The Amazing American Circus

The Amazing American Circus

Target Audience: Those Willing to Take the Lows With The Highs in Card RPGs


This is a recommendation in essence, but for a specific subset of people.

I’m going to be straight up from the get go here: The Amazing American Circus is one of those games that I want to love up and down, but ended up being the biggest thorn in my side due to what happened during the review period. To say that I faced some of the worst bugs: specifically saved game bugs, in my review career would have been an understatement: I had 8 separate runs break wildly in that period where I could not continue to make progress. While those bugs seem to be fixed now, I have a form of PTSD at this point. Every time I play, I’m waiting for the game to break again. Hell, even the video I made had a major bug in it. There’s a reason I have around 40+ hours of gameplay without actually beating the game, and to say it hung over the experience would be an understatement to say the least.

Real player with 57.7 hrs in game

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This is not a Slay to Spire, this is not a Monster Train. The Amazing American Circus is not a roguelike-roguelite card game, it is more like a card game built around a campaign, with some management sim built around it, in which you need to cover the costs, upgrades etc from the incomes you get during the shows.

If you more curious about the game, and want to check a short, ~20mins long video in which I showing what content you could expect from the game with one circus show (card battle) included, then here is mine:

Real player with 29.8 hrs in game

The Amazing American Circus on Steam

Card Survival: Tropical Island

Card Survival: Tropical Island

After playing this game for 200 Hours I can give it a big Thumbs up as long as it is anywhere near your alley.

If you wan’t to skip reading you can check out the gameplay instead ( links at the bottom ):

Short PROS :

a) Developers are regular with the updates, open to suggestions and fast with bug fixes.

b) Game is simple to play but has a very deep complex system simulation under the hood which gives it a lot of potential for all kinds of players.

c) Plenty of Perks to tailor and roleplay your runs or make them as easy or hard as you will.

Real player with 254.1 hrs in game

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This is weird, this is confusing, this is hard… oh I get it.

This is a challenging, extremely enjoyable game - as someone who is perpetually dehydrated in the actual world (I forget to drink water), it has endlessly amused me that twice I’ve died in the game - I’ve died about 15 times, but twice specifically - from forgetting to drink water while I’m busy crafting.

Please, stop playing this game, have a drink of water - then return to playing.

Interesting system, moving cards (or items) on top of each other to create various actions. I really like the perk system, and the options to unlock various perks to make the journey a little easier - though not entirely simple - and a bit different each time.

Real player with 81.9 hrs in game

Card Survival: Tropical Island on Steam

Atomic Cards

Atomic Cards

Some of the reviews for this game are allegedly fake. I am here to provide an honest review from a layperson who enjoys card games, roguelites, and roguelikes. This game is decent; however, I will hesitantly give it a thumbs down because of the lack of options. Be aware of the following… Firstly, this game needs a seizure warning; some random events cause the screen to flash in all sorts of colors. There is a lot of needless clicking; you will be clicking boxes or crates several times, providing either food, medicine, or ammo. There are no volume controls or any options, honestly. This is likely due to the engine used to create the game, which the developer mentioned in the community forum. ( )

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

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The game in its genre (card RPG game), in my opinion, is very good. There are many different characters, constant events and complex moral choices that will definitely not let you get bored.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Atomic Cards on Steam

Olden: Card Game

Olden: Card Game

Olden: Card Game is designed in such a way that every battle will give a different and unique experience. A mix of overpowered and weak cards in your hand and deck will constantly test you and your opponent ability to adapt and make the best out of the current situation. In order to give players a form of individuality and theory crafting outside the match, the game offers unique talent systems per every avatar that will help the player with various perks.

In this battle of entities there is no deck building and no card collecting, so all you need to do in order to enter the match is to choose your avatar and hit the play button.

For now, there is: Entity of Light, Death, Chaos and Life.

Your entity will give your troops a unique bonus during the whole length of the game.

Basic rules

To win the game, the player needs to harvest 300 value points. Your entity receives value points whenever you sacrifice your own cards.

Once your turn begins, you receive 2 tokens: an action token and a draw token. Your options are to:

  • Play a card and build your board presence


  • Engage in combat by attacking one of your opponents’ cards


  • sacrifice your own card, so you can harvest its current value.

Doing any one of these three things will consume your action token.

To consume your draw token, simply click on the main deck to draw a card, and that’s it.

For now, there are 3 card abilities, effect, passive and combat.

Effect is something that will happen only once, at the moment a card is played by the player. A card’s effect does not trigger in cases where you summon or resurrect it with other cards. Effects take place only if they are played directly from your hand.

A card’s passive ability will be present so long as the chosen card is on the board. Once the card with the passive ability is removed from the board, its passive ability will go away along with it.

Combat ability is something that will only trigger once that card engages in combat with an enemy card.

As mentioned, you can use your turn to perform an attack action and engage in combat. To perform an attack, simply place your card on the top of the opponent card. After one turn, your card value number will sink its value into the opposing card. If your card has enough value to destroy your opponent’s card, it will do so, and then it will return to your side of the board.

If your card does not have enough value to destroy an opponent’s card, it will do its damage after one turn, and then be destroyed.

You can engage in combat with cards that are already on the board, or with the cards from your hand.

One card can be attacked by multiple cards at the same time.

To win the game, a player needs to harvest 300 value points. Players can harvest value points by sacrificing their own cards that are not currently in combat. To perform a card sacrifice, select your card, and then click on its respective altar. Performing a card sacrifice will consume your action token.

Dandy Rat Studio takes a very strong stance against microtransactions, pay to win attitude and other predatory business practices. You are more than welcome to visit us on our official website and subscribe to our newsletter, so you can receive important announcements, special events and gifts such as: beta keys, high-res digital art, unique skins and many more things.

We thank you for having the time to check out our first game.

Olden: Card Game on Steam

De’Vine: World of Shadows

De’Vine: World of Shadows

I definitely recommend this game. The developer is friendly, engages with players, listens to suggestions and is really invested in the game, releasing new features and fixing bugs.

The story is very short, you can complete it in a few hours. However, the sidequests and additional content the game provides will give you hours of enjoyment. Although I have to admit that I felt somewhat disappointed with the story, not because it was bad, but because of how short it was, it left me wanting to know more about the lore and what’s going to happen next. On the other hand, that’s good on its own way, I’m looking forward to next installment in the series.

Real player with 303.2 hrs in game

De’Vine is a great game, it was an unique experience playing a RPG Maker game that is open world (and the world is HUGE). I really liked the story, it’s well balanced in the dark and light themes. The developer is also very responsive, he answered a lot of my questions and fixed some minor bugs I reported really quick.

It has countless features: extensive card game, survival features, crafting, farming, MANY side quests, a lot of recruitable characters, and many others. Of the many features this game have, I loved the card game. The card game is amazing, a lot of strategies to use and a lot of cards to collect. The essence aspect of the card game is also very interesting, specially for Pokemon fans. It’s like a mix between Pokemon and Yugioh.

Real player with 91.5 hrs in game

De'Vine: World of Shadows on Steam

Into Oblivion

Into Oblivion

I’m only a few hours into this game, but I imagine that I will play it quite few more. It’s fun and relaxing, the humor is short-lived, however, it’s a challenge going for the achievements, if that’s your thing. Anyone who liked Oh Sir! The Insult Simulator should like this as much. The tutorial is helpful, but I don’t think it covers the utility in using recipe book; it took me a few hours in to realize that the possible drinks you can make with the ingredients you are dealt will be highlighted in the book. As you play the game, you’ll quickly see how that is important, but this isn’t a guide, just a review and I’ll say this is a little gem. You can’t get much more bang for your buck or drink for your drunk. Bottoms up!

Real player with 50.8 hrs in game

a +++++++++++++++++ GAME RULES

Real player with 34.6 hrs in game

Into Oblivion on Steam

Tabletop Creator

Tabletop Creator

Make your tabletop games come true! Tabletop Creator is a tabletop game maker tool that allows you to design any kind of tabletop game. Create your different game components, customize them and export your game for getting a physical copy or for playing it online!


  • Blueprints: design your components templates by using a WYSIWYG editor!

  • Collections: create instances of your components, just choose a blueprint and customize it!

  • Version control: projects support version control, enabling collaboration on the cloud with others to create your game!

  • Documentation: guides and tips articles on how to create your game

  • Automatic updates: receive all future updates for free

  • Support: join the community at Discord or mail us for solving your doubts and issues

Under development features

  • Icons gallery: all the icons you need for a prototype already included!

  • Demo projects: “original” game projects created for you to check examples of use

  • Variables: create a set of variables, use them along your game and replace its value from just one place!

  • Export: export your components to pdf/image format and print a copy of your game!

  • Game localization: translate your tabletop game texts in an easy way by exporting and importing a csv file!

Tabletop Creator on Steam

Rise Of The Overlords

Rise Of The Overlords

  • Select an Overlord with unique stats and abilities to represent you in the battlefield

  • Add powerful units, spells and equipments to your deck

  • Fight your opponents in dynamic battlefields

  • Explore dungeons, fight epic bosses, collect treasures, find secret rooms, avoid traps… and much more

  • Adapt your play to the battlefield and to your opponent

  • Discover a legendary world full of stories to be told

The Rise of the Overlords world is a vast terrain where different races coexist. Some of those races have common purposes and group them under factions. Those factions have evolved and specialized in the art of war using particular techniques that allow them to develop different strategies in the battlefield.

Currently, there are three factions available but there will be more factions who will join the fight in the future. Select the faction that better represent your game play. Do you prefer brute force and close combat? or ranged combat and traps better suits you? or would you go with heavily armored units and healing spells? It’s up to you to create your own strategy to defeat your opponent.

  • Enhance your Overlord and units through legendary equipments

  • Cast powerful spells to erase your enemies

Rise Of The Overlords on Steam

Spellsword Cards: Demontide

Spellsword Cards: Demontide

It’s not finished so maybe this review is not fair but it’s not in early access.

I finished only the 1st chapter because the 2nd is not done.


  • creative monsters, unqiue enemies

  • long campaign (example: longer than the Northmark’s campaign)

  • autonavigation in quest menu

  • some art is nice

  • gauntlet / puzzles minigames


  • the campaign is not polished

I couldn’t finish the 1rst chapter when my hero was a warrior because I couldn’t defeat two monsters (stirred up & in flight),

and I don’t like the slow grind (job board)

Real player with 22.3 hrs in game

Sometimes I think what’s happening with Steam and why there are so many negatives. One reviewer says that ‘it needs a pass over with someone who understands card games’. Really, mate? Dev has just designed the whole card system and is good at it. Dev is often active and updates the game, but it seems that you want to push him away.

The game is good, it has a really interesting character development, cool story and well-designed battles in which you have to tune your deck. It is a deep system, not crossing the line of ‘read the fine print’, check the guide here to see it yourself:

Real player with 12.0 hrs in game

Spellsword Cards: Demontide on Steam



Check out the Kickstarter campaign here!

Wastenauts is a cooperative collectible card-crawler about making do with what the robot apocalypse has given you. Grab your friends, jump down to the surface, and fight back enough machines to make rent this month.

A Dungeon Crawler Dressed as a Card Game

Take on the role of misfit mercenaries and explore decks packed with ‘bots, gear, and a ton of scrap. Your unlocked cards are the tools you’ll use to make your way to the boss. Unlock and upgrade power ability cards, blueprint cards to craft in a pinch, and augment cards to boost your stats.

A World Worth Salvaging

Humanity has fled to cityships just above the planet’s surface, but we still need fuel, food, and valueless family heirlooms. That’s where you come in. One good shove off the side of the ship and you’ve already started your mission. Don’t worry, I’m sure another ship will come by to pick you up. Eventually.

A Fully Cooperative Experience

Team up in groups of 1-4 in fully online co-op, and choose your loadout smartly to ensure maximum combo potential. Matchmaking and custom games are both available!

Alpha Features

  • A cast of unique characters each with their own abilities, gear, and emotional baggage

  • 100+ cards to unlock, including that one rare card that’s pretty build defining

  • Adventure Mode - we bring the deck, you bring the monsters. The harder you make the game, the more rewards. If you win, of course.

  • A leveling system complicated enough for the most die-hard min-maxers

Wastenauts on Steam