun casual game to play. It features a fantastic art style and theme. This was fun to play, and I recommend giving it a try.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Dead Simple 21 on Steam

Decks & Daggers

Decks & Daggers

(Review updated after completing the game.)

I felt neutral about the game until about half way through, but having finished it, it gets my unequivocal thumbs up.

I loved it.

It’s not a Slay the Spire clone, or anything like that - and yet I do feel it could offer the depth of strategy and builds of those games (and its spin-offs) while still remaining true to itself.

This game has had a lot of love and character thrown into it, which exceeds the StS brigade. It has a story and interesting characters. The art work is also beautiful and full of atmosphere and charm.

Real player with 28.3 hrs in game

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It looks like a fun game but sadly the cards you are dealt for each hand are completely random, so you can end up with no chance at winning a round and this happens time and time again.

I played for 6 hours and most of that time was starting again as the cards I was dealt meant I died pretty much on the first hand of each round.

What should have been a great game is ruined by the RNG.

Edit - Following latest update

I revisited the game after the update and although the RNG is still an issue (for me), it’s much less than before and I completed the game.

Real player with 21.3 hrs in game

Decks & Daggers on Steam

Sketch Crawler

Sketch Crawler

Sketch Crawler is a super-creative deck-building roguelike single player RPG game about the King of Cartoons who lost his kingdom in a wicked magic picture.

The Magic of Drawing

With just one click, you can redraw any object in the game: creatures, spells, walls, furniture, and decorations. Your drawings will be saved and used for further generations of the Sketch Crawler world.

The Мagic of Сolor

In the world of Sketch Crawler, colors have their own mysterious power. By adding a color to a creature, you can add new abilities and powers to it. By adding a color to a magic spell you can greatly enhance it.

Endless Fun

The procedural generation of dungeons and enemies gives you endless gameplay.


You will die many times and start over and over again, trying to save the King of Cartoons. And that’s okay. The cool thing is that once you make it through the dungeon, you’ll keep all the cards you have collected along the way and your next campaigns will be better prepared.


There is no need to kill to win here. You can let your enemy escape, the amount of loot and experience you get will not change.

Experimental Game

We are experimenting with letting players create whatever they want and make it matter in the game. We want to tempt players to draw.

A Place for a Scene

You will also be able to record voiceovers for all your characters and even for your enemies!


  • Everything you draw appears in a procedurally generated world.

  • Conquer dungeons with turn-based card combat.

  • Build your ultimate deck from cards you find.

  • Redraw found cards to give them new properties.

  • Draw creatures and see them fighting for you.

Sketch Crawler on Steam

Reigns: Game of Thrones

Reigns: Game of Thrones

The only reason I don’t recommend this game is that it doesn’t seem like anyone really knows what’s going on. This is a spin-off of another series of games with the exact same mechanics, so it naturally does yourself no favors for this to be your first time playing this sort of game, as the case is with me. Like other reviewers have mentioned, it’s never clear how your actions will be taken (whether you will increase or decrease certain bars). Not only that, but when you leave for the Wall, you are unable to see how your actions are affecting others. Luck, rather than skill, is what determines how far you get even if you manage to memorize what the cards do. Certain key events sometimes don’t happen until far too late. You are almost always praying that something will show up that will raise or low a bar that is in critical danger of triggering a death state.

Real player with 56.2 hrs in game

edit : 28.01.19 / The main story does work but 2x achievements are broken and you cant unlock the whole story/cards.Its been a while now……


  • Me after 2-4 hours Reigns:GOT (while quitting multiple times) - F* it. Everything scripted and random. Cant even survive 20 damn moons. Very weak mechanics.

  • Me after 4-8 hours Reigns:GOT - Okay.ok. I get it. Mechanics are not THAT dumb, and there might be a bigger storyline behind unlocking characters and the good old 3-eyed raven. Lets give it a go.

Real player with 22.4 hrs in game

Reigns: Game of Thrones on Steam

Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns: Her Majesty

❤ Audience ❤

☑ Beginner

☑ Casual Gamer

☑ Normal Gamer

☐ Expert

☼ Graphics ☼

☐ Bad

☐ Alright

☑ Good

☑ Beautiful

☐ Fantastic

♬ Music ♬

☐ Bad

☐ Alright

☑ Good

☐ Beautiful

☐ Fantastic

☠ Difficulty ☠

☐ Easy

☐ Average

☑ Easy to learn / Hard to master

☐ Hard

☐ Unfair

§ Bugs §

☐ Bugs destroy the game

☐ Lots of bugs

☐ Few Bugs

☐ Some with mods

☐ You can use them for speedrun

☑ Nothing encountered

☯ Story ☯

☐ There is none

☐ Bad

☑ Alright

☐ Good

☐ Fantastic

⚔ Gameplay ⚔

☐ Frustrating

☐ Sleepy

☐ Boring

Real player with 147.7 hrs in game

This game is pretty unassuming, but I think the simplicity of the gameplay works in favor for the overall game. With smart humour and surprisingly meta writing, Reigns: Her Majesty exceeded all expectations I had of this game I bought on a whim. I expected something cute and short, but I got a satirical game with a surprisingly deep political system.

The game operates much like a typical Tinder app (swipe left or right for positive or negative reactions). It expands upon this by adding a political edge to it, such that your answers have consequences on the four pillars of your kingdom (Church, People, Military, and Wealth). Surprisingly, this simple system was able to weave politics into its scenarios well, especially since as a ruler and leader, your decisions will have consequences. Eventually, if those consequences rack up, then you go out just like if you were in Game of Thrones - usually, that means death. It’s actually pretty hard to stay alive in this game until much later, and my first few runs as queen ended quite unfortunately under the boots of my citizens due to their love for me, or because I drowned in a lake since my carriage of pure gold broke. Fun times in queendom!

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Reigns: Her Majesty on Steam

Death: The Ascension

Death: The Ascension

Certainly not for everyone, confusing at first, but has plenty of unique mechanics after you get past the learning curve

Real player with 285.1 hrs in game


After a few ascensions, I have a better idea now how the mechanics and concepts fit into this creative new game developed by a very friendly and responsive indie-developer who has updated the game in quick response to suggestions on the discussion forum.

What is it?

I would describe Death: The Ascension as a card/puzzle life-choice simulator in which you aim to optimize your chances of a successful ascension by manipulating event probabilities. It has a deck-building type of mechanic in which you add cards to your deck, but the deck is not a draw-deck. Cards in your “deck” influence the chances of drawing cards into the player’s five card hand from an infinite pool. In other words, if you have only one card in your “deck”, you have a 100% chance of drawing five cards of that type. You are playing cards against Death as your opponent. Death has their own deck that has similar draw mechanics, but only draws one card per turn. Each turn one card from each deck is played with four possible events dictated by the player’s card with varying probabilities for each event known ahead of time.

Real player with 83.4 hrs in game

Death: The Ascension on Steam




A vile magic has disturbed the peace of Glen’s Dale! People are being transformed into inanimate objects. An aquatic evil, the Squizard, plots to summon an ancient behemoth, the Dungeonman. Use your wit and Card-Battling skills to conquer Player Created Dungeons and build your own Dungeons to be shared Online.

Dungeon Builder:

Deck out your Dungeon! Choose which monsters go where, choose from different backgrounds, pick the music, use a unique set of images and write your own story!

Put your creations online and battle through an ever-growing mass of player-made Dungeons and Stories.

Join us in Early Access and help us take our first steps as the Dungeonman. Your support and feedback will help shape and mold Dungeonman into the best and only Card-Battler/Player-Created Dungeon Builder around.

By supporting us in Early Access, we will be able to expand Dungeonman with more content and tools for our players to creatively tell stories and build their own Dungeons.

Early Access Features:

-2.5D battles with colorful character sprites and gorgeous 3D backgrounds.

-Build your own Dungeon!

-Write and create your own story to be shared with the community online.

-Interact with others' Dungeons by playing through and rating them on an upvote/downvote scale.

-Complete the First Story Tower “The Squizard Tower” and reshape it into your own image.

-Acquire dozens of powerful cards and items along your journey

-Meet colorful albeit wacky characters and visit the town of Glen’s Dale.

-Uncover the mystery of the Dungeonman.

-20+ Unique monsters to battle and use for your Dungeon

-10+ Story Rooms to customize and tell your own story.


Planned Features:

-2 additional playable classes with unique cards and abilities.

-12 Story Dungeons

-Robust and entertaining story.

-Unlock tools and assets for building your own Dungeon by battling through the Campaign and player-made Dungeons.

-Don’t just build, tell the full story. Unleash your creativity and build Dungeons any way you want: Funny, Challenging, Simple, Brutal, Sad, Rude, etc.

-Interact with others' Dungeons by commenting, and leaving fun emotes.

-Upgrade your Town Hub and Unlock new cards and power-ups for collection while Dungeoning!

Dungeonman on Steam

Doors of Insanity

Doors of Insanity

First thing I’ll admit is that I’m a simp & beta tester for the devs, but that’s just because I genuinely think they’re cool guys who are worth supporting. This also means I’ve gotten the game for free, have a bias, etc. You get the idea. Plus, I also think this game is genuinely fun, it actually made me like Deck Battlers in the first place.

Doors is a game similar to Neoverse, Slay the Spire… Deck building, turn based RPG combat. If you’ve played those kinds of games before, you know what you’re getting into.

Real player with 40.1 hrs in game

Im a huge fan of Slay the Spire in which I was told by the publishers that this was inspired by it (obviously). I’m not the best at making reviews but heres my opinion & reasoning.


  • Great art style

  • Character creator even though its not much

  • PVP (havent tried yet but hey you can play with people at least)

  • Unique to the cardbased rougelite/rougelike genre

  • Leveling system which makes you wanna replay to get stronger


  • Only one character so theres no true style or unique start, every run starts nearly the same.

Real player with 38.0 hrs in game

Doors of Insanity on Steam

Endless Furry Blackjack

Endless Furry Blackjack

Alot of winning. Alot of losing, Ended up getting the top score but the game refused to let me submit. What really hurt was the dealer getting then over a dozen blackjacks in a row and busting out after just having 110k+ gold.

Real player with 51.5 hrs in game

It scares me

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Endless Furry Blackjack on Steam