The Four Kings Casino and Slots

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

UPDATE::: The devs have seen it fit to immediately ban me from their discusson board after this review was posted. For that I warn folks who have issues to be careful speaking up. Seems this Dev likes their dirty tricks when they don’t want their filthy laundry aired out.

This is my final review edit. After enough time with four kings, I have decided they have completely lost touch with the fanbase who supported them from day one. Just as they did on playstion home for six long years.

Im going to be honest here, I’m not liking the way things are going. I thought after they had their time with playstation home, we’d see changes that showed they learned their lesson last time from customer feedback.

Real player with 538.7 hrs in game

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Four Kings Casino is probably the best simulated casino style multiplayer game to date. Most typical casino games are present and the play style is that of an mmo with customizable avatars ect allowing you to navigate the realistic virtual casino setting and join the different games as you choose. Gameplay is very similar to the Digital Leisure casino that was part of playstation home, for those that played that, only graphically better. Bugs have been minimal over the several hours I’ve played so far and the game is pretty polished for the first few days of early access beta. I would definitely recommend this game for casual players who enjoy both casino style gaming and social mmo type game mechanics. My only caveat is that this game is not strictly a free to play game, but after its offical launch will be a microtransaction model wherein you have the option of purchasing additional casino chips to augment or replenish your current holdings. As with any game of this nature the inherent cost will depend on what you decide to spend, so amongst those gamers who inexplicably expect to enjoy playing polished multiplayer games without having to financially support them I’m sure there will be complaining.

Real player with 154.5 hrs in game

The Four Kings Casino and Slots on Steam

Card of spirits(卡靈)

Card of spirits(卡靈)

“Card of spirits” is a really novel and interesting game. It overturns the traditional rules of card games, but adding new elements I have never seen. The winning condition is decided by the common cards' values. Compared with other card games which all have the similiar minions and spells, this game has a simple and fresh rules, but not losing strategies. The art in this game also shows a different view to players. In collection part, “Card of spirits” did really give me a big surprise. With new models adding, I think this game can be popular.!!!

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

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I’ve played some more of it & decided to change my opinion to negative - the points I was previously referring to as “a little irritating” now seem to really get on my nerves & bad for such a small project.

It’s a very small colorful card game (against AI) with unknown rules (rather simple so you can figure them out soon while playing). It runs in a borderless static window 800x600, so what you see there on Steam screenshots is just someone’s desktop wallpaper behind the game window in the center. It’s being controlled from keyboard with just 3 buttons: left, right, enter. The program looks, works & sounds nicely - fonts, ornaments, sounds etc.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

Card of spirits(卡靈) on Steam

The MoneyMakers Rallye

The MoneyMakers Rallye

As many reviewers have stated before, It’s a game inspired of Dr. Drago’s Madcap Chase.

It’s a digital board game which I would say lives up to the classic and takes a few steps further, adding some features that the Classic didn’t have such as Casino, Police Checks and even a Welfare Balloon, all of these gameplay elements which seem innocent adds quite a bit of balance to the game.

Old strategies from Dr. Drago’s can be used but must be adapted since cards are no longer overpowered and the AI is some intelligent.

Real player with 47.4 hrs in game

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As an almost identical twin to Dr Drago Madcap Chase (a totally un known game by the masses) its an amazing tribute to the game, As a game its self it lacks some of the charm but totally makes up for its in other ways like Drago use to punish kids and newbies harshly but TMMR really help people in last place which is great, So if you ever wanted Mario Party mixed With Monopoly this is the game for you 10/10 imo!

Real player with 31.4 hrs in game

The MoneyMakers Rallye on Steam

Paper Mages

Paper Mages

A New Way to Play with Cards.

RTSSCG - Real-Time Strategy Systemic Card Game. The first game of its kind, with familiar elements.

A Deck Builder With Cards You Collect.

In Paper Mages every player starts with 30 cards, all the same. The more you play, the more cards you unlock, and those cards are added to your randomly built deck. A lucky player may even stumble upon rare cards.

Play as 10 unique races

Systemic Arena, Dynamic Gameplay

A Mage’s Duel Done Right.

Cards are taken from a flat playing board and thrown into a dynamic and systemic third-person arena. A Werewolf’s Moon card grants power at night, while the Medusa’s Gaze card will sway you from moonbeams at risk of paralyzation. Paired with special race traits, action cards that modify abilities, and skill in how the map is used, Paper Mages duels are unique every single time.


  • Gain control of the 4 main card types.

    Damage, Action, Preservation, Constant.

  • Play in a dynamic arena.

    The time of day, along with your location on the map, affects your race and the power of some of your cards.

  • Master 1 of 10 races, each with their own special attributes.

    The Faergon has no worry of running out of breath underwater. A double jump and a slow fall are easy for the Falconite.

  • Collect over 130 cards.

    Start with 30 cards and the more your paper mage gains victory, the more cards will find their way into your collection. Fill your deck with base, rare, and special cards. Some say there are other cards yet to be discovered, beyond the full 130.

  • Battle Online.

    Duel other apprentices, one at a time, across the map in the main game mode. Either deplete your opponent’s HP, or find the 5 special trinkets to become overpowered and end the match. Another duel mode will come along in the future as well.

  • Experiment with Cards

    Before casting a Fireball try the Borrow Flame Action Card. It’ll gain 1.5X damage for every flame in the room that you borrow. Cast a Moon-bound Action Card followed by Stone Shoes, leave your opponent floating in the air.

  • Unlock all of the collectibles.

    Whether it’s a wizard’s beard, new eyes, or a different wardrobe, you can collect items to customize your paper mage.

  • Play with Keyboard and Mouse, or a gamepad. Start with the keyboard, or eventually learn to duel with a gamepad.

Start with 30 Cards, Play to Collect the Other 100

Base cards, special cards, & rare cards make up the collection.

The Shattered Hero & the First Paper Mage - Origins of the Duels

Every 5 years the Mage duels are held, and the trained apprentices set out to become graduates on the battlefield. Such an archaic thing. So many died proving themselves, increasing in ranks, and what a waste. Yet, for the longest time, nothing was done… Until Eltrest Grefaren. They thought he had lost his mind when his apprentice died in the duels. His apprentice Variscitan, an orphaned beryllian boy. Such promise he had, but more so, heart. Both apprentices perished that day in the tower fall.

On the next 5th year, and the next mage duels, Eltrest emerged from his towers, almost aged 15 years over. He showed them a new magic. He sat a piece of paper on the table and a glowing piece of Heliodor stone in the center, and then he placed a ring next to it. With his hand over the paper, the mage whispered a few words and his eyes glowed amber gold. The light from his eyes went into the gem, and the other mages gasped as they watched. The paper folded itself around the gem, and up to two little legs, then the paper folded two arms, and a head. The ring on the table floated up and over the paper man’s wrist, and stayed there.

Eltrest had created a small version of himself, a paper champion, a paper mage.

These little mages are linked to their creators. They think as their mage thinks, they act as their mage would act. They feel no pain, and can be made again and again. There was no struggle in adopting this new way of battle. That day, the two mages set to duel, learned how to create their own little champions, and no lives were lost.

The shattered hero, Eltrest, changed life for all the mages in the world.

There were some wizards who were opposed, how could a caster perform his best without threat of death? But that is a tale for another time.

Paper Mages on Steam

RogueJack: Roguelike Blackjack

RogueJack: Roguelike Blackjack

While blackjack remains a cruel game at times, I feel like RogueJack has a lot of fun mechanics to make it more player friendly. I mean, you’ll still get occasionally owned by RNG, but there are a number of things you can to do to increase your odds. Personally, I need to get better at remembering how the different monsters play… or just bother to reference it while I’m playing them :D

In any case, RogueJack is a smart mash-up of rogue-like and blackjack mechanics. I’ve had a lot of fun with it so far and I think you will too.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

tl;dr: Cool game for the price (3€), just check it out.

As other reviews have pointed out, it’s more of a proof of concept than an actual full game. The card mechanic feels neat and is actually a lot of fun, the other mechanics like lighting, weapons and damage types are not that important and not so well thought through.

Examples: I don’t think any of the weapons “elemental” effects trigger, being frozen just makes you hit the move button for like 5 turns, fire just kills you if there are no potions nearby, etc..

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

RogueJack: Roguelike Blackjack on Steam

Dead Exit

Dead Exit

Received a steam key for Dead Exit from DadsGamingAddiction after his gameplay video and I gotta say, Well done devs! Well done indeed!.

TLDR; Worth it.


A thoughtful, strategic card game that I’ve enjoyed and am sure others will as well. This game has provided plenty of hours of fun and will most definitely provide even more, especially if you’re a completionist and you’re the type to strive for achievements.

I’ve still yet figured out a strategy for Impossible mode, (and admittedly have pulled out many hairs along the way), although trying to come up with working combos from the cards you were dealt with is quite enjoyable! The deck in your hand, city and discard pile are constantly changing via your choices and/or RNG so having a specific set way of beating the other modes doesn’t always apply.

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game

Dead Exit is a tactical card game, with zombies.

It can be played single player or multiplayer (online and local).

However you are playing, the basics remain the same. You must defend your base from zombies, trying to stockpile enough resources to escape before you are overrun. You get 3 actions per turn, which may seem like plenty but will soon run out. You can play survivor and vehicle cards inside or outside your base, or even sacrifice them for different results. These cards remain in play (unless killed / stolen / etc) so can be used again and again. For example, you’ve played a survivor to kill an undead that was outside your base. Want to do the same again next turn? You can but returning the card to your hand before playing it again has used up 2 out of 3 actions for your turn, so you’d better know what you plan to do next. You can use an action to draw a face down card, but doing so will bring a dead along with it. Other cards can be played as one use only action cards, getting to retrieve a card from the trash or revealing a face down card etc.

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game

Dead Exit on Steam

Cute Animals Memory Card Game

Cute Animals Memory Card Game

Lucky me has the dubious honour of writing the first English language review of CUTE ANIMALS MEMORY CARD GAME from Yume Game Studio.

CUTE ANIMALS MEMORY CARD GAME is a basic mobile app tier Memory game with pictures of cute animals on the cards. It looks like this was copied from a NW.js GameMaker Studio/YoyoGames template and they just added a few asset flipped images for the cards.

There’s no real merit as a video game here, this looks like just a cash grab, that’s supported by the way it was made using a game construction kit template and the way keys were sold off in bulk to cheap game bundle sellers at launch.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Cute Animals Memory Card Game on Steam



Good game

Real player with 156.2 hrs in game

I am going on a FF spree and it’s thanks to FF8 here. Honestly very unique and interesting game vs the rest of the series. Though you’re either going to enjoy this game’s quirky and complex Draw/card/GF system or you are going to despise it with your entire existence. I like quirky systems, so I didn’t mind it. In fact, I liked it a lot. Triple Triad was honestly the funnest side-game or mini-game that I’ve played in any game.

I found it to be a fun experience, despite its flaws. If magic and GF cut scenes were faster/skipable, I think this game would be ten times better lol.

Real player with 150.1 hrs in game


Book of Demons

Book of Demons

This game is a gem. I’d like to highly recommend it to any player who enjoys a mix of action, planning, and collecting.

What could make you love this game?

First of all, the art style. It catches the whole idea of it being a “book”. Well designed pop-up book graphics, both in the world, the character sheet and inventory (your card deck), as well as in the menus. And if you are a fan of Diablo I & II, you will notice that Thing Trunk got one important part – that made those titles stand out – just right: the lighting. Be it torches illuminating that tiny space just outside your radius of view, be it the ominous glow of a not-so-distant boss… it does a great deal to help you “feel” the dungeon. And of course: it pretty.

Real player with 159.5 hrs in game


Book of Demons is a hack & slash which pays homage to Diablo with a few twists - it is set in a paper-cut universe like in a pop-up book, and everything you can equip, use, do comes in the form of cards that you assemble into your loadout to conquer the said Paperverse. You start out with 3 card slots out of the maximum of 10 available. Card slots are unlocked using gold and cost incrementally more. As of the build I played (0.75.11062+), only the Warrior class is available. The other 2 classes - Mage and Rogue will be released at a later date according to the roadmap but apart from this the game is pretty complete for an Early Access game. The total of 32 cards in the Warrior’s arsenal are divided into Artifacts (equipment - e.g. weapons, armor, trinkets), Items (e.g. potions, bombs, town portal scroll) and Spells (e.g. Mighty Blow, Charge, Blade Storm). All Artifacts have a mana cost which effectively reduces your mana pool available for using Spells (Items have no mana cost). Leveling up allows you to increase your health or mana, which translates to taking more hits / casting more spells. You do not actually grow stronger by levelling up. Instead you increase in strength by discovering new cards or upgrading your existing cards using gold and runes you find.

Real player with 144.7 hrs in game

Book of Demons on Steam

Moving Letters

Moving Letters

short and simple

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

A very short game of dragging the alphabet tiles to make the word based on the image or symbol given at the bottom of the tiles. You will be given an option after a few minutes to reveal the answer if you don’t know the answer. It’s a short fun game but the dragging is a bit lagging and possibly slot the tile to the unintended position. The timer for the online mode is a bit suicidal to me.

There is still a room of improvement for this game especially the tile-dragging part. Also, if you want to choose a different language, it will take quite some time because you have to keep clicking the flag until you get what you want. It will be fun if they come out with categories and each category has 50 words. Or swap words to make a sentence based on a series of images or symbols.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Moving Letters on Steam